How To apply For The Weakest Link Season 4 Online and Open Casting Call

Weakest link Casting

Have you heard of Weakest Link Game show? If Yes, here’s Great News for you. Weakest Link Casting is now open and is ready to cast contestants for its upcoming season. NBC is the original network. The show first debuted in 2001Fintan Coyle and Cathy Dunning are the creators of the show. In July 2020, NBC revived this game show, and its latest season 3 premiered on April 11, 2023. Now the series is up for the next season which will be aired somewhere in next summers. But the casting process will be open for the upcoming season.

The show features eight contestants who are all strangers. They work together to bank the maximum amount of prize money available in each round. Also, they take turns answering questions to build chains of correct answers in the round. At the end of each round, they vote to eliminate the fellow contestants they consider to be the “Weakest Link”

Weakest link Casting

Weakest Link Casting 2024

Currently, the show’s season 3 is airing on NBC Network. Surely people love this game show. Aspirants are interested to know the casting for this sitcom. And here is interesting news for the aspirants. The show’s casting team is looking for new contestants already. The casting is open for eligible candidates. So, if you are looking for the casting process here are the details.

There are different ways to apply for the show.

  • Online Application 

Applicants can apply for the show with an Online Application form. The application form is available on the NBC official website. Then, you need to fill out your details correctly and submit the application before the last date.

  • Open Casting Call

One can also become part of the show with an Open Casting call. All you need to know is the details about the Audition time and venue. Then, you need to go for auditions and give your best performance.

Season 4 Auditions

  • Hire a Talent Agency

Aspirants can also hire a talent agency that can arrange the auditions for him/her. The agency will do all the work for you and arrange an audition. At last, you need to go for auditions.

So, what are you waiting for? Apply for the auditions now.

Weakest Link Eligibility Criteria

To be on the show, all you need is to fulfill the eligibility requirements. Thereafter fill out the weakest link application form. Here are the steps to apply for the show.

  • Firstly, You must be at least 18 years of age as of 2023.
  • Secondly, The Contestant should have legal US citizenship.
  • Thirdly, As per the format of the show, the mental ability of the contestants should be strong.
  • Also, you must not be a member of the telecast committee of the show.

How To Fill Weakest Link Application Form

Dear readers if you have met the eligibility criteria. That means now you are eligible to fill out the weakest link application form. Here are the details for the application process. First of all, visit NBC’s official website and look for the application for Weakest Link casting Season 4. And follow the steps.

Create an account -The applicant needs to fill out the basic details such as name, mobile number, email   ID, and set a password.

 Contact InformationHere, the applicant has to enter his/her Date of birth, age, and communication address correctly.

Weakest link Casting

Personal details – In this, the casting team wants to know about your education qualification, Occupation, and Marital status. And how many languages you have known so far?

Background Details – Here you need to make sure that applicant should not have any criminal charges or any criminal history against him/her.

Your StoryNow, to get selected you should give your proper introduction, your likes/dislikes, and the skills that you have. 

Also, you need to tell them why you want to be part of the show.


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Photos, videos, signatures, and Agreements.

  • Make sure applicant upload their recent photos.
  • Applicant must upload an audition video in the proper format.
  • At last, an applicant has to agree with the Terms and conditions of the show. And thereafter upload the signatures.

Weakest Link Season 4 Release Date

NBC’s popular Weakest Link latest season 3 premiered on April 11, 2023. And the casting team and producers are ready for season 4. The officials haven’t made a statement on the release date for the show.

Season 4 Release Date

Therefore, we are not able to provide you with any update on this. But we also make sure to provide information here on the website as soon as officials decided on the release date for season 4.

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In final words, we can say that the show is a classic game show on television since 2001. Also, one of the most popular and award-winning shows. After its season 3 premiered on NBC the show’s popularity is increasing. This is must watch a family show.

Also, as the casting process is clear to you. Now, you can be part of this amazing game show. So, without wasting any more time. Apply for this show now! We make sure to update any show-related information here. So, stay tuned with us. And if you have any query-related questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

At last, we wish you the best of luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Weakest Link Game Show Prize money?

The top prize money starts at $25,000 in round 1 and with every round, it increases by $25,000.
The top Prize in round 5 and round 6 is set at $250,000 and $500,000 respectively

How does a contestant bank money on the weakest link?

A group of contestants answers questions. For each correct answer, they can bank $250 and make a chain. For every wrong answer, the chain is broken.

What is the release date of season 4?

The release date for season 4 is not decided yet. So, we are not able to announce the premiere date for now.

What is the original network of the show?

NBC is the original network of the show.

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