How to Apply Online for The Summer House: Season 8

Summer House Casting

Hello everyone!! What are your plans to do in the summer? As It’s time for fun under the sun! Summer House Casting 2023 is back!! Yes, you heard it right. The show is airing its 7th season right now. And the casting team is all ready for Summer House Season 8. The first season was aired on Jan 9, 2019. Janie Stolar is the writer and Sean Clifford is the producer of this show.

 Bravo is the original network of this American reality show. Also, the show’s fan following is quite large and ratings are good. Therefore the show has a spin-off Winter House.

Now, let’s talk about the Summer House 2023 plot. It follows a group of friends who share a house in a breezy beach town in Hamptons, New York. And there is a playground for young people looking for an escape from the city during the summer season.

Summer House Casting

So, are you ready to witness the drama, fights, love, and wild nights around the House?

Also, the interesting fact is the tenth episode of the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules is titled Summer House Rules.

Summer House Casting

The Summer House Casting process is very easy. If you are interested to participate in this show and also want to enjoy your summer. Then here is your chance. Just grab the opportunity and make it a lifetime achievement. 

Therefore you need to give auditions for the show. Let’s know the process step by step which will make it easier to understand. 

  • Firstly, read the eligibility conditions. It is very important for the aspirant to fall under these conditions.
  • Secondly, fill out the application form and submit it online. 
  • Thereafter wait for the casting call. They will call you if they like your application. 
  • Afterward, they will ask you for the auditions. You need to go to the venue and give a trial for the show. 
  • At last, they will hire you for the show. 

Summer House Season 8 Cast

After the success of Summer House season 7. This popular reality show is returning for Season 8. The viewers are very excited to watch new episodes and to know about the Summer House Season 8 Cast.

There have been some interesting changes and the addition of a new cast and characters.

 So, let’s take a look at all the details you need to know about the cast. As we know in season 7 there is returning of Mya Allen, Danielle, Carl Radke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, Kyle Cooke, and Paige DeSorbo.

  • Kyle Cooke 

He is the main cast member of the show. Kyle is an entrepreneur and founded the company Loverboy. He has been in the show since its first season and is known for his personality and love of partying.

Kyle Cooke

  • Amanda Batula

She is Kyle’s girlfriend, a graphic designer by profession, and has worked in the fashion industry. Amanda is known for her strong work ethic and ability to balance her personal as well as professional life.

Amanda Batula

  • Carl Radke 

Carl is a real estate agent and part of the show since the first season. He is charming and has a laid-back personality. Also, He has struggled with alcohol addiction. Carl is open about his journey to sobriety on the show.

Carl Radke 

  • Lindsay Hubbard

Since the beginning of the show, she is known for her strong personality and no-nonsense attitude. She had several relationships on the show including Kyle and Carl.

Lindsay Hubbard

Recently, Amanda got married to Kyle Cooke and is ready for the upcoming season. The couple met in the summer house and went through several ups and downs in the show.

Also, the show has a spin-off i.e. Winter House, the show has also quite a good fan following and ratings.

Now, let’s talk about Winter House Cast members. Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson. These are the main cast members of Winter House Cast.

Summer House Season 8 Premiere Date & Trailer

Brave the original network has not made any official statement about the Season 8 Premiere date & trailer.

Summer House Season 8 Trailor & release date

Recently, 7th season get finished in June. Also, you can enjoy your favorite show online on streaming platform Peacock, DIRECTV, and FuboTV.

Summer House Audition & Application

It is important to note that meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be selected for the show.

The Casting team looks for a dynamic group of individuals who will bring interesting storylines and drama to the show. The Application process and audition requirements may vary from season to season but typically involve submitting an online application form and a video audition.

Now let’s discuss the Summer House Application and Auditions process in detail.

  1. First of all, visit the official casting website of the show and check for casting calls for Summer House Season 8.
  2. Secondly, Fill out the application form completely and accurately. Make sure you fill in your Name, Age, and Work experience correctly.
  3. Then Submit a Video Audition: You need to submit a video audition. The requirements for the video involve

Season 8 Application

  • Firstly, Give your brief introduction.
  • Then Sharing why you would be fit for the show and showcase your personality.
  • At last. Make sure the video length is less than five minutes.
  1. In the last, Submit the application form and video audition.

Now, wait for the response from the casting team. If you get a casting call then go for auditions and perform well.

Summer House

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard

This show was such a success that the maker decided to make a spin-off as well. The new series is all set to premiere on 7th May 2023. The cast will not be the same. This time it will cast a set of all Black friends. In upcoming summers these 12 friends will party at the Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. Are you ready to witness more fun and drama this season?

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In conclusion, Summer House Season 8 is an amazing, safe, and non-judgmental place. The place becomes a playground for young professionals looking for an escape from the city during summer. The show has always followed a simple formula, has drama, and wild nights. Overall is a good show to watch and is refreshing too.

So, if you haven’t this show then what are you waiting for?

Also, you can be part of Summer House Casting 2023. All you need to fill in the application form and perform well in the auditions and become a cast member. Therefore we will update all the related and important information here on our website. So, stay tuned with us!

Good Luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Summer House IMBD rating?

The show ratings keep on changing. Currently, the IMBD rating is 7/10.

Who are the cast members of Winter House?

Winter House cast includes the return of the stars Kyle, Lindsay, Carl, Danielle, and Amanda. However, Summer House Season 7 is not featuring three housemates i.e. Luke, Andrea, and Alex.

When will Summer House Season 8 Auditions starts?

One can check the auditions date on the official website of the show.

What is Season 8 Premiere date?

Summer House Season 8 Premiere date is yet to release, the production begin in 2023 or early 2024.

When will Summer House Season 7 trailer is going to release?

Summer House Season 7 just started airing so you can watch the official trailer online.

Where I can watch Summer House for free?

You can watch the episodes on the streaming platform Peacock.

When the Summer House Season 8 trailer is going to release?

The production of season 8 is yet to start so you can expect the trailer in early 2024.

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