How To Participate in Survivor Voting

Survivor Voting

When you talk about surviving in the Mother Nature’s lap then there are only a few shows that come to mind. CBS’sSurvivor is one of them. It is one of the longest running TV show franchises in the world. In this article you will find details about Survivor Voting, eliminations and winner.

Now the franchise has confirmed about the renewal of the show for its 40th edition. The show is going to premiere on the 12th of February 2020 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the show. That’s quite a time for the premiere of the show.

The show is all about contestants surviving on the remote part of the world on their surviving skills having supplies for limited days.

Moreover, this upcoming edition of the show is bringing back the format of “Edge of extinction” from the 38th season of the show. It is bringing back the opportunity to the contestants having in the sidelines of the show even after elimination. These eliminated contestants will have a chance to pounce back to show.  

Survivor Voting

You can also participate in the show through voting. If you want to vote for your favourite survivor scroll down to know more about it.

Survivor Voting Methods 2020

To cast your vote in the show you must have your CBS account, if you don’t have your CBS account you can’t cast your vote in the show. If you are a new subscriber to CBS then you can get a free week trial which you can cancel out any time but after a week you have to pay a monthly charge to continue with CBS offerings. However, only US citizens can cast their vote in the show.

You can follow these simple steps to cast your vote in the show-

  1. Go to the official CBS website or you can open your CBS app in your android or iOS.
  2. Then lookout for the show.
  3. Now, a voting tool will appear on your screen click on it.
  4. Then a list of contestants will appear and you have to select the contestant to whom you are casting your vote.

That’s it, you have your vote casted in the show. This is all about Survivor Voting method.

NOTE- Your vote will only count if you have casted in the specific time given by the authority of the show.

Survivor Eliminations

The theme of the show is to divide the contestants into tribes. Then these tribes have to compete with each other in quest to win various luxuries like food, immunity. These immunity help the team from sliding away during eliminations. 

Elimination took place after particular time when the losing tribe have to attend the ‘Tribal council’. In this council, a tribe have to eliminate one of their contestants through voting. Only tribe members can participate in this eliminations and tribe member with most votes is eliminated from the show.

Let’s have a look at season 39 eliminations. On the basis of Survivor Voting Out of all contestants 11 have been voted out. Following is the list of eliminated contestants from very first to very latest.

  • Ronnie
  • Molly
  • Vince
  • Chelsea
  • Tom
  • Jason
  • Jack
  • Kellee
  • Jamal
  • Aaron
  • Missy

Survivor Voting

But this time around, the eliminated contestants will be hanging in those remote islands as they are going to get a chance to re-enter in the show.

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Survivor Season 39 Winner

In this season of the show, the franchise is bringing back the previous winners of this reality competition. So we are going to see champions’ v/s champions. However, only one will be the winner of the show.

On 18th December 2019 season 39 is going to end. We will have 39th survivor, who will win the US$1,000,000.

To know about the ultimate champion of the 40th edition of the show you have to wait for a bit. Currently, the show is in its casting phase.

NOTE- We’ll update the name of the winner as soon as it will be announced.

Let us check some of the previous winners and contestants of the show.





Edge of extinction

Chris Underwood

Gavin Whitson

Julie Rosenberg

Game changer

Sarah Lancia

Troy Robertson

Brad Culpepper

David vs Goliath

Nick Wilson

Mike White

Angelina Keeley

Ghost Island

Wendell Holland

Domenick Abbate

Laurel Johnson

World apart

Mike Holloway

Carolyn Rivera

Will Sims II

Comment below, according to you who is going to win the Survivor : Island of the Idols i.e. season 39. 

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