How to Apply for Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3 Auditions

Crime Scene Kitchen Casting

Crime Scene Kitchen Casting: it is a popular cooking competition show in the US. It is a brand-new TV series that debuted on 26 May 2021. Till now, only season 1 of the series has been released. Moreover, 9 episodes were aired in that season. Paul Starkman is the director of the reality series. Joel McHale was the host. The Judges of the crime scene kitchen were Yolanda Gampp and Curtis Stone. And, Fox is the original network of the show.

In this show, the contestant has to guess a food. Moreover, the bakers or cooks have to think about the type of food that is prepared. Furthermore, it is done based on crumbs, flour trails, and a few clues. After that, the contestants have to come up with that recipe. And, the judges pass on their judgment based on taste. In this article, we are going to cover Crime Scene Kitchen casting.

this show is grabbing a lot of attention from the public. The contestants are grouped in teams of two. Moreover, these teams compete with each other. These teammates can be friends, mother-child, couples, etc. There was a total of 12 teams in season 1. In each episode, half of the teams take part. The team which gets the lowest score is eliminated.

Crime Scene Kitchen Casting

The rest are safe and advance to the next episode. The contestant with the highest point is declared as a winner. However, all of them still have to compete with each other till the finale. In each round of episodes, one of the groups is eliminated. In the finale, there are only four baker teams left. And, the winner of the finale becomes the winner of the show.

Crime Scene Kitchen Casting 2024

The first season of Crime Scene Kitchen came out in 2021. However, the good news is Fox has confirmed season 2. Moreover, Season 2 is going to premiere on 5 June 2023. The fans must be very excited to hear this.

But, to this date, we have very less information related to crime scene kitchen casting. The show is going to release the cast name soon. Katie Horbury and Phillip A. Barbb are the producers. And, once the production reveals the cast, we are going to update it.  

Crime Scene Kitchen Casting

Eligibility Criteria 

At the moment the show has not released any information related to the show. They have only released the information related to the premiere date. So, we cannot deduce the exact eligibility criteria of the show. However, we can predict it by looking at season 1 contestants. Here are the expected eligibility criteria for the crime scene kitchen:

  • The applicants for the show must be 18 years old or above.
  • If they are below 18, bring a parent or a guardian as their teammate.
  • the candidate should have a clean background. There should be no active criminal or civil charge against you.
  • The candidate must not relate to a political party or organization. Or They should not hold a position in the office.
  • The applicant must have legal resident proof of the United States of America. During the audition time, the candidate must carry the official documents. These documents are important for the verification of the aspiring contestant.
  • The person should not be related to the production or crew team

Note: These are expected eligibility for the show. We are going to update the information as soon as possible.

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How To Apply for Auditions of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3

At the moment there is no audition or application form online. However, there are many ways you can apply for auditions. Here are a few steps on how to apply for auditions of Crime scene kitchen season 3:

CSK 3 Auditions

  • Interested candidates can create a profile on the casting website of the show. 
  • After that keep your email notifications on future updates.
  • Moreover, keep posting your small clips of auditions. That is going to increase the visibility of your profile.
  • Apply for the casting auditions.
  • You can also email the production and casting directors. But most emails end up in spam.
  • Moreover, you can also try to contact them through tweets.

CSK 3 Open Casting Call

Crime scene kitchen open casting call is open for all. This means anyone can take part in the audition. Moreover, they are not looking for only professional cooks. An amateur can also apply for it. However, the production has not given any information related to open auditions. Let’s wait for some time. All the best to everyone, who is aspiring to be in the show.

CSK 3 Application


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in conclusion, Crime Scene Kitchen Casting is very easy we have discussed the process in detail. However, the information related to the season 2 premiere is out. Crime Scene Kitchen Season 2 is going to air on 5 June 2023. At that time, it is going to be clear who are the contestants in the show. Fans are very excited to watch their cooking show. And, we are going to update information related to the show. So keep in touch with this website to have the latest updates about the show. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the show Crime Scene Kitchen about?

It is a new TV reality show related to cooking. The concept of the series is quite unique. Fans are already enjoying it.

What is the original network of Crime Scene Kitchen?

Fox is the original network of Crime Scene Kitchen.

How to apply for Season 3 casting?

At the moment casting for season 3 are not open. Interested candidates must wait for some time. Moreover, they should create a profile in audition portals like project casting.

What is the release date of Crime Scene Kitchen Season 3?

5 June 2023 is the release date of season 3.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show online on FOX.

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