How to Apply for Pressure Cooker Casting: New Season

Netflix's Pressure Cooker Casting

Hello to beautiful people. Have you ever wondered if chefs are locked inside a house? What will they cook? Food or shrewdness or both. Well, Netflix has its answer. Presenting to you Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Casting. It is a reality show, which is a combination of cooking + strategic mind games ( like in Big Brother).

In the show, to lead a path to victory, chefs as contestants used to backstab people. Season 1 was originally released on January 6, 2023, and is quite a hit. The ultimate chef winner gets prize money of $100,000.

So, you could be the one winning such a huge prize money. The casting team is looking for new faces for their show’s season 2. So, all those people who have culinary skills must apply for the show. Therefore, grab this opportunity by applying the application form available online.

The show features 11 top chef contestants who play a mindful cooking game. They vote out each other to become the ultimate winner.  In the first season, the show included chefs such as Robbie Jester and Renee Blackman. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the casting process, how to apply, cast, audition process, and release date.

Therefore, Read further. You cannot afford to miss any latest updates.

Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Casting Season 2

Are you looking for a chance to show your culinary talent and play mindful games? With Netflix’s upcoming show, here is a great opportunity for you. Here, we have come up with a casting process for the Pressure cooker.

Netflix's Pressure Cooker Casting

All you need to read and follow the given instructions carefully.

  • First, do visit the show’s official website.
  • Secondly, you need to search for the Pressure Cooker season 2 application form.
  • Make sure to carefully read and agree to the given Terms & Conditions of the show and fill in the required details.
  • After this, if your application is shortlisted you will get a casting call.

That is all about the casting process, if you have any doubts or queries please leave a comment below. We are happy to help.

How to Fill application for Season 2

Before applying one must fulfill the eligibility criteria set by the show makers. Otherwise, your form gets rejected.

  • Applicants’ age should be above 18 years.
  • One must have culinary skills and be a Chef.


  • Applicant must be a legal citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Also, those who are applying should not have any criminal record.
  • Also, the show’s staff members and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for the show.


Important note – Do not fill in any unnecessary information and any commercially sensitive information, in the application form.


Now, let’s discuss how to fill out an application form and all related details in a step-by-step manner.

  1. Firstly, visit the show’s official website.
  2. Secondly, search the Pressure Cooker online application form.
  3. Now, enter your information such as Your full name, Mobile number, Email Address, Date of Birth, Home Address, and professional experience as a chef.
  4. Also, if you have any restaurant, fill in details such as Address.
  5. Now, in the next step, give a brief idea about your culinary or cooking skills.
  6. Thereafter in the next part of the application, you have to answer some questions. So, truthfully answer all of them.
  7. After this upload your photograph, and signature in the required fields.
  8. At last, read and confirm the terms & conditions and eligibility requirements of the show and submit the application form.

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Netflix’s Pressure Cooker Auditions UK

We know you are quite interested in the show and want to grab this huge opportunity. So, here are all the important details to get into the auditions. So, read them carefully and get into the show.


  • Online Application Phase

First of all, you have to fill out an online application form carefully and submit it before the last date. If your application is shortlisted only then you can go for the next round.

  • Audition Phase

After your online application is selected the casting team members will call you for the auditions. Where they will shortlist you based on your cooking+ and personal skills.

We will update the audition dates here. Right now the show’s officials have not announced any details regarding auditions.

Season 2 Cast

This show is different from other shows. As in this show contestants judge each other dishes and thereafter vote them out. Viewers get to see their friendships, clashes, fights, and shrewdness.

There are a total of 8 contestants in the show. The season 2 contestant list is not yet announced by officials.


Talking about season 1, Robbie Jester, Christan Willis, Liv Ben, Ed Porter, LanaLagomarsini, Jeana Pecha, Renee Blackman, Brian Nadeau, Carolina Gutierrez, Sergei Simonov, and Mike are the contestant. And Robbie Jester emerged as the winner of season 1.

There is an elimination process every week. Contestants who will have the lesser votes are eliminated from the show. The last one standing will win the season 2.

Release Date

Mark your calendar with a date in early 2024 for season 2. But, the current official release date is not announced. So, we will update the information here on the website. Stay tuned with us.\

Release Date

Till then you can watch the show’s season 1 on Netflix the official network. And let us know in the comment section what you feel about the show.

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In conclusion, It is a reality show that will emotionally and psychologically challenge a person. But, at the same time for viewers, it is entertaining to watch their favorite chefs playing such a game.

It has got 6.5/10 IMBD ratings and 67% on Rotten Tomatoes. You can watch the show in your leisure time with your family or friends.

Now, we assume that Netflix’s Pressure Cooker casting process is clear to you. So, apply for the show now and grab this beautiful chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can watch Pressure Cooker 2 online?

You can watch the show on the Netflix streaming platform.

What is the release date of the show?

The officials will reveal the release date soon.

Who is the winner of Season 1?

Robbie Jester who is a chef and restaurant owner won the show.

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