What is The Cast and Release Date Of The Princess Diaries 3?

The Princess Diaries 3

Princess Diaries 3 is the sequel to the Disney movie princess diaries. The movie is taken from Meg Cabot’s young adult Novel. Moreover, the title of the book is The princess diaries volume III: Princess in love. The first part of the movie premiered in 2001. Now part 3 is under development. And, After 18 years, it is expected to air soon. I know you all are very excited about it. However, you’ll have to wait for some more time. 

The Princess Diaries 3

In the movie, part 3 is the continuation of part 2. In this article, we are going to cover princess diaries 3. Moreover, there are clear indications that Mia and Kenny’s relationship is in jeopardy. Also, Mia is struggling to break up the relationship with Kenny. For more stories, you must wait for the movie to premiere. The project is under Disney. It is still in progress. However, the main lead of both two parts Anne Hathaway has not mentioned anything. So the return of Anne cannot be confirmed till now. We hope everything goes well.

Release Date Of Princess Diaries

At the moment, the release date of Princess Diaries is not known. However, a few days ago, it was made official that Disney is making Princess Diaries 3. Moreover, it is expected that the movie is going to be released soon. We are going to update the article as soon as we get information related to the release date. Besides that first part was released in 2001 whereas the second part was released in 2004.

The Princess Diaries 3

Princess Diaries Cast 

For the first two parts, Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews played crucial parts. However, for part 3 Anne has not confirmed her part. Moreover, Julie sounds uninterested in another sequel as she is too old now. The novelist of this movie adaptation Meg Cabot confirmed that  Aadrita Mukerji is a scriptwriter. Unfortunately, The director of the first two movies Garry Marshall passed away in 2016. At the moment, we have limited information related to this Disney project. But we would love to have the old cast in the upcoming project.

How To Watch The Princess Diaries 

Here we are going to tell you how to watch the princess diaries:

  • Since the d is under Disney, you can watch the movies on Disney-related platforms.
  • You can watch it on Disney plus App or website.
  • You can also rent it on Apple TV, Google Play, or Youtube.
  • Moreover, there are numerous platforms where you can buy and rent it.

In conclusion, Princess Diaries 3 is developed under Disney. Moreover, it is expected to air soon. However, Anne Hathaway has not confirmed anything related to her. Julie Andrews sounds uninterested or upset as it’s too now. And, Aadrita Mukerji is working on the script of the film. Till then you can binge-watch two previous parts on Disney plus.


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

When is Princess Diaries 3 going to be released?

The official sources have said that the movie is being made after 18 years. However, the release date has not been confirmed yet.

What is the production house of the movie?

Disney is involved in making this movie project.

Are Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews part of the project?

Anne has not confirmed anything yet. However, Julie sounded uninterested as it’s too late now.

From where the film has been adopted?

The movie has been adapted from the novel Meg Cabot of the same name. 

Where can we watch princess diaries?

You can watch the movie on the Disney plus app or website. Moreover, you can rent or buy it on Youtube or Google Play Store.

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