Who is the Winner of Masked Singer Season 9

The Masked Singer Winner

Hi Pals! if you are a fab fan of suspense singing then The masked singer is for you. If you watch the show then you must be here to check The Masked Singer Winner 2023. The Series had completed 8 seasons and the finale of the 9th season is on 17th May 2023. No doubt you are here to check the result of the finale. In this article, we will discuss previous season’s as well as the season 9 winner.

One of the most fascinating singing reality shows of the world is  The Masked Singer.  It is a bit different from other singing reality shows. As you can guess from the title of the show, the contestants have to perform by wearing a mask to cover their identity. The sole idea of the show is that the viewers have to guess the singers by just the implication of their voices.

The only way the identity of the contestant is revealed when the contestant is eliminated or after crowning the winner of the show.

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The Masked Winner 2023

Season 9 started on 15th Feb 2023 And now it is about to conclude. The show started with 21 disguised contestants. One by one every week they get evicted from the show. On 17th May 2023, only Top 3 contestants will be left. And with the end of the episode, we will have the winner 2023.

No. Of Seasons8
Season 9 Started15th Feb 2023
Finale17th May 2023
Presented ByNick Cannon
Season 8 WinnerAmber Riley as Harp
Season 9 winnerTBD

The Masked Singer All Seasons Winner

The last season as you can say the second season of the show witnessed some good performances. However, from all these good performers only one has achieved the title of the winner of the show.

Season 1 Winner

In the previous edition of the show we got a total of 16 contestants whom identity we as the viewers were guessing. The first elimination of the season was Johnny Weir whose stage name was ‘EGG’.

The Masked Singer Winner

Season 2 winner

As the show progressed eliminations mostly happened in every episode and finally we got our three finalists. Flamingo, Fox and Rottweiler were competing in the final stage for the crown of the winner. So At last, Fox was announced as the winner of the show and revealed its identity. And we got the actor/comedian Wayne Brandy to lift the title of the winner.

The Masked Singer Winner

Season 3 Winner

Season 3 was the most popular and loved season among all of them. The winner was determined based on the Masked singer voting. The one with the highest votes was crowned as the title and was unveiled at the end of the show.

In the finale, only 4 contestants were left in the show. Out of them, one is our season 3 winner. One by one they were unveiled. So Here is the list of the Top 3 contestants.

  1. Night angel
  2. Frog 
  3. Turtle

And among these 3 Night Angel won the season.

Winner Season 4

This season featured 16 contestants. Among these 16, Crocodile, Sun, and Mushroom were top 3 contestants. And Sun was declared as the winner of the season.

Winner Season 5

The season started with a twist this time. The contestants were divided into 2 groups. They performed in groups and at the end one was the winner of the season. On the basis of the public voting, Piglet was declared as the winner of the season.

Winner Season 6

Season 6 has also the concept of groups. But this time a new concept was introduced. The winner of each group had to faceoff against one another. and the one with the highest votes was declared as the winner. Queen of Hearts was the winner.

Winner Season 7

In this season 15 contestants participated and were divided into 3 teams. This time there was no wild card entry. In the end, there was a face-off, in which Firefly was declared the winner of the season.

Winner Season 8

In Season 8 the top 3 Contestants were Snowstorm, Harp, and Lambs. Among these 3 Harp emerged as the winner.

The Masked Singer Season 9 Winner Name

At present, the show is running. But soon we will have the 9th winner of the series. Throughout the series viewers and judges try to guess the face behind the mask. And now the final winner’s face will be revealed. At present, there are Top 4 contestants in the show. These are:

  • California Roll
  • Macaw
  • Medusa
  • UFO

Among these 4 one will be declared as the winner of the show.

What Does the Winner of the masked singer Win?

The show does not say anything about the cash prizes that the winner received after the end of the show. Yes, this show does not provide any other special gifts for the winner as other shows provide to the winners. But the winner is awarded the golden trophy. I think that the only motto of this show is to entertain its viewers.

As we know that the contestants in the show are highly reputed and celebrities having a lot in their bank accounts. So receiving any special hamper or not as the winning prize will be making any difference. Moreover, their only motive in the show is to entertain people or to be the winner.

For this season too you can guess that again no prizes will be distributed for the winner or any other contestants in the show.

Conclusion: If you want to know more about the masked singer winner of the 2020 season you may watch the episode online. So, pals, this was all about season 3. In between COVID-19, we have finally enjoyed masked singers while remaining at home. Now, wait for the next season. Till then stay home stay safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When is the Finale of The Masked Singer 9?

On 17th May 2023, you will have the unveiled winner and his/her details.

How Many Finalists will be there?

There will be Top 3 contestants who will be included as Top 3 Contestants.

Is there any Prize Money?

No there is no prize money or any reward for the winner or finalists. The motive of the show is entertainment.

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