Will There be Game of Thrones Season 9?

Game of Thrones Season 9

You all might be thinking that Game of Thrones was completed with its 8th season. However, you cannot rule out the possibility of season 9. Viewers from all over the world criticized the ending of the show. Maybe that’s why the franchise wants to add another season to the show.

The show was on its prime when the plot was beyond admiration. The franchise even took an extra year to make the best ending. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out according to their plan. So here we are in that phase when the show wants its reputation back.

Now you are curious to know whether there will be a 9th season or not? So scroll down to find all these answers.

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Game of Thrones Season 9

GOT is one of the most favorites and watched shows in the history of entertainment. The viewers are hoping to watch it again with its season 9. However, makers have announced that season 8 was the final one. But you never know there might me chances of Game of Thrones Prequel. 

Game of Thrones Season 9

Viewers are still expecting season 9 of GOT. And we can’t blame them. The show deserves this. They want to see the GOT season 9 in 2020. But there won’t be a season 9 ever said, makers. 

About Game of Thrones

The mystical journey which leads us to the time when there were kings, witches, dragons, and dark magic. The show was all about the 7 kingdoms to gain the power to sit on the iron throne.

The story starts with Jamie pushing Bran Stark out of the window to hide his nasty secret. That made Bran suffer a long time in coma and paralysis. On the other hand, Nedd Stark was called to the king’s landing to become the hand of the king. Unfortunately, the king died in an accident. However, Nedd found out that Joffrey was not Roberts’s blood so he changed the will and made a decision for the right person to sit on the iron throne. This Nedd’s action does not go well and got him killed. This started a war within the 7 kingdoms.

If you want what really happened the only way is that you watch the show.


Game of Thrones 9 Premiere

This year we got some news that the GOT franchise is looking for making another season. Here starts the journey of entertaining the GOT viewers once and for all.

We didn’t get any details regarding the upcoming season or the cast of the show. People might say it as rumors as it is not confirmed by the franchise.

Game of Thrones Season 9

For the story of the show, it might continue with John’s unexpected journey or they will remake the season 8. If it wasn’t coronavirus then we might have got you confirmed news about the show. If the show was in making, then still the show would have delayed its production due to this virus outbreak.

No premiere dates are confirmed as of now. You can expect this show in 2021 or in 2022. The franchise would take their time to make for their retribution of the previous season of the show.

Game of Thrones Release Date: Cancelled or What

As we think the possibilities of making the 9th season is very rare. It was out in the news that the author and some of the cast were not happy with the ending. They wanted the franchise should take more time to make a better ending. It never happened and we are here discussing that the show is canceled or what.

The chance of a new season is very low but you cannot rule out any possibilities. From our viewpoint, the 9th season is not going to happen.

We will update if any new information will be out about the release date of the show.

How to Watch Game of Thrones Season 9

So now let us move the platforms where you can watch the show. Here you can choose anyone to enjoy the 9th season of the show.

  • HBO: HBO is the official broadcaster of the show. You can ask your cable operator to add HBO on your channel list. You can also use the official HBO website to enjoy the show online.
  • HotStar: Star networks also broadcast the show. You can choose the Hotstar as it is quite budget-friendly.
  • HULU: To enjoy live TV HULU is one of the best online platforms. It also provides some of the most entertaining TV shows and GOT is one of them.
  • Amazon Prime: Prime subscription won’t allow you to enjoy the show as Got is not part of prime videos. However, you can buy the episodes of GOT to enjoy.

So, guys, this was all about Game of Thrones Season 9 and its release. In case you have any query you may ask us.

Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Seasons Does Game of Thrones Have?

Game of thrones has 8 seasons. first season was launched in 2011 and 8th season as the final season. It was launched in 2019.

Is Game of Thrones Available on Netflix?

No unfortunately not. You can’t have GOT on Netflix. But worry not. Netflix has made GOT’s DVDs and one can rent them and watch them.

Is GOT has been cancelled?

Well it is reportedly said that the show has been cancelled for another season. But there are chances for its prequel to be seen on television. When? We can’t tell it now. But there are chances of GOT prequel.

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