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The Voice Winner

The American singing reality show The Voice is turning to the point where everybody wants to know who the winner is. Well, you could be the one who can choose The Voice Winner by voting in the show. As the viewers have some power that can help contestants to reach the finale of the show. This time we are going to reveal who is the winner of your votes, the contestant who got the maximum public support as votes.

The voice franchise began its journey in April 2011 when the debut season was aired. The show was getting a lot of applauds that made producers to continue the show. Now the show has completed 23 seasons.

The format of the show is like any other competition where the contestants have to perform to get maximum scores. Here, the contestants also receive votes from the show. The one who scored the least points after evaluating both judge’s scores and votes is eliminated. The one who is crowned as the winner of the show receives a prize money of $100,000 and a record deal from Universal Music.

You can scroll down to know about the winner of the show.

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The Voice Winner 2023

The time has come where the show will reveal its winner. The contestants who will sign the record deal of Universal Music. On 23rd May 2023 there was the finale of 23rd season.

With the performances of top 5, and some guest performers we have 23rd winner of the series. The winner was declared among 5 contestants.

Gina Miles from the team Niall won the crown of Season 23. She was one of the favourite contestant throughout the season. 


The Voice Finalists Season 23

On 15th May 2023, Top 5 Finalists were declared on the basis of votes given by the viewers. The final race was between there top 5 contestants.

These are the contestants who are performing the better than any other in the show. So they have reached to the finale as finalists. And one of them is crowned as the winner of the show.

The show has reached to top 5 List. where all the contestants will perform from there home itself. And with the last live show we will have our winner among these 5 finalists. Here are the names of Top 5 finalists.

  • Gina Miles
  • Noivas
  • Sorelle
  • D. Smooth
  • Grace West

The Voice All-Season Winners

When it comes to the winners how has seen a lot of brilliant rising stars of the music industry. Let us have a look to all the winners of the previous seasons of the show.

Season 23Gina Miles
(Team Niall)
Season 22Bryce Leatherwood
(Team Blake)
Season 21Girl Named Tom
(Team Kelly)
Season 20Cam Anthony
(Team Blake)
Season 19Carter Rubin
(Team Gwen)
Season 18Todd Tilghmann
(Team Blake)
Season 17Jake Hoot
(Team Kelly)
Season 16Maelyn Jarmon
(Team John)
Season 15Chevel Shepherd
(Team Kelly)
Season 14Brynn Cartelli
(Team Kelly)
Season 13Chloe Kohanski
(Team Blake)
Season 12Chris Blue
(Team Alicia)
Season 11Sundance Head
(Team Blake)
Season 10Alisan Porter
(Team Christina)
Season 9Jordan Smith
(Team Adam)
Season 8Sawyer Fredericks
(Team Pharrell)
Season 7Craig Wayne Boyd
(Team Blake)
Season 6Josh Kaufman
(Team Usher)
Season 5Tessanne Chin
(Team Adam)
Season 4Danielle Bradbery
(Team Blake)
Season 3Cassadee Pope
(Team Blake)
Season 2Jermaine Paul
(Team Blake)
Season 1Javier Colon
(Team Adam)


The Voice Season 23 Winner Coaches

For the 23rd season, the new coch won the crown. Niall won the title thid season. However Blake Shelton  was the one holding up the record of most wins.

Gina Miles was in Team Niall since day 1. 

But guess what Blake won again with Todd. This season there were 2 contestants from Team Blake in the finale Todd and Toenisha Harris. He won with Todd. 

Seaosn 23 winner coach is Niall Horan

So this was all about The Voice Winner of season 23. Another season got finished. Now Let’s meet up again when the winner of 24th season will announce. 

Frequently Asked Questions


When is the Finale of the Voice?

The finale of the 23rd season is On 23rd May 2023.

Who Won the Previous season of the voice?

Blake Shelton team won the season with the contestant named Bryce Leatherwood

Who is in the Voice 23 final?

Well while looking at previous seasons, we find that the finale will be in between 5 contestants. So Top 5 contestants will participate in the last Live show.

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