Nailed It Netlfix Season 5 Cast

Nailed It Cast

Your favorite fun baking show is back with another season. Season 5 has been started on 26th March 2021. As we know the show deals with the good among the bad bakers. So it is important to have such a cast. In this article, you can check the complete Nailed It Cast from hosts, judges, contestants list. 

Netflix Nailed it auditions for season 5 was done in previous seasons. Contestants have already been selected. The selection process included a long process. After clearing the process these contestants are now performing to have $10000 and trophy of the season.

Apart from regular seasons Nailed it also has Holiday versions. So let’s get started.

Nailed It Cast 2021

The show Nailed It castes mainly 2 people as host and judge. So, this time in Season 4 the show starred Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres as host and Judge.

Nicole Byer

Nicole is a comedian and started her career as a commentator in the series Girl Code. and now since 4 seasons, Nicole is Host and judge of Netlic Nailed It. She is also famous for her writing, hosting, and acting. As Nailed it is an comic baking show, who can be a better host than “Nicole Byer”

Nailed It Cast

Jacques Torres

We have a Comedian Host but as this is a baking show, it demands a chef too. Jacques took the responsibility and is a judge & co-host of Nailed it Along with Nicole. He mastered in Pastry Chef. So who could be a better judge of this baking show than “Jacques Torres”.

It also includes Charity George as a food Stylist.

Nailed It Season 5 Contestants

The Cast of the show also includes its contestants. What is a show without its cast? In this show, we will see new contestants in every episode. 3 contestants participate in the challenge and one will be rewarded as the winner.

The show gets bakers from different places to compete in the show for making complicated bakery or confectionery items. Not just bake or create but to recreate the confectionary or bakery items.

Nailed it Season 4 Contestants will be updated here soon.

Nailed It Season 4 Guest Judges

In each episode, there will be a guest judge who will also participate in judging. This guest judge can be a chef, baker, or comedian. So that they can complement our hosts. In Season 3 Guest Judges were

  • Andrea Savage
  • Ron Funches
  • Lil Rel Howery
  • Bobby Lee
  • Brian Posehn
  • A$AP Ferg

Season 6 Guest Judges will be updated here soon.

Nailed It Cast

Nailed It 2021 Premiere Date

The show Nailed It has already premiered 4 seasons and 2 holiday seasons till November 2020. Season 4 was premiered on 1st April 2020.

Now it is in the news that the show will premiere its Season 5 in 2021. Season 5 released on 26th March 2021. Now there will be auditions for Season 6. Soon you can check here Season 6 exact premiere date.

How To Watch Nailed it Episodes

If you are a fan of baking and humor then this is your show. And if you are reading this then you must want to know about how to watch the episodes of Nailed It. Nailed it is an Netflix orignal series. So in order to watch it you must have Netflix Application installed on your device or you can follow these steps.

  • Download Netflix app or log on to the official Netflix website.
  • You have to register yourself by signing up and choosing a netlfix plan.
  • After making a payment now you can log in to Netflix.
  • Search for Nailed It Season 4.
  • Now have fun watching all the episodes of the latest season.

As the premiere date of Season 5 was on 26th March 2021, then al the episodes will get a release on this day. On an average, a season of this show has 6 episodes.

Nailed It Holiday

The holiday is another season of Nailed it named after Nailed It Holiday. It will go similar as other seasons. The only difference is that it occurs during the Holiday season i.e. festive season during November. Till now 2 holiday seasons have been released. Nailed It Holiday 3 will be released in November 2020.

In between both the seasons of the year Nailed it telecasts its memes. These members are really funny and are quite entertaining.

The Holiday version also includes hosts, judges, and guest judges.

The winner then gets the prize money worth $10,000.

So this was all about Nailed It Cast, Contestants, Judges and epsiodes of 5th season 2021.

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