How to participate in The Voice Australia Vote 2023

The Voice Australia Vote

Hello mates!! Today we are here to cover all about The Voice Australia Vote process for its new season. Yes, the season premiered with a new level of entertainment on 6 August 2023. It is a reality singing competition show. 7 Plus is the original network of this show. 

Sonia Kruger is the host for this season. And Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, Jessica Mauboy, and Rita Ora are on the judges panel this time. It is the first time that there is no judge in the show from its debut season.

This show features three rounds to select the new winner. The first round is Blind Auditions. In this round judges only listen to the live performance of the contestants. They turn their faces toward the audience. And the other round is the battle round.

In this round contestant, battle live on stage with their fabulous performances. And the third round is the final in this round top contestants give their performances. Now audiences, fans, and followers step up and vote for their favorite contestants. Yes, the votes of the audience are equally important as the judges’ decision. 

The Voice Australia Vote

On behalf of the voting result. The official announce the winner of the show. Also now you can vote to save the contestants from elimination. So, it is very important for the viewers to know how to vote for their favorite contestants. 

So, let’s move forward and know the voting process. 

The Voice Australia Vote 2023

The Voice Australia completed its 11 seasons so far successfully. And now the 12th season is on air. And many contestants take part this time in the show. So, this season is going to have more fun, entertainment, and singing talent.

 Though it is going to be tough for the judges to choose the best contestants. But now you can help to choose the winner for the new season.

Therefore now it’s time to vote for your favorite contestants. But you must have to go through the voting process. Though this process is very simple. You just have to read the terms and conditions. Thereafter you can vote. 

How to vote on The Voice Australia Season 12 (SMS Voting)

Now the most important question comes to your mind how can I cast a vote for contestants? So, don’t worry you will know everything about it.  

One can vote for contestants through SMS voting. You just have to type the name and number of votes and send it to the given number. 

It is still very confusing, right? Okay, then let’s know the SMS Voting process in detail. We will provide the info step by step.  Just read the article carefully. 

The Voice Australia Vote


  • First of all, one must know the contact number to which you have to send the voting SMS. You can find the number on the screen of your tv while the show is running. Now note down the number.
  • Thereafter, in the next step, you must know the name of the contestant to whom you want to vote for. 
  • Now it is a very important step. In this step, you have to take your phone and go to the message. 
  • Thereafter write down the contestant’s name in block letter. 
  • At last type the contact number on the screen. And send the message to that number. 
  • Congratulations!! you have cast The Voice Australia Vote successfully. 

Note: you can cast a vote 3 times for one or more contestants. Standard charges of SMS will apply every time. 

Eligibility Conditions

Only the eligible candidates can vote on the show. So, it is very important for you to know if you are eligible to vote or not. 

So, here we bring you the eligibility conditions. 

  • A minimum of 18 years old can vote for the contestant. Below 18 years can use their parents and Gaudian’s account to vote. They must have consent from their legal guardians and parents. 
  • Only residents of Australia can vote on the show. 
  • One must not belong to the production company. 

These are some general terms and conditions to become a voter. You can find the eligibility conditions for the voter on the official website of the show. If you qualify for all these conditions then you can give a vote. 


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The Voice Australia Judges, Host, and Contestants

Now the 12th season of this show is going on. And it is very important for the viewers to know the cast and contestants of the show. As you know in this reality show there are three sections in the cast.

The Voice Australia Vote 

The first one includes the Judges’ panel. Guy Sebastian, Jason Derulo, Jessica Mauboy, and Rita Ora are going to be on the judge’s panel this time.  They have earned excellence in their field. So, we can say that they are quite a fit for the show as the judges. 

Now talking about the second section. it consists of the host of the show. Sonia Kruger is the host of this new season of The Voice Australia. 

At last, the third part contains the contestants. They are one of the three pillars of the show. They set some quality bars for singing. And the new singing talent takes part every season. We will update the contestants’ name list soon. 

The Voice Australia Voting Results / Eliminated Contestants

Voting results will decide the eliminations and winner of the show. So, it is very exciting to know the voting result. The official announces the voting results at the end of the episode. 

So, the one who will have a higher vote will remain in the show. And the one who will have a lesser vote will have to go home. 

Also, at the grand finale, the voting count or voting results will decide the winner of this season. 

Grand Finale Vote / Winner

The voice Australia grand finale vote portal is going to open soon. The show is in its first phase right now. The contestants are performing live on stage. So, we are not able to announce the winner’s name for now. 


But officials will declare the winner’s name at the end of the final episode. Thereafter we will update the info here. 

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In conclusion, The Voice Australia Vote process is easy. You just have to write the name of the contestant in block letters. And thereafter you have to send it to the contact number. You may find the contact number on the tv screen while the show airs. You can also find the contact number on the official website of the show. 

Enjoy the show and vote for the best!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the show?

One can Watch the show on Seven Plus Network.

Who is the host of season 12?

Sonia Kruger is the host.

Who are the judges of The Voice Australia 2023?

Rita Ora, Jason Derulo, Guy Sebastian, and Jessica Mauboy are the judges.

Who is the winner of The Voice Australia 2023?

We are not able to reveal the name of the winner of season 12 for now.

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