What’s New on The Bachelor Australia (2023) Season 11

The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia is an Australian Reality show. Moreover, this show is adopted from the American show of the same name. Mike Fleiss is the creator of the show. And, Osher Günsberg is the host of this reality series. The debut of the show was released on 8 September 2013. Now, the show has successfully released 9 Seasons. The 10th series of this show is going on. And the team is already lined up for the next series of this reality show. Also, Network 10 is the original Network of the show.

In this show, the contestant is a single Bachelor, who is hopelessly romantic and looking for a partner. The contestant is here in the hope to find true love or a partner. Moreover, the single contestant dates other women. Dating happens for multiple weeks with multiple female partners. And, with each date, the place and location are exotic and different.  However, there is an elimination of women in each episode. In this article, we are going to talk about bachelor Australia Season 11.

Who is The Bachelor Australia 2023?

Season 10 of this prime time reality show is going on. This series premiered on 09 January 2023. Moreover, the reality show will air on Network 10.  There is something different on this show. Here in this season, there are  3 bachelors looking for their partner. This means it is going to present with entertainment 3 times more than other seasons. there are Felix Von Hofe, Jed Mclntosh, and Thomas Mallucellie. These bachelors are the young talent.

On the other hand, talking about season 11. There is no such announcement about the Bachelor of this show. But the team is looking for the contestant for season 11. We will let you know about the show here on this website.

The Bachelor Australia

Contestants of Season 11

Every season of this show has come up with new female contestants. These young contestants are also looking for a true partner. So, for those who are looking for true love. This show gives them chance to find love.

There are lots of applications applied for the show. But few get selected to be on the show. The number of contestants for season 11 is not decided yet. we will update here soon about the contestants for.

Now, This show has aired season 10. This show has started with 30 contestants Here is the list of the contestants with their ages:

Contestant NameAge
Abigail Harley26
Jessica Navin25
Alesia Delaney28
Angela Ferdinands25
Lauren Whybird28
Leah Cummings32
Krystal Thomas26
Kristen "kiki" Joell38
Courtney Mustac33
Tilly Skok24
Bella Johnston27
Jasmine Absolom24
Alicia "Lou" Bellbowen31
Eboni Burling29
Naomi Johnston24
Zara Jekyll27
Jenae Weston29
Natasha "Tash" Zuanetti31
Marjorie Griffiths25
Jessica " Jess" Tomlinson24
Yuri Nagata21
Marine Klippelt28
Abby Miller21
Emma Lewis
Aylin Sakaci25
Caitlin Perry25
Mikki Silberbach26
Jacinta Daher30
Ella Thiele21

How to Watch The Bacholer Australia Online

This is the 21st century and technology is advancing rapidly. So, you can watch the show on Cable Television as well as online.

Here is where you can watch the show online:

  • You can stream the show online on the official website of network 10. It is famous for the name 10 play. 
  • You can watch it on Reel Good. 
  • iTunes on rent.
  • Google Play on rent.
  • People living outside Australia can use the VPN. And, then they can use the above streaming services.

Winner of the show 

In the show, there will be a bachelor. For him, there will a number of girls as contestants. Moreover, in each episode girls are going to be eliminated.  There are a lot of stages where contestants will eliminate. At last, there will be a finale, where the top 2 girls meet the bachelor’s family. In the end, Bachelor is going to propose one girl, his true love. And, that girl will be considered the winner of the show.

The Bachelor Australia


In conclusion, Australian version of The Bachelor Season 11 is going to release soon. A new bachelor will be featured for this. Then, there will number of female contestants. They are also looking for love. But only one will win the new season of the show. 

Now, you can watch the show on cable TV as well as stream online. Moreover, there are various methods to watch this show. We have listed all the methods in the article. Finally, that is all to know about the new upcoming season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When is The Bachelor Season 11 going to premiere?

There is no such date decided for Season 11 for now.

Who will be the Bachelor for season 11?

The casting team hasn’t decided yet.

How many contestants are there in Season 10 of the show?

There are a total of 30 contestants.

What is the original network of Bachelor Australia?

Network 10 is the original network.

Can fans outside Australia stream the show online?

There are no streaming services available outside Australia. However, fans can use VPN safely.

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