The 100: Spoilers & Episodes

How to Watch The 100 Season 7

The American sci-fi and drama show The 100 is on the way for its final journey. And being a fan you are looking for How to Watch The 100 Season 7 episodes online. So in this article, we will help you with it. The production of the show began in 2013 and in March 2014 the debut season of the show was telecasted.

The show follows the journey of the hundred survivals of the nuclear apocalypse that are sent back to Earth. As we have noticed the viewers talked highly about the show on various social media platforms.  They are very sure to make this show on the list of top science fiction drama shows.

You can scroll down to read about the upcoming season and all the platforms where you can enjoy the show.


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About The 100

Well the story of the show takes place after the nuclear apocalypse. Just before the apocalypse made sure to extinct all the life on earth thousands of people started living in the space station called ark.

Now after almost 97 years when they found that some people survived the apocalypse they tried to find them out and evaluate either earth is suitable for living again. In addition, juveniles from the ark come down to earth in search of evidence of people as well as a life form. The question is will they be able to survive the new earth and collect the evidence. You can find it all out by watching this amazing sci-fi show.

How to Watch The 100 Season 7

How to Watch the 100 Season 7

Since 2013 the show is running and now has reached to season 7. According to sources this is going to be the final season of The 100. However, the situation might change as the show will include some very interesting twists and turns in season 7. You may watch the show 

  • Live on TV
  • Or on other entertainment apps

The American residents can watch the episodes of the show live on the CW channel. However for the viewers outside America, there are some other platforms to watch The 100 episodes.

Where to Watch the 100 Episodes

Now you know the basic storyline of the show. You might have found it interesting and want to watch it in this quarantine period. Well you can choose any of the online platforms to enjoy the show given below.

  • Hulu + Live TV: You can watch this live on Hulu or can enjoy all the episodes when they are all released. Hulu allows both features to enjoy with live TV or stream whenever you want.
  • Direct TV: This is similar to any television screens where you will get various channels to enjoy live TV under its subscription.
  • The CW: This is the original network of the show. You can use its online platform to enjoy the show. This is much suited for the people who mostly like the shows of CW.

How to Watch The 100 Season 7

The 100 Season 7 on Netflix

We know that most of the above-mentioned platform does not cover your region. So you can’t choose them to enjoy the show. Moreover, buying all the episodes of the show is quite costly. So here we are to solve your problem with the most efficient platform for you to enjoy the show. We are talking about Netflix.

You can also enjoy the show with the subscription of Netflix. As Netflix is one of the leading and best online video platforms to enjoy the shows and movies.

Netflix’s subscription is quite affordable with the options of various other TV shows and movies. If you are buying its subscription for the first time then you can apply for the free trial.


Spoilers of the 100 Season 7

From here on you might be getting some of the story of the show. If you haven’t watched the show then you should skip this part. Otherwise we might spoil the thrill of the 7th season of the show for you.

In the 7th season the team of Clarke and other members is looking to find the mystery behind the new force called Anomaly. Well the Anomaly is a wormhole that might connect the earth to various other dimensions or any other place in the universe.


Conclusion: The rating of the show is above average in various critic websites. It suggests the show is good to watch. To find out what is the mystery behind the force you will need to watch the show. e hope you got the answer to the question “How to Watch the 100 Season 7 online on different platforms.” You know where you can enjoy the show. So what are you waiting for just go and enjoy the 7th season of The 100.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is 7th season is the finals season of the show?

Yes this is the last season of the show revealed by the franchise.

How many episodes are going to be in this season?

The show has revealed the 7th season will be consisting of 16 episodes.

Who plays the role of Clarke Griffin?

Eliza Taylor plays the role of Clarke.

Is The 100 Canceled?

Yes , i’m afraid that season 7 is going to be the last and final season of the finest sci-fi show The 100. There will be no season 8.

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