How to be a Part of Netflix Ozark Casting: Apply

Ozark Casting

Money Is Not Peace Of Mind, Money Is Not Happiness, Money Is, At Its Essence, That Measure Of A Man’s Choices. Well, if you are a fan, this line reminds you of the series. Hello There! We are talking about your favorite series Ozark. This profound series is now auditioning. Ozark casting will be done for the cast, background cast, some new actors, models, etc. Let’s get started with the casting details.

Before proceeding further, let’s have a look at the series synopsis. Ozark is a Crime drama series telecasted on Netflix. The series is created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. The basic theme of the show is the money laundry in the lake of Ozarks. The story started with a married couple who shifted to Ozark in order to launder more money and become bigger launderers. 

Till now 4 seasons have been released. All these seasons revolve around how this married couple launder money for drug dealer. When they failed to launder money for Drug Cartel then they decided to offer him even bigger money laundering in central Missouri’s Ozark. That’s when the crime started. 

Season 121st July 2017
Season 231st August 2018
Season 327th March 2020
Season 4 (Part 1)21 January 2022
Season 4 (Part 2)29th April 2022

Ozark Casting 2023

The series has gained critical acclaim for its storytelling, direction, and performances, with the cast receiving particular praise. And I know if you are a fan you are looking for the casting of such a popular series’ upcoming season. The casting for this series involves a meticulous process, that involved finding the perfect actors to bring the characters to life. The show’s creators want actors who can convey the complex emotions and motivations of their characters. Also to maintain the show’s dark and gritty tone. Well, the casting revolves around various steps like :

Ozark Casting

  • You have to be eligible first.
  • Then you have to apply online
  • Then go for the casting call if any.

This is how you can be part of the show. As of now, there is no exact detail for Season 5. But if there will be any season then follow the steps and be a part of the show.

How To be on the Cast of Ozark Season 5 Casting?

As you know Ozark is a Dark series that requires a lot of Talent, heat, passion, and performance. But the most important part is to follow these steps to be on the show.

  • On the official Website register yourself.
  • Fill out the form.
  • One field in the form will ask you to upload your audition video.
  • If you get selected on the base of your audition video, you will get a casting call.
  • Then you have to go to the audition venue.
  • You will be given a script.
  • If makers get impressed then you might be on the show.

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Apart from this, you must also follow these steps.

  • You have to get professional training.
  • Also, create a professional reel and resume.
  • Get in contact with a casting agent.
  • Keep monitoring your casting calls.

Ozark Casting

Cast of Ozark

The main cast of Ozark, a popular Netflix crime drama series, includes:

Marty ByrdeJason Bateman
Wendy ByrdeLaura Linney
Charlotte ByrdeSofia Hublitz
Jonah ByrdeSkylar Gaertner
Ruth LangmoreJulia Garner
Darlene SnellLisa Emery
Wyatt LangmoreCharlie Tahan
Three LangmoreCarson Holmes
Maya MillerJessica Frances Dukes
Omar NavarroFelix Solis
Helen PierceJanet McTeer
Ben DavisTom Pelphrey

How To Apply for Ozark Auditions?

Apart from the Netflix show auditions, there is another way to be a part of the show. You can also apply for the auditions of Theatre Ozark. It has been already announced that the auditions are open for theater Ozark. So here are the requisites for the auditions.

  • For this audition, you need to prepare a monologue as well a short song.
  • This is necessary to check out your vocal range and clarity.
  • This should be done within 2 min.
  • You can prepare for the Ozark auditions from the season itself. 

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How to Watch Ozark Season 5

There are various convenient ways to watch the Ozark online. But the main platform to watch the series is its original platform i.e. Netflix. So Let’s check it out how to watch it on netflix.

  • First and foremost you must have Netflix installed on your system.
  • Signup by choosing the desired plan or else log in.
  • As Netflix is the original platform of the series you can easily find the Ozark through the search box.
  • Apart from the Netflix, you can also watch the show on amazon tv or iTunes.


It’s important to note that availability and release dates may vary by region and platform. So be sure to check your local listings or streaming service for more information.


In conclusion, the Ozark Casting is a crucial component of the show’s success. The talented cast of actors bought the characters to life in a way that resonated with audiences. It may help in making the series a hit. With its compelling storytelling and exceptional performances, Ozark is a testament to the power of great casting.


How Do I Apply for the Ozark Auditions?

The best way to audition for Ozark is to have an agent who can submit you for auditions. You can also keep an eye out for open casting calls posted on websites or social media.

What Do I Need For the Ozark Auditions?

You will need a headshot and resume showcasing your experience and training as an actor. Additionally, you may need to prepare a monologue or scene to perform at the audition.

Where are the open-call auditions done for Ozark?

Auditions are typically held in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York City, or Atlanta. However, virtual auditions have become more common due to the COVID allowing actors to audition from anywhere with an internet connection. That leads to online casting.

What kind of roles are available in Ozark?

There are various types of roles available in Ozark, including lead roles, supporting roles, and guest roles. The casting directors are looking for actors to portray these characters.

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