How to Apply For Australian Survivor’s Season 11

Australian Survivor Casting

Australian Survivors is an Australian adventure-based reality show. Moreover, this show is taken from the international Survivor format. Basically, this show is a reality game show. The debut season of the show aired on 15 May 2002. Now, the show has successfully completed 10 seasons. And, those 10 seasons contain a total of 222 episodes and 2 specials. However, the original network of the show has been replaced thrice.

Season 1 aired on Network nine. Then, Season 2 aired on Network Seven. From Season 3 onwards, Network 10 became the official original network of the show. In this show, a group of contestants is referred to as castaways. This is because the contestants are left in an unknown isolated location. Moreover, they are provided with food, water, and other utility to survive. In that place, contestants have to perform specific tasks to compete against each other. And, the winner is awarded the title of “sole survivor” and gets prize money of A$500,000.In this article, we’re going to cover Australian Survivor Casting 2021.

Australian Survivor Casting 2023

Are you a dare devil and know how to survive? Then season 11 is for you. It is expected to air next year on Network 10. Till now, Australian Survivor Season 11 Casting application forms are not out. Official casting is closed till further notification. However, forms are going to be out soon online. The way to fill the form and Eligibility criteria is mentioned below. All the information is going to be shared with all applicants through email. Go through the eligibility criteria. If you are fulfilling the criteria then you can apply for the series.

Australian Survivor Casting

Eligibility Criteria For Upcoming season

Here is the eligibility Criteria to be part of the show:

  • The contestant applying for the show must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The applicant has to be either an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia.
  • Also, The applicant has to apply in his/her personal capacity.
  • He/she should not be a part of or associated with a press or media organizations.
  • The application has to accept a consent form.

Australian Survivor Casting

Australian Survivor Online Application Form 2023

The application form for Australian Survivor season 8 has not come out yet. But, it is expected to be out soon. Each year a similar pattern is followed to fill out the application form. However, there are some minor changes each time. The application form always comes out on the casting website.

  • Here is how to apply for Survivors 2023:
  • From the above link select the show, Australian Survivors.
  • That click will direct you to the official application form.
  • In that form, you have to write your full name, email, and password.
  • And, after agreeing to all conditions, press on the register button.
  • After clicking on the Register button, your application is registered

Note: application form for the 2023 show is going to come out soon.


In conclusion, Australian Survivor Casting 2023 has not started yet. However, it is expected to start soon on official casting website. All you need to do is to fill the form, upload the video and submit the complete application. We will update you as soon as the casting date is finalized by the officials.



How can I apply for the Australian Survivor Season 11?

You have to apply online by filling online application form on the official website.

What is the minimum age required to fill the Application?

The minimum to apply for the show is 18 years of age.

What is the original network of the Australian Survivor?

Network 10 is the original network of the show.

Can a person take part outside of Australia?

No, a person cannot take part from outside of Australia. The candidate has to be an Australian citizen. However, the candidate can apply if he/ she are the permanent resident of Australia.

What is the winning prize of Australian Survivor?

The winner gets the title of “sole survivor” and the prize money of A$500,000.

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