How to audition for Blue Bloods Casting call 2023: Apply Now Online

Blue Bloods Casting

Howdy! Since you are on this page you must be an avid fan or you might be looking for a chance to get cast on the show. So, the exciting news is Blue Bloods Casting team is searching for new talent for its new episodes. CBS is the original network of the show. Now the show is casting for season 14. 

Finally here is your chance to appear in this program. Moreover, we have all the details on casting, the audition process, and the release date. It is an American Police + Crime drama TV program with 13 successful seasons.

The very first season was aired in 2010 on CBS. Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess are the creators. It stars the famous Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes, and Len Cariou as the main members. Still, there is a lot to more about the series.

Therefore let’s check out all the details.

It follows The Reagan family with a multi-generations history working in law enforcement culture.

Blue Bloods Casting

Frank Reagan is the New York Police Commissioner. Frank’s son and daughter are “Danny” who is a Detective, and Jamie is Sergeant. Erin Frank’s daughter is an Assistant District attorney. Each member of the Reagan family depicts different sides of police work.

The show-makers are looking for new background talent and new actors/actresses. So, read the article to know the details of Blue Bloods Casting. 

ShowBlue Bloods
GenreCrime Drama TV Series
ComposerMark snow
No. of episodes275
Original NetworkCBS
Upcoming Season14
Release DateTBD
Average Viewership11 millions
Time Slot10:00 PM Every Friday
ProducersFred Keller
David Barrett
LocationNew York City
Running time40-45 min

So, the audition portals are going to open soon. Hence, one must apply online and fill out the application form.

Blue Bloods Casting 2023

Actors and performers, are you ready to start your acting career with the best show? However, to appear in the popular series requires confidence, patience, as well as good acting skills.

Here, we are sharing the standard procedure for the Blue Bloods Casting call 2023.

  • Firstly, go and visit the Blue Blood official casting website.
  • Secondly, read the eligibility requirements of the role you want to apply.
  • Now, if you fulfill eligibility, fill out the application form online.

Blue Bloods Casting

  • After submitting the form. Prepare for auditions and familiarize yourself with the characters.
  • Your application is reviewed by members. If selected you will receive a casting call regarding further updates.
  • Now, give your best performance and wait for the Call back.

However, there is another way to apply. You can hire a Talent agent. An Agent helps you find auditions and submit your forms for roles. 

How to apply for the Blue Bloods Auditions Season 14

Before submitting the formof blue blood auditions, one must keep in mind the eligibility requirement for the role. If one satisfies the requirements. After that, they can apply for the role. 

Here is the audition process in detail for blue blood season 14. 

  •  Firstly, visit the official website.
  • After that, search the Application form to complete the registration.
  • Thereafter Read and agree on the eligibility, Terms & Conditions set by the officials.
  • Now enter your details – Name, Gender, Age, Email Id, Address, and postal code. Contact Number, and role you are applying for. 

Blue Bloods Casting

  • Even emphasize your acting career (If any).
  • Furthermore, upload your photo and signature, and a short video clip.
  • Finally, submit the form.

Note – There should be no criminal record in the name of the applicant in the last 10 years. According to format upload a video clip of less than 3 minutes and a file size of 250 MB.


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Blue Bloods Cast & Character Guide Season 14

It has 13 successful seasons with 275 episodes. Throughout the episodes, Blue bloods cast has a slight change. But some of them have stuck to the series since 2010.

So, it is expected the same characters are appearing in new episodes as well.

Therefore, let’s know in detail about the Blue Blood Cast & characters for season 14.

Tom Selleck portrayed as “Francis Xavier Reagan”

Commissioner Francis is the patriarch of the Reagan Family. He is the younger son of Henry and Betty Reagan. After serving U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

He became the third generation of Reagans to become a Police officer.

Donnie Wahlberg portrayed “Detective Danny Reagan”

He is the eldest son of Frank and is the main character of the series. Danny is old-school and takes his work seriously. His methods of work sometimes take him into trouble.

He is a detective with NYPD and carries Kahr K9 in 9*19 mm as a duty weapon.

Blue Bloods Casting

Bridget Moynahan portrayed as “ADA Erin Reagan”

She is the main member of the family. Also, she is Frank’s only daughter and sister of Danny,

Joe, and Jamie. Erin is a New York Country Assistant District Attorney and single mother. Also, she is licensed to carry a firearm and carries Glock 19 in 9*19mm with her. 

Will Estes as “Officer Jamie Reagan”

Jamie Reagan in blue blood is one of the lovable characters. He is the youngest child of Frank. In the series, he is introduced as a young police officer.

He is having a good heart and is known as the “Golden Boy” of the family.

Len Cariou as “Commissioner Henry Reagan”

He is amongst the main characters. Henry is a retired NYC commissioner of police. He is the father of Francis and Peter. Danny learns how to play from him.

There are other leading characters in the program and they areJennifer Esposito is portrayed as “Detective Jackie Curatola”. Sami Gayle as “Nicky Reagan Boyle”.

And Amy Carlson as “Linda Reagan”. Marisa Ramirez as “Detective Maria Baez”, Venessa Ray as “Officer Eddie Janko-Reagan”

How to Watch the Blue Bloods Season 14

Stream, rent, or buy. Do anything you like.

Although it is first made available online on Netflix and broadcast on the CBS network. In fact, Blue Blood Netflix streaming is quite popular. People buy the Netflix subscription to watch it online.

How to watch

Later on, other streaming platforms come into play. Amazon Prime and Hulu provide steaming of the new episodes of the program.

As discussed previously it was available on Netflix but due to some reasons, it has been removed from there.  Now all episodes are available on CBS, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Therefore you can enjoy watching it online there.

Blue Bloods Season 14 Release Date 

Fans are waiting for the release of Vlue Bloods season 14. Currently, it is a favorite TV program of all people. Additionally, the storyline and role play are great which keeps viewers engaged.

Release Date

Besides high-tone production, the program teaches us good life lessons and moral values. However, CBS has not revealed any official date for the upcoming episodes.

So, all we have to wait. On the other hand, interesting news is new cast members are going to add to the show in new episodes.

Till then stay tuned with us.

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In conclusion, The popular series received great ratings both on IMBD and Rotten Tomatoes. IMBD ratings are 7.7/10 and 84% on Rotten tomatoes which are quite good.

This is one of the best shows on TV and has fabulous actors and great writers.

With every new season, the characters get better. It not only just focuses on cops, detectives, lawyers, and commissioners. But also focuses on their real family life and the problems they face outside their work.  Furthermore tells us how one can grow, and make life better along with their jobs.

Overall it is must watch series for all. And if you are an avid fan, let us know how you feel about the series.  We assume that the Blue Bloods casting and related details are clear to you. But if you guys still have queries left. Feel free to comment below with questions.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why blue blood is popular?

It has gained popularity throughout its seasons because of its characters. It shows the lives of the main characters.

What is the release date of the show?

Officials have not updated any release date yet.

Where I can watch the show?

You can watch it on CBS and Hulu streaming platforms.

Why did Nikki and Jack leave Blue Bloods?

Their growing career and attending the university together contribute less time for a regular appearance in the show. So, they left.

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