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Friends Cast then and now

You might have heard the rumors about the reunion of the most famous sitcom show FRIENDS. For this show we don’t need to add any description for you to know. As most of you have enjoyed this show. And today in this article we are going to explore the Friends Cast then and now. Who will reappear in the reunion special and when?

The show started in the year 1994 still making people fall for this show. The story about friendship, romance, and all the turns of the hilarious moments made this show great. Now the franchise is making a reunion of the show. The reunion is meant to bring back memories of the show for all the viewers.

So we are here to give you information about the reunion of the show. You can scroll down to read all the latest information about this upcoming show.

Friends Reunion

From here on there will be few spoilers regarding the original show. If you haven’t seen the show then this is time you should stop reading this part of the article.

The show ended with Chandler and Monica getting married and living in their own house. Ross was getting married to Rachel and Phoebe got married to Mike and lived in their own house. And at last Joey went on the journey to continue its film career.

Friends Cast then and now

The show is doing this reunion after the 16 years of the release of the last season. The cast will talk about their journey all together sitting and drinking coffee but joey having his cookies too.

Well the only way to find this is when you will watch this Friends reunion after its premiere.


Friends Cast Then And Now

Most of you won’t need any information about the cast but still, there are few people who are newbies to this show. Well here are the actors who have and still playing their roles in the show.

Jennifer Aniston

She is the beautiful Rachel Green. The introduction of Rachel was after she ran off her marriage and started living with her childhood friend Monica. Soon she met with the rest of the characters and became a part of their gang.

In the show we saw that Rachel end up having a kid with Ross Geller. So Yes, we are sure we will see our own Rachel Green Geller in Reunion special.

Matt LeBlanc

The handsome stupid guy Joey Tribbiani. You will find Joey always hungry or eating something. But his charm absolutely works with every woman. Trying to be an actor finally got a shot in a TV serial.

We are sure now in Friends Reunion we will see Joey again flirting and finding a girl by slaying around as “How You Doin?”

Courteney Cox

Courteney is Monica Geller. The chef who wants her house clean and have a habit to clean all the dirt. Monica helped Rachel in her bad times when she needed a roof to live under. She got married to Chandler to live her new life in her own house with a garden.

We saw that Monica had Twins in Friends. We will see her again in Reunion with her kids and Chandler.

David Schwimmer

The most unlucky guy Ross Geller. Ross was a classmate of Chandler and now a professor at a university. He got married and divorce thrice and was still hoping to find her lucky girl. At last he finally got her childhood love.

There are chances that we will again see Ross as a divorced man to Rachel. But it is sure that he is going to appear in the Reunion special.

Matthew Perry

He is the sarcastic guy Chandler Bing. He always has something sarcastic under his sleeves just waits for the right moment. Together with Joey as roommates did enough to make us laugh.

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa has played the role of Phoebe Buffay. She is the self-taught musician who had a pretty bad childhood. She lived in the streets after her mother died with her twin sister Ursala. The masseuse finally found her charming prince in Mike.

Together they were all fun. Now they will be back for the reunion of the show.

In short there will not many changes in Friends Cast Then And Now.

HBO Friends Reunion Premiere Date

Everything was going fine when the unscripted special version was premiering on the launch of the show. With this Coronavirus Pandemic everything goes on a halt.

This unscripted version was premiering in the month of May 2020. But now it won’t be available due to COVID-19 and no information is been provided regarding it.

Filming was going on as some scenes are still to be captured but all this came to the change with the virus and the instructions of quarantine. As things are going the show will likely be premiering next year and all this depends upon the pandemic we all are facing.

We will update the premiere date of the show as soon as it will be confirmed or being rumored.



As being a fan I can understand what this delay means. Still there is a thing you can do is to start watching all the seasons of FRIENDS. It will surely help you pass your time with a lot of smiles and laughs on your face. If you have already watched all the season then you can do is watch some of your favorite FRIENDS episodes like me. Let us hope that we can get our reunion with this new Friends show as soon as possible.

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