All About the Money Heist Cast: Where are they Now?

Money Heist Casting

Money Heist is popular Spanish crime drama series. However, it is famous all across the globe. In the native language, the show is called La Casa de papel. Moreover, The Spanish name translates to the house of Paper. Though the first season of the serial premiered on 2 May 2017. But the Money Heist Casting team was working way before that to get the perfect cast for the show. Till now, it has successfully released 5 seasons with 41 episodes. Álex Pina is the creator of this wonderful. And, Netflix is the original network of the show.

In this show, the prominent lead Professor executes the heist in various important places. However, he is not alone in the mission. Moreover, there is a whole team backing him up. This thriller series is worth a watch. Each character in the serial plays an essential role in executing the heist. Personally, I love this show. Tokyo is my favorite character. What about you? Who is your favorite? In this article, we are going to cover Money Heist Casting.

Money Heist Casting

This show was able to gather a huge fan base from its very first season. People all across the world love it very much. Moreover, they like to play role in this show. So, they always keep seeking the casting process. If you are also looking for the application for the casting of this show. Then you are at the right place. Here we will let you know everything about the casting process. 

To apply for the auditions you need to fill up the application form first. Then submit the form. After that one must have to wait for the casting call. After receiving the call you need to give audition for the role. If selectors like your performance and find you perfect for the role. Then they will cast you right away. 

At the moment it is hard to talk about Money Heist Casting confidently. This is because season 5 was the finale of this heist series. Moreover, there is no confirmation for season 6. However, the production decided to conclude the show with season 5. I know this is sad for every fan out there. All we can do is binge watch old season of the series.

Money Heist Casting

Hopefully, we might see a spinoff of this show in the near future. Still, you can create your profile on different casting websites. Moreover, you can add your portfolio and acting videos. This can increase your audition and selection chances. All the best to all of the aspiring actors and artists.

La Casa de papel Eligibility Criteria

 There are some eligibility criteria that one must have to full fill out before applying for the show. These conditions are set by the casting director to find the perfect candidate for every role. However, we can say that they have done their job perfectly. So, the first important thing to do is to know the criteria and find out whether you fit in the conditions or not. Here are the general criteria for eligibility. Here are the steps:

  • contestant must be a legal resident of the US or Canada.
  • Interested candidates must be 18 years old or above.
  • If you are below 18, then you must get consent from your parents.
  • Candidate must have a clean record.

Money Heist season 6

At the moment all auditions for casting are not taking place. They are all closed because the serial has already ended in 2021. So, there are no conditions for now for any role. But if the show makers decided to create another series then we will update the info here. 

Note: these are just a few steps of eligibility. However, these are not official but general.

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How to apply for money heist 6

This show has aired its 5 consecutive seasons successfully so far. Now people are waiting for season 6. Also, there are so many aspirants who want to be part of this show. If you are one of them and want to know where to find the application form or how to apply. Then don’t worry we will let you know everything about the application process. 

I know you guys are very excited about season 6. Moreover, aspiring actors are looking on the web for How to apply for Money Heists. However, there won’t be a money heist in season 6. So, the application portal is closed now. Because the officials decided to end the world-famous thriller series with 5 seasons.

Moeny heist cast

There must be many factors behind it. In my opinion, the creator didn’t want to ruin the show by creating it on the same basic theme. The Heist series became a worldwide sensation. Everyone was talking about La casa de papel. When the show gets so much hype, this increases the expectations of viewers.

However, when the expectations are not met the show may get bad reviews. I think this could be one of the many reasons. For the people who want to apply for it. Please do not lose hope. Keep trying for different serials as well. You guys are going to be great.

Money Heist Cast and Characters

Fans and followers love the Money Heist cast very much. They always get excited to know about the cast with their original names. So, it becomes necessary for us to bring you the info about the cast. So, here we bring you the list of characters with their original names.

Character NameOriginal Name
Andres DE FonollosaPedro Alonso
Silene OliveriaUrsula Corbero
Sergio MarquinaAlvaro Morte
Agata JiminezAlba Flores
Rasquel MurilloItziar Ituno
Augustin RamosPaco Tous
Tokyo’s boyfriendMiguel Herran
Monica GaztambideEsther Acebo
Daniel RamosJamie Lorente
Alison ParkerMaria Pedraza
Mariví FuentesKiti Mánver
Santiago LopezHovik Keuchkerian
Alicia SierraNajwa Nimri
Martín BerroteRodrigo de la Serna
Colonel Luis TamayoFernando Cayo
Julia MartinezBelén Cuesta
JakovLuka Peroš

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Well the time will show whether season 6 comes or the new spin-off kicks start. Because it has already been announced that the spin-off of the show is going to strat soon. And the name of the show will be Berlin. It will be the prequel of the Money heist and the cast of this new series will be updated here soon.


In conclusion, Money Heist Casting is currently inactive right now. The main reason is the show ended in 2021. However, people are still hoping for a prequel, sequel, or spinoff. I also hope Netflix announces something related to money heists. So, if they decide to create another series then you will need to apply for it. But as the auditions are stopped for now. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the show online on Netflix. 

We really hope that we are able to solve your queries about the casting. We wish you the best of luck.  


What is the show Money Heist about?

It is a popular Netflix show. This series has earned a big name all across the globe. Moreover, it is a Spanish-language serial. In Spanish, it is known as La casa de papel (The house of paper).

I have not watched this series. But I want to watch it. Please, give me some jest of it.

Of course, I will tell you about it. In this series, Processor is the main character. His dark childhood compels him to take vengeance against the world. Later, as a grown-up, he creates a team of the smartest thieves and crooks. And, they together commit countless mind-boggling heists.

Who created the Money Heist Tv Serial?

Álex Pina the creator of Money Heist.

What is the original network of the show?

Currently, Netflix is the original network of the show. Previously, Antena 3 was also its network in 2017.

How to apply for a money heist audition and casting?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for money heist audition and casting. At the moment castings are not active. Also, there won’t be a season 6.

Who played the character of “the Professor”?

Álvaro Morte played this role beautifully.

How many episodes are created by the Money Heist?

This show concluded with 41 episodes.

Who is the Money Heist’s Director?

Jesus Colmenar is the director of the show.

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