How to know Big Brother 25 Spoilers 2023: Pov, HOH

Big Brother Spoilers

Hello Guys!! What’s Up!! Hope you are doing fine. Today we are here to bring you the United States’ biggest show Big Brother Spoilers. The officials have renewed the show for new season 25. And they have revealed the premiere date now.

Season 25 is going to be released on 2 August 2023. CBS is the original network of this wonderful reality show. And here we have brought useful news on BB 25 spoilers to you. 

This show features several contestants. They live together in a house for a few days or we can say that 2 to 3 months. They also have to prove themselves worthy to stay in the house from time to time. There are nominations from the contestants. Thereafter fans and followers vote to save their favorite contestants from elimination. At last, the one who will stand in the last will win the show. 

Now the show is all set for season 25. There are brand new contestants and tasks in the new series. Now let’s take a look at the new season and know what is new on this show. 

Big Brother Spoilers

But before proceeding further there is a warning for the reader that you may find some interesting spoilers in the article. So, are you ready for the next ride of fun and entertainment?  

Big Brother Spoilers 2023

Big Brother is back with the new season. Now CBS geared up for this new season on 2nd Aug. All the auditions are done now. The casting team has selected the new candidates for season 25. This season brings some new faces to this platform. 

Surely this season is going to be full of fun, drama, and entertainment. Isn’t it interesting to know the contestants and what they are doing inside the house every day? And how about if you know who is going to win the Head of the Household (HOH), Power of Veto, Who will get evicted and many more on Big Brother Spoilers 2023?

Week 1ReillyHisamLuke & Kristen
Week 2HisamHisamReilly
Week 3FeliciaJagHisam
Week 4CameronRedNo eviction (invincibility used)
Week 5JaredCameronRed
Week 6CameronJaredIzzy
Week 7JaredJagTBD

Seems like Jared and Cameron is ruling out the house of the season. They are winning HOH, POV again and again. Let’s proceed further and learn more about the show. 

If you are a die-hard fan of this show then there are some interesting reveals for you. Stay with us and get Big Brother Spoilers everyday.

 Revealed!! Big Brother 25 Contestants & Cast

There are two sections in Big Brother’s cast. The first section consists of the host of the show. Here is a Big Spoiler for you. Because this time Julie Chen Moonves is going to host this new series. 

Big Brother 25 is going to be released soon. Now the casting for the show is over. There are brand new contestants in the new season. Officials haven’t revealed the contestants’ names yet. 

But for sure you are going to see a perfect cast this time. More drama and fun are expected now. However, the show is going to release on 2 August 2023. So, you are going to see some big personalities on the show. 

Big Brother Spoilers

Soon we are going to update the contestants’ name list here on this website. Therefore just keep in touch with the website and have the latest updates about the show. 

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BB 25 Spoilers Who won HOH?

HOH means Head of the Household. Big Brother US tv show features contestants who live under one roof or house as a family. Therefore there is a head in the house who operates the house under his or her command. Here we are talking about season 25 of Big brother.

Lots of new things are going to happen this time in the house. So if you are a BB fan, you must check every update about BB 25 news and spoilers. 

The HOH changes every week in the house. So, there is a process to select the HOH in the house. The contestants vote to select the new head. Following is the list of Hoh winners.

  • Reilly won the HOH in the very first week.
  • In the second week Hisam was the HOH.
  • Felicia won the third HOH.
  • Cameron is the 4th HOH.
  • In 5th Week Jared won the HOH.
  • Cameron won the HOH title again in the sixth week.
  • Jared is the 7th HOH.

Although there may be different ways to bb25 vote for the houseguests. But the purpose is the same to select the new HOH. 

BB 25 House: How Does it Look?

Interior of the BB house is the main center of attraction. The common area, dining area, kitchen, bedrooms, HOH room, garden, pool etc are the main areas. The images of the house has been released. Believe it or not this is the most amazing interior till now. Let’s have a look.

Big Brother Spoilers

CBS’ Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Spoilers

Now it is very interesting to know who is going to win the Power of Veto in the first week of the show. This show introduced a new feature called Power of Veto. As you know there are competitions in the house. 

So, every week, contestants have to perform the task. And at the end of the task, there is one winner. Therefore the winner consists of the Power of Veto. There are three levels of VETO. 

Big Brother Spoilers

Silver Veto, Gold Veto, and Diamond Veto. These all have different levels of power. Now in season 25, there are new Veto.

  • Hisam Wins the first power of Veto card and he didn’t use it. As a result Kirsten and Felicia remain nominated.
  • Second time again Hisam Won and his second nominations again remain same as he didn’t use it again. The nominations were Reilly and Cameron.
  • In the third week Jag won the POV and nominated Hisam Again resulting  Eviction of Hisam.
  • Red won the POV in the 4th week and decided not to use this power to save nominated contestant.
  • Cameron won the 5th week POV and renominated Jag.
  • 6th Week POV winner was Jared and he didn’t use it resulting nomaination remain as it is.
  • Jag Won the Pov in the 7th Week. 

Now to know about nomination and voting for this week’s nominated contestant you may check Big Brother Voting.

CBS’ Big Brother 2023 Twitter Spoilers

Twitter is the best to know the latest news. It is one of the most commonly used social media now these days. You can have any information on this platform in no matter of time. 

So, there is a dedicated page of Big Brother US on Twitter. You need to follow the page. Then you can get the Big Brother 2023 Twitter Spoilers. Every week every day what is happening inside the big Brother house is to be updated by Twitter. Get the fresh spoilers now.

BB USA Evictions Spoilers: Season 25

The show is releasing on 2 August 2023. So, there are a number of contestants who will enter the house. Afterward, there are some nomination occurs.

However, it is very interesting to know the Big Brother 25 eviction spoilers before it airs officially on screen.

BB Eviction Spoiler

So, fans can vote for the nominated contestants. Therefore the one who will have the lesser vote. That contestant has to leave the house. The contestants’ names has been Released and you can check them out here. But soon we will let you know the first eviction after the show premiere.

  • Before eviction Luke gets expelled on 8th day because he violated BB code of Conduct.
  • In first eviction Kirsten get evicted on 9th day.
  • Reilly Smedley was the third one to leave the show.
  • Hisam was the third one who get evicted from the house on Day 23.
  • Due to power of Invincibility no one get evicted.
  • Red gets evicted on Day 37.
  • Izzy get evicted on day 44. 

Big Brother 25 Live Feed 2023

Now you can have the live updates on Big Brother. The fans always want to get connected to the show. They want to have details and updates on their favorite contestant every now and then. so here we are going to update every detail on Big Brother 25 Live feed. This will not tell you about every single minute. However, these BB live feeds will give you overall information apart from spoilers. 

The question is where to get Big brother 25 live feed. 

  • To get the live feed you can sign up on CBS at $5.99 per month.
  • Also there is another way to watch live feed and uncensored content on paramount plus at $9.99 per month.
  • You can access live feeds through your iPad, iPod, computer, iPhone, android.

Get the live feed updates and spoilers on Big Brother 25 every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.


In final words, Big Brother Spoilers 2023 is very interesting. Fans and followers of the show are always eager to know more about the show before it airs. Therefore here we bring you the latest updates about the show. 

We hope that you will find it interesting to know all these facts. 

Therefore that is all for now!! Good luck and enjoy watching the new season. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the winner of Big Brother US Season 25?

The winner name of Big Brother 2023 is not revealed yet.

What is the Big Brother 25 release date?

The new season is going to release on 2 August 2023.

What is the winning prize amount in season 25?

The prize money is $750,000.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on CBS.

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