All About The Chase New Series Casting (2023)

The Chase Casting

Great news !! The Chase Casting portal for the new series has opened now. This game show is a popular British TV Quiz show. In this show, people take part as contestants to play quiz contests and win handsome prize money. So, the casting portal for a new series of this particular show is always open.

This quiz show has inspired various TV quiz shows in various countries.  Moreover, the debut season of the show aired on 29 June 2009. Now, the show has successfully aired for several seasons.  All these contain a lot of episodes. Bradley Walsh is the presenter of the show.  And, ITV is the original Network of the show.

In this show, contestants play against professional quizzers. Moreover, these professional quizzers are called chasers. Their main aim is to prevent the contestant to win the cash prize.  The show has also won a few National Awards. And, there are various rounds of quizzes, in which contestants play. In this article, we are going to talk all about the casting of The Chase.

The Chase Casting UK Version

In every season of this show, there are multiple contestants who take part. They play quiz games competition to win the prize money. A lot of applications are getting filled but a few get selected to be on the show. So, we are here to guide you step by step through filling up the application form and with the auditions also. If you want to be on this show then read the article carefully. 

Eligibility Criteria 

First of all, the candidate must have read the terms and conditions carefully. Then, Look out if the candidate is eligible to be on the show. Here are the eligibility criteria:

  • The minimum age required for the contestant is 18 years old. 
  • Candidate must have resident proof of United Kingdom.
  • Contestants must not be part of ITV or worked in ITV.
  • Contestants should not be related to the worker of ITV.

How to Apply Online for The Chase Casting Call

The Chase Casting

  • First of all, go to the browser and search for the official website of the show. 
  • Now read the terms and conditions carefully.
  • Then, check on agreeing to all the conditions. 
  • Now fill up your personal details and register on the official website. 
  • After clicking on the register button. The next step is to sign in to the website. 
  • Thereafter, fill up the application form. Keep in mind the application form should be correct. The wrong information in the application form will get rejected automatically.
  • After that, Click on the submit button and relax. 
  • At last, Wait for the casting team for the call. 

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A Glance At The British Game Show

The Chase is a very popular British quiz game show. Everyone is always very excited about this show. The show is very informative and also, provides entertainment. Moreover, this show is ITV’s most successful daytime show ever. Also, the show is nominated for National awards six times. And, the show actually won the national award thrice.   

The Chase Casting

The chase New Season 16 

The chase has released around 15 regular seasons of the show. Also, the show has aired 13 Seasons of Celebrity special Seasons. Moreover, Celebrity Special The chase season 15 is running on TV currently. The show aired its season 15 on 27 January 2022. However, season 15 is still going on and the ITV already announced its 16th season.

Soon ITV is going to announce the release date of the new upcoming season of this show. So, wait until ITV announces the premiere date.

Host of the Chase 

Bradley Walsh is the host of the British quiz show the chase. Moreover, Bradley is an actor, comedian, host, singer, and former footballer. And, he has been serving as the host of the show from the start.

The Chase Casting


In conclusion, the chase game is a popular daytime British quiz show. It is a very popular show in Britain. Moreover, the show is nominated for national awards 6 times. And, the show won that award 3 times. ITV is the original Network of the show.

 This show already aired its 15 seasons successfully so far. And now lined up for the next season.  Soon ITV will announce the date of the release of this prime-time show. This season will come back with a new level of entertainment. So gear up for the next fun ride of the show. 


Some of the frequently asked questions:

When was the chase season 15 released?

Season 15 of the Chase was released on 27 January 2022.

What is the original Network of the show? 

ITV is the original Network of the show.

Who will host the new season of the show?

Bradley Walsh is the host of the show.

What is this show about?

The chase is a TV quiz show. Contestants take part in the show in order to win prizes by answering questions. But, a professional quizzer tries to prevent the contestant to win the amount.

What are chasers?

In the show, there are professional quizzers. Their job is to prevent contestants to win the prize. And, these professional quizzers are called chasers.

Who are the six main chasers of the show?

In this show, there are six main chasers. Mark, Shaun, Anne, Paul Sinha, Jenny, and Darragh Ennis are six chasers in the show.

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