CBS Big Brother Live Move-In Houseguests 2023

Big Brother All Stars

Big Brother is an American television reality show. Moreover, it is a very popular show in the United States and across the globe. However, this reality is based on the Netherlands’ TV Series of the same name. Big Brother is also famous with the name of Big Brother USA. Season 1 of this series aired on 5 July 2000. Till now, the show has successfully released 24 seasons. And, those 24 seasons total of 855 Episodes. Julie Chen Moonves is the host of the show from the start.

Big Brother 2023

On 2nd Aug 2023 new season will kick start. There will be Live move-in for the contestants. 16 houseguests have been shortlisted for the show. Also the Show will have its finale in November 2023. Some new contestants will be introduced as wild card houseguests soon. CBS is the original network of this reality show. So The show aired on CBS in America. So you can start binge-watch the show online and live on CBS.. And, in Canada, it is going to air on the Global network. 


Big Brother Season 25

This is one of the most loving shows across the world. Therefore there is an expectation that Season 25 will turn out to be the best season till now. You will see some new twist and turn this time. The season will demand variety of physical, mental, and emotional skills. Also, one must be determined to be in the show. The format of the show will be the same as in previous seasons. That will include nominations, Voting, and Eliminations. 

Big Brother Host 2023

Julie Suzanne Chen Moonves is the host of Big Brother USA. She was born on 6 January 1970. Chen is a news anchor, host, and producer for CBS Network. She has been the host of the American reality show Big Boss from the start. Julie has successfully hosted 24 seasons and is going to host 25th Season. And, she was a co-host of CBS Daytime talk-show, The Talk. She has also worked as a co-anchor on CBS show The Early Show.

Big Brother cast 2023

Robyn Kass is the casting director of the Big Brother. He is going to cast the Stars for the Big Brother 2023 reality show. BB Casting happens between September and April. Application for the famous reality show, Big Brother is now closed for Season 25. And, the Selected cast for the show has been revealed. Big Brother Season 25 would include a diverse range of individuals from various backgrounds, professions, and personalities. Let’s dig into it.


Big Brother 25 Houseguests Live Move-In

On-demand there is the live move-in of the big brother 25 houseguests. During the live move-in, you can have all the BB25 spoilers you are expecting. So You can then see who will entertain you this season.

Following is the list of Cast of the Big Bother 2023. 


America LopezMedical receptionist
Blue KimBrand strategist
Bowie Jane BallBarrister/ DJ
Cameron HardinStay-at-home father
Cory WurtenbergerCollege Student
Felicia CannonReal Estate Agent
Hisam GoueliGeriatric physician
Izzy GleicherFlutist
Jag BainsTruck company owner
Jared FieldsExterminator
Kirsten ElwinMolecular Biologist
Luke ValentineIllustrator
Matt KlotzDeaflympics gold medalist
Mecole HayesPolitical consultant
Red UtleySales
Reilly SmedleyBartender

After the Live move-in, there will be the declaration of HOH among all the 16 houseguests. Let’s see who will win the competition for HOH.

Nominations will also start and so as the voting for BB25.

Big brother season 25 premiere Date

Season 25 premiere date is scheduled to be on 2nd August 2023. This announcement was made on June 2023. The show will be telecast every Wednesday and Sunday. Elimination will be live also. 

CBS announced that the production is going to follow specific health and safety protocols. Moreover, all staff, cast, and crew members are going to be checked on a regular basis. There are going be masks, face shields, and PPE available. All the guidelines of WHO is going to be followed. And, checking everybody’s health is the first priority of the CBS network.

In conclusion, Big Brother 2023 season is going to be aired on 2 August 2023. Get ready for the fun once again.

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