How to Participate in Razzies Awards Vote 2024: New Nominations

Razzies Awards Vote

Greetings! Welcome to the world’s most popular 44th Golden Raspberry Awards which is often call as “Razzies“. We are here with Razzies Awards Vote details, categories, and winners. 

Golden Raspberry Foundation presents the awardIt Honors the worst picture, director, and screenplay in the film industry. It first starts on March 31, 1981. Indeed you possess the power to choose who receives the trophy.

So, put yourself in the decider seat and poll. To join it one needs to obtain a Razzie membership. As only members can vote for the nominees. Last year, the film Blonde wins the worst picture and receives the most nominations in the event.

The event takes place in Los Angeles, California. Moreover one can watch it live on the official Razzies YouTube Channel.

Don’t bitch – just vote – Golden Raspberry Foundation

John J.B. Wilson and Mo Murphy founded it. It happens one day before the Academy Awards.

The winner receives a statuette containing a gold-sized raspberry on top of the trophy. Its estimated value is $4.97.

Razzies Awards Vote

It tells the filmmakers, actors, and top performers to own their bad. However, to decide who is the winner. You can obtain the membership and thereafter make final nomination lists and decide the ultimate winner.

So, acquire membership so that you vote for the nominees and choose who performs worst.

Razzies Awards Vote 2024

As for now, there are 43 ceremonies of this award show aired. And it’s time for the 44th event. And we know that fans and followers are all excited to vote for the nominees. Your opinion matters. Next, it is not important to watch films before polling. To decide who is the winner, one can obtain the membership.

So, there are some rules and processes you need to follow to participate in the voting process. If you don’t know how it works. Then you don’t have to worry we will discuss the process later in this article. Therefore all you need to stick to the article and read it thoroughly. 

Also, members of the Golden Raspberry Organization need to pay for membership.

Thereafter members together vote to make final nomination lists. After that nomination list with 5 people in each category is announced. Then, again polling is conducted to decide the ultimate winner.

So, acquire membership so that you vote for the nominees and choose who performs worst.

Razzies Awards Vote


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How to vote on Razzies Awards

Several people receive nominations for their bad work and bad role in the film.

  1. First of all, visit the Razzie award Official website i.e.
  2. Secondly, you need to acquire a membership.
  3. Now, search for the nominations list 2024 and ballot in various categories.
  4. Next, enter your details and click on vote.

Razzies Awards Vote

Currently, the nominations are not released. It is revealed by officials only. Thereafter we will update the information here.

Now you understand the whole process. So, you can easily use the method and let the people know about their bad performance in the film.

Razzies Worst Awards Categories 2024

Since the 1980’s the event is running till the present time. The various worst categories are as follows.

  • Worst picture
  • Actress
  • Supporting Actor
  • Screen Combo
  • Supporting actress
  • Screenplay
  • Worst Actor
  • Director
  • Razzie Redeemer.

Also, there are special categories that introduce for specific years. Furthermore, it includes special prizes on occasions like the 25th anniversary and so on.


  • The worst career achievement award is one of the categories.
  • Barry L. Bumstead prize
  • Governor’s prize.

Worst Awards Winners 2024

The winner acquires the trophy and realizes they encounter cinematic failure. This helps to improve and do better work in films. Some people take this event seriously. Moreover, there are some controversies in the event.

Here is the winner list which we will reveal on the program’s official night.


Worst CategoriesWinner
Razzie RedeemerTBA
Supporting ActressTBA
Supporting ActorTBA
Screen ComboTBA


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In conclusion, If you want to know how people feel about movies Razzies Awards Vote plays an important role.

Every year Golden Raspberry comes before The Oscars and the Academy. They attempt a sober counterbalance to tell – bad performance.

It is a reminder to the filmmakers that they need to do better. Moreover, take their work seriously.  However, some people don’t take it seriously and even avoid coming to show and take the trophy.

Overall, this is a fun and entertaining show and sometimes controversial too. Now, you know the process to choose the winners so make your choice accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who receives the worst actor Razzie Award in 2024?

The final winner list is revealed here soon.

Who is currently holding the Worst Actor 2022?

Jared Leto is holding the worst actor trophy in 2022.

Which movie won the first worst film trophy?

In the 1980’s Can’t Stop the Music won the trophy.

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