All About The Block Season 16

The Block is a reality TV show. Moreover, this show is an Australian show which airs on Nine Network. The series has done with 15 seasons. And is ready for The Block 2020 which is going to be the 16th season of the series. The show is such an eye-catching show that includes creativity and constructive minds of the next level.

The show aired its debut season on 1 June 2003. In two years, the show released two seasons in a row. But, then the show was in a break till 2010. After 6 long years, Season 3 aired on 22 September 2010. Till now, the show has successfully released 15 seasons. And. those 15 seasons contains a total of 708 episodes.

In this show, there are four or 5 couples as contestants. Moreover, these couple contestants compete against each other in order to win the prize. The job of the couples is to sell a house at an auction for the highest price. Also, contestants have to renovate with styles before putting them in the auction. And, the couple who sells the house for the highest price is the winner. In this article, we are going to discuss the show.

The Block 2020

The Block 2020

The block next season’s premiere date is 23 August 2020. This is going to be Season 16 the reality show. Moreover, Scott Cam and Shelley Craft are going to the host of the show.

ShowThe Block
NetworkChannel 9
Season16th Season
Release Date23rd August 2020
TimeSunday, 7:00PM
No. of teams5

Here is the information of foreman and Judges of the block:

  • Keith Schleiger, Foreman
  • Dan Reilly, Foreman
  • John McGrath, Judge
  • Neale Whitaker, Judge
  • Shaynna Blaze, Judge
  • Darren Palmer, Judge
  • Romy Alwill, Judge

 Note: All of the hosts, foremen, and Judges returned from the previous season.

The Block 2020

The Block Season 16 Contestants

The Block Season 16 is going to air on 23 August of this year. However, the list of the Block Season 16 Contestants has been announced.

 Here is the list of couple contestants with their relationship, age, place, etc:

  • Harry(57) & Tash (32) ,
    Place: Melbourne, VIC,
    Relationship: Father & Daughter,
    Job: IT manager & social media project manager

  • Sarah (27) & George (33) ,
    Place: Sydney, NSW,
    Relationship: “Mad Dogs”,
    Job: Teacher & Electrician

  • Daniel (35) & Jade (34),
    Place: Wandearah,
    SA, Relationship:
    Married with children,
    Job: Farmer & Hairdresser

  • Luke(35) & Jasmine (36),
    Place: Perth, WA,
    Relationship: Married with children,
    Job: Chippy & Teacher

  • Jimmy (33) & Tam (31) ,
    Place: Brisbane, QLD,
    Relationship: Couple,
    Job: Plumber & Bar Manager

The Block Challenge: Who Won The Weekly Challenge?

Contestants will have to face the challenges in order to win the show. Every week there will be a new challenge for the couples. Every Challenge will come with a reward. Let’s see who will win each challenge.

Weekly challenge details will be updated here soon.

The Block 2020

How To Watch The Block Episodes

Here is how to watch the block episodes:

  • In Australia, you can watch this show on TV. The show airs on Network 9
  • You can stream the show online on the official website of 9Now.
  • iTunes on rent.
  • You can watch the show from outside of Australia. All you need is a good VPN.

The Block Winner 2020

The winner of the block does not even come into the picture now.  This is because Season 16 of the show has not premiered yet. The show is going to air on 23 August. In this show, all the couple contestants have to renovate and style a house. And, the couple who get the highest price in the auction is the winner.

In conclusion, the block 2020 is going to premiere on 23 August on Channel 9. Moreover, there are going to be 5 couple contestants in the show. And, Hosts, Foremen, and Judges will be the same from the previous season. Just enjoy the creativity on Channel 9 every Sunday. Let’s see who will win the challenges this season and who will be the ultimate winner of season 16.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions:

When is the block Season 16 going to premiere?

The show is going to premiere on 23 August 2020.

What is the original network of the show?

Network 9 is the original network of the show.

How many contestants are there in Season 16 of the show?

There are a total of 5 couple contestants.

Who are the hosts of the show?

Scott Cam and Shelley Craft are the hosts of the show.

Can we stream the Block online?

Yes, you can stream the show. The show is available on the official website of 9Now. 

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