How To Participate In Big Brother Voting

Big Brother Voting

In May 2019, CBS made it official that the Big Brother series is going for its 22nd edition. The upcoming season of the show is likely to premiere in summer 2020. The show is originated from the Dutch series of the same name. In this article we will provide you some details about Big Brother Voting for 22nd season.

The show is all about various contestants participating in the show known as ‘House guests’ have to live together under the same roof for about 2 to 3 months. These contestants have to perform various tasks to attain some power over other contestants. Then one by one these contestants eliminate each other from the show.

The last standing contestant in the show is declared the winner with the prize money of $500,000. However, their journey is not that easy as they have to win the other contestants to remain for the long run in the show.

The current hottest thing for the 22nd edition of the show is that Julie Chen Moonves has signed a new contract with the show. So, it is quite clear, we all are going to see Julie again in the next edition of the show.

Big Brother Voting

You can also participate in the show by voting and making one of the contestants as America’s favourite houseguest.

Big Brother Voting 2020 

When the show came up with the idea of America’s favourite houseguest it was loved by almost every person watching the show. The idea was to make viewers actively participate in the show through voting for their favourite houseguest. 

To cast your vote you must have CBS account. If you do have the CBS official account then you can create in less than 5 minutes. A free week subscription will be provided for new users and you can cancel it anytime in your free trial. However, after one week you will be charged $5.99 per month.

For casting your vote in the show you can follow these simple steps-

That’s all, your vote is successfully submitted. You  will receive only 10 votes a day to cast in this program. However, you can only cast you vote in the particular time period given by the authority of the show.

NOTE- This voting facility is available only to US citizens excluding all the territories and possessions of the United States.

Big Brother Voting

Big Brother Season 22 Eliminated Huseguests

After participating in Voting here comes the time of decision. The result will be based on voting done by public. The one with the lowest no. of votes from public will get evicted from the house. Every week there will be one eviction. On every weeend, host will announce the results of the voting.

Voting result will be displayed here soon

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What Big Brother 2020 is all about?

The show features houseguests from the different localities living under the same roof for 60 to 90 days together. These houseguests have to perform various tasks given by the authority of the show. From their performance these houseguests receives some powers to save them from the eliminations and even become head of the house. These houseguest lives under the 24*7 surveillance cameras. These contestants have to cut themselves off from the rest of the world for the time being they are in the show with some medical or family emergencies as exception.

After some particular time in the show eliminations took place. However, in eliminations only houseguests can cast their vote. And the one with the most votes is eliminated from the house. Finally, the last standing contestant is declared as the winner of the show. And the houseguest with most people votes is declared as America’s favourite houseguest.

So this was all about Big Brother Voting for season 22. In case of any doubt you may ask us in comments.


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