Easy Ways to Get Cast in Winter House New Season 4: How to Apply

Winter House Casting

How exciting it is if we tell you that you can live your vacation in a winter house with your friends. Yes, now that is possible with the reality show Winter House Casting. Bravo brought this show in the year 2021 as its original network. 

Now there are 3 seasons of this show that have delivered a fun package. The third season of this show is going on right now. Also, the officials are looking for the Winter House Casting to select the new candidates for the new season. 

Truly Original and Left Hook Media are the production companies of this show. Here in this article, we going to introduce you to the casting process and application process for this show. But first, let’s learn some more about the show. 

It features, candidates and their friends who live in a winter house. So, there is heat, romance, love, anger, etc. fun you will find on this show. Yes, all this emotion you can get in this show under one roof. 

Winter House Casting

Show NameWinter House
GenreReality Show
Original NetworkBravo
Production CompanyTruly Original and Left Hook Media
Run Time54 Minutes Max
Number of Season Delivered2/ Season 3 is on Run
Release Date Season 4TBA

Isn’t it exciting? If you are also aspiring to get into this show then you need to face the audition process. But before that, you have to apply for the audition first. This process is called the casting process. 

So, here we will discuss all about the process in detail. 

Winter House Casting 2024

The casting process for this show is a bit different from other reality shows. But we can say that it is also easy to be a part of this series. 

Here is the catch, In this show, only the alumni of the previous shows of Bravo can participate. In simple words, we can say that this show chooses candidates from the other reality sitcoms on Bravo Network.

So, let’s discuss the Winter House Casting process and how it works. 

Winter House Casting

  • The first step of the process is to know the eligibility conditions for the aspirants who want to participate in this show. 
  • The very next step includes the Application process. Here you will need to apply for the show. The application process for this show is also different from other shows. We will discuss it further in detail. 
  • Now in the next step, the official will make a casting call and ask you for the face-to-face interview or audition. 
  • Thereafter, you will need to go to the audition venue on time and give a performance. 
  • Now if all goes well then they will cast you for the show. 

Eligibility Conditions for the Winter House Application

Now moving forward to the first step of the Winter House Casting process. Here you will know the eligibility conditions set by the selectors to find some extra talent for the show. That makes the show more interesting and fun. 

Winter House Casting

  • Firstly one must acquire legal resident proof of the United States
  • The second thing to keep in mind is that you must not be involved in illegal activities and charged with any. 
  • Availability for filming the show is a must. 
  • One must not related to any employee of the Production company. 
  • Thereafter, another thing to keep in mind is that you must be older than 18 years or above. 

These are some general criteria for the show. But you will find the exact conditions in an elaborate way on the official website of the show. We request you to go through all the terms before proceeding further. 

How to Apply for Bravo’s Winter House Season 4

Now as we know the application process is different from other shows. Here in this show, selectors opt out of the candidates from the previous reality shows of Bravo. 

How to Apply

There are five reality shows. Creators and selectors choose the candidates from these shows. 

  • Vanderpump Rule
  • Southern Charm
  • Family Karma 
  • Below Deck
  • Summer House

If you appear in one of these shows then here is your chance to participate in Winter House. So, in other ways, we can say that if you want to participate in this show then you need to participate in one of the reality shows that are given above in the list. 

So, for that, you need to fill out the online application and apply for the audition. Thereafter you need to go for the audition. Then they will cast you for the show. 

Now in the next step, you can apply for the Winter House casting. 

Winter House Cast

Now you know the application process and eligibility criteria to apply for the show. In the next step let’s know about the cast of this show. 


Bravo is airing the 3rd season of this show for now. Therefore, we are not able to provide you with the list of contestants for season 4. 

But here we will let you know the season 3 contestants list. 

  • Amanda Batula
  • Tom Schwartz

  • Alex Propson

  • Jordan Emanuel

  • Malia White

  • Kory Keefer

  • Casey Craig

  • Kyle Cooke

  • Katie Flood

  • Danielle Olivera

  • Brian Benni

This is an amazing cast for Winter House Season 3. These all candidates are from different reality shows. So, enjoy watching them on Bravo TV

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Final Words

In final words, the Winter House Casting process is very easy. But first, you need to apply for other shows to get into this show. We know that you find it a bit complicated. But we have discussed all the processes in detail on how to participate in this show above in the article. 

If you are aspiring to be in this show then you need to go through the article and know everything about the show and how to apply for it. 

At last, we wish you the best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Release Date of Winter House Season 4?

The Winter House Season 4 release date is not revealed yet.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on Bravo TV.

Where Winter House Season 3 is filming?

Colorado is the filming place of season 3.

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