Apply for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Casting

Exclusive: Hello folks!! World’s most famous Science fiction show Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Casting is back with a new bang. This series debuted on 5 May 2022 and create a big hit. Therefore the creators decided to continue the legacy. So, now they are up for creating season 2. Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, and Jenny Lumet are the creators and Paramount+ is the original network of this show. 

This new season will premiere on 15 June 2023. And this season will conclude with 10 episodes on 17 August 2023. 

Now let’s talk about the premises of this new season. It is a Star Trek: Original Series Spin-Off. Now the storyline is set in the 23rd century. And Captain Pike explores the new worlds with Spock and number one.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Casting

This science fiction show has another fan base level. People love this franchise from the very beginning. People want to play a role in this Star Trek. So, here we bring you the chance to participate and give auditions for the role. Now to grab this opportunity you must need to read the article carefully and follow the casting process. 

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Casting 

Now let’s proceed further and know more about the casting process for this new season. Fans and aspirants want to know how to apply and get on the show. So, here is the catch. One must have to go through some casting steps. 

Don’t worry we will guide you through every step respectively. 

  • The first step includes eligibility criteria. One must know if they ley under the eligibility conditions. So, it becomes necessary to know the conditions before applying.
  • Now moving on to the second step. One must have to fill out the application form and submit it. One can find the form on the official website and by other different means. 
  •  Thereafter, the applicants have to wait for the casting call from the selectors. They will call you right after if they like your application and find it genuine for the role. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Casting

  • Now in the next step, applicants will be called upon for the auditions. They will give you the audition detail prior to trials. There you may have to go through different levels of auditions. Because they only want to select the perfect candidate for the character.
  • At last, they will hire the candidate for the role. 

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Strange New Worlds Season 2 Cast 

Selecting the cast for this show is the toughest work in the backstage process. But the casting director has done some work. They hire the most efficient acting talents and make this show more alive. People don’t watch this series. However, they live the show. 

Therefore people always expect more from the cast. Therefore it becomes a must for the cast members to achieve the high bars and make the show more entertaining. 

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Cast

However, the success of the first season gives proof that people appreciate and love the new cast. 

Therefore here is the list of the cast and characters. 

Real NameCharacter Played
Anson MountChristopher Pike
Ethan PeckSpock
Rebecca RomijnUna Chin-Riley / Number One:
Bruce HorakHemmer
Melissa NaviaErica Ortegas
Christina ChongLa'an Noonien-Singh
Celia Rose GoodingNyota Uhura
Jess BushChristine Chapel
Celia Rose GoodingNyota Uhura

How to Apply for the Season 2 Auditions

Now you know the casting process. However, moving forward to the next step. One must know how to apply and get on the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Auditions.

Now you can apply for the upcoming season 2.

Apply with Online Application:

One can apply with an online application. One can have the application form online or offline. You just need to fill it out. And give every information that is asked in the application form. Afterward, submit it. Thereafter the casting team calls you for the auditions. 

Hire an Agent to Organise the Auditions

One can also hire an agent from a reputed organization who will organize auditions for you. They will apply for the auditions on your behalf and let you know the details and venue for the trials. 

Season 2 auditions

Open Casting Call:

One can also go for the open casting call. You can have information about the live auditions from the official website and social sites as well. Then you can go directly to the premise on time and apply for the audition. 

Strange New Worlds Season 2 Release Date 

Fans and followers are impatiently waiting for the Strange New Worlds Season 2 release. Therefore here we come with some exciting news for you. The officials have announced the premiere date for season 2 now. 

Season 2 Release Date

The new season will premiere on 15 June 2023 and after 10 episodes it will conclude on 17 August 2023. So, fasten your seat belt because it is going to be a fun ride again this time. 

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In final words, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Casting brings new joy and excitement to the fans and followers. Now they can apply for the show and become part of this amazing franchise. But there is one thing they have to do. They have to pass the auditions only then they can play a character in the show. 

Therefore we are here to help you to know the process and how to apply for auditions. And we really hope that now you know everything about the casting process for this show. 

At last, we want to wish you the best of luck with the auditions. 


Where can I watch Strange new world?

One can watch the show on Paramount Plus.

What is the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3 release date?

The season 3 release date is announced yet.

Is Captain Kirk on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds series?

This character is not introduced in this series yet. But this character might come in a new season later.

What is the Strange New Worlds season 2 release date?

Season 2 will premiere on 15 June 2023.

Who is the creator of this series?

Jenny Lumet, Alex Kurtzman, and Akiva Goldsman are the creator of this show.

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