How To Apply For Nailed It At Home Waitlist for 2023?

Nailed It At Home

Nailed it is an American web reality show. Moreover, this show is a Netflix original. The debut Season of the show premiered on 9 March 2020 on Netflix. Now, the show has successfully completed 9 Seasons. However, out of 9 seasons, two seasons were Holiday seasons. And, all those 9 seasons contain a total of 56 episodes. Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres are the hosts of the show. Moreover, Weston “Wes” Bahr is the associate director of the show.

In the show, three amateur bakers compete against each other. These 3 noobie contestants’ task is to replicate and bake the complex cake designs. This show is not a serious type of competition. Home Nailed it is also like a bake-off competition, the sole purpose is to entertain.

Nailed It At Home

Moreover, the inspiration behind the show was people trying and failing in the baking process.3 contestants with poor baking skills try to replicate the best cake. And, the winner gets a Nailed it trophy and prize money of $10,000. In this article, we’re going to cover Nailed It At Home.

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Nailed It At Home Challenge 2023

Due to the pandemic, everyone was stuck in the house. Going out of the house had become a challenge and a risky job now. Seeing the situation of people Nailed it show had come up with a brilliant concept. Netflix bake-off competition reality show came up with Nailed It Home Challenge. In this challenge, viewers can recreate the Nailed it but this time at home with your own family.

Nailed It At Home

We have already witnessed Nailed it and Nailed it Holiday versions. Let’s bake it off at home this time.

Just like in the show, one member has to host the show in their house. The rest of the family members can be assigned the task of replicating and baking an actual cake. Moreover, the task of baking is going to be assigned to the viewers at regular intervals.

However, viewers do not need to worry about ingredients. You can bake your cake using food items available in your kitchen. The main aim of this challenge is to bond viewers with their families. And, the challenge also aims to keep viewers at home, safe.

How To Join The Nailed It Waiting List At Home

There is a waiting list For the Nailed it an at-home challenge. The viewers can be a part of that waiting list. All you have to do is register yourself on that waiting list.

Nailed It At Home

Here is how to join the waiting list for the Nailed it At Home challenge:

  • Go to the website of fever up.
  • You can also to the official Netflix-featured website of Naileditathome
  • You can visit any one link of your choice.
  • On the website, you have to click on the “Join Waiting list” button.
  • Then you have to sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account.

Note: if you follow the proper steps, then you are registered for the waiting list.

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Here are some of the hampers included with the tickets:

  • The ticket is going to include a baking kit. The baking kit is going to be delivered to your homes. And, it includes all dry ingredients and decorating supplies.
  • Tickets will also include access to live streams events. A live stream can be done from the comfort of your home.
  • The ticket is also going to include great surprises and a lot of fun.

Nailed It At Home

Apply For At Home Waitlist

Here is information All about the show with the nailed at home challenging:

  • At the home challenge, the baker can be of any age. If the baker is a child, he/she needs to be under parental guidance.
  • Your location is going to be your Kitchen
  • Date: To Be Revealed Soon
  • Times: To Be revealed soon

Note: The price of the ticket is around $39. However, the delivery fee is additional.

In conclusion, the Nailed it at home challenge is going to start in few days. I hope all of you are very excited about this. Moreover, the show is organized by the Nailed it team and Netflix. And, the main aim of the show is to stay indoors in order to be safe from the contagious pandemic. So, stay home and stay safe. 

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