Everything To know about American Idol Marybeth Bryd

Marybeth Bryd

Marybeth Bryd: From hosting Radio shows, and teaching vocal lessons to singing on American Idol Stage. Marybeth Byrd has built the foundation for a bright future. Now these days she is in the limelight. Because she has placed her name in the top 10 contestants list of American Idol season 21.

Now let’s know about her a little more. Marybeth was born on 12 April 2001. And she won the prize young artist award. And then she goes to The Voice and wins the heart of the judges and viewers. 

As per our Reader’s demands and comments, we bring you all the information about your singer on American Idol “Marybeth”.

Marybeth Bryd American Idol

Before being a contestant on American Idol she makes dozens of appearances and worked on original music.

She is a small-town Arkansas radio host who dreams of becoming a singing superstar.

She loves her job but, now it’s time to spread her wings. And push it next level on the American Idol stage.

Marybeth Bryd

Country Radio RJ Marybeth wants to be a country Superstar!

Marybeth is a 22-year-old singer. She has a wealth of experience in the singing competition. She got her first attention when she competed in the show The Voice at the age of 17.

Marybeth has gathered a lot of love and a fan base at just the age of 22 years.

Her love for music is rooted in her childhood. Where the stage gave her a voice and helps her to overcome stuttering.

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Marybeth Bryd Songs

She offers her music services for birthday parties, general get-togethers, events, and festivals. Also, she works on creating her original music. Let’s take a look at her Songs.

  • People Pleaser
  • Just ain’t Right
  • Something in the orange
  • Jesus & Jail
  • Truly Livin’
  • Before he cheats
  • Go Rest High on That Mountain
  • Stars

She’s not just a great singer, she makes you feel the lyrics. That’s talent.

Marybeth Bryd

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Marybeth Byrd Biography

Now, we are going to discuss Marybeth’s real name, Her Birthplace, birth date, and Relationship status. So, check out all the details here.

Real nameMarybeth Bryd
Date of BirthApril 12, 2001
Birth PlaceArmorel Arkansas
Father NameKevin Byrd
Mother NameLaurie Franklin
Brother NameJake Byrd
Relationship StatusIn a relationship
ProfessionRadio Host, singer
  • She is born on April 12, 2001, and is 22 years old as of 2023.
  • Marybeth is from Armorel, Arkansas.
  • Her father’s name is Kevin Byrd and her mother’s name is Laurie Franklin. She has one sibling his name is Jake Byrd.
  • Previously, she has a job at Mix 106.3 in Jeneebro (KJBX) as Radio Host.
  • Currently, she attends Arkansas State University as an online student.
  • Marybeth has received Young Artist of the Year from the Arkansas Country Music Awards.
  • One of her goals is to be a role model for other young artists.
  • She used to perform at various venues near and far.
  • Also, she does volunteering activities for the community.
  • She is also teaching vocal lessons to young artists.

Above all and before anything else, Marybeth wants her life to grow in positivity. Her motivation is her parents, mentors, community, and passion for music.

We will keep you updated with all the information about her life and relationship status. Till then stay tuned with us. For more and the latest updates keep visiting our website.

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Social Media details

She is consistent on her social media accounts and has many followers there. She is one of the most talented performers among the music singer.

Marybeth Bryd

On these handles, you can follow Miss Byrd.

  1. Marybeth Byrd Twitter handle –          @MarybethBMusic
  2. Marybeth Byrd TikTok handle –            @marybethbyrdmusic
  3. Marybeth Byrd’s Instagram account – @marybethbyrdmusic


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Marybeth Bryd American Idol Audition

In her auditions, She performed “If It Hadn’t Been for Love” with a little bit of pop flair.

She got three YES from the judges and got selected for American Idol.

Want to enjoy her melodious performance? Check out the link below.

Link – https://youtu.be/O_J8GOxHE70

Frequently Asked Questions

Marybeth Byrd is an American idol winner?

Currently, she is top 10 of American Idol, The winner is unknown yet.

Is Marybeth a country radio host?

Yes, she is a country radio host for Mix 106.3 in Jonesboro.

Is Marybeth a contestant on the voice?

Yes, she is a contestant in The Voice season 17.

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