How to Apply for Netflix Wednesday Season 2 Casting

“I find Social Media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation”. If you are a big fan you must remember, Our very own Wednesday Addams said this creepy line. And now if you are crawling here then it means you also want to be a part of this creepy, thrilling series. Hello There, are you looking out for the Wednesday casting details! then let’s get started. The series is already renewed for the next season. And the casting has also started.

The series is based on how the eldest daughter of the present Addams family gets expelled and transferred to a new school i.e. Nevermore Academy. The series continued with all the monstrous outcasts living there and at last saving the school. As the series was renewed for another season. It will need some new cast as well. In this article, we will be mentioning details about how to get cast on the series and some tips to crack the audition.

Wednesday Casting 2023

Finding a real cast for the show is always a topic of concern. While casting, the makers keep the script in mind and choose the actors according to their script. Actors looking for a role in the show will have to submit their headshot and resume to the casting agency. If the casting team is interested in the actor, they will be invited to attend an audition.

Before that, you must go through various steps of the audition

  • Check the Eligibility.
  • Send the resume.
  • Fill up the casting form
  • If get selected, you will be called for an open casting call.
  • Audition at the venue on the described date.

Wednesday Casting

Audition for Netflix Wednesday Season 2

At present, there is no notification for Wednesday casting call. But if you wish to be a part of this supernatural, dark, comedy show then keep looking around. There are few ways to apply for the show. Check the requisites.

  • You can apply through the official casting website.
  • You will be asked for the age verification first.
  • After mentioning it, you will be taken to the official application form.
  • Fill up the details along with the main option i.e. audition video.
  • Upload your audition video.
  • Also, upload some latest photographs.
  • Submit it.


Wednesday Casting

Wednesday Netflix Cast & Characters

The casting of the series is a crucial element in bringing the story and characters to life. As of now only one season is out on Netflix. Therefore there are many chances for the new cast to get on board. Before that let’s have a look at the main cast of the Series.

Wednesday Addams/ Goody Addams: This is the main lead role and Jenna Ortega plays it. She is a psychic like her mother, which helps her to see the future.

Thing: According to some viewers the second most important cast is Thing. It is played by Victor Dorobantu. It is just a hand that follows Wednesday everywhere. And it is loyal to her.

Enid Sinclair: She is the werewolf roommate of Wednesday. Emma Myers plays this role. 

Xavier Thorpe:  Percy Hynes White plays this role. He plays with his art and with his power his art comes to life. 

Eugene Ottinger: Moosa Mostafa plays the Eugene character. He has the power to control the bees. He was a friend of Wednesday and will be in the upcoming season as well. As he played a very important role in season 1 .

These are the main cast which we will see in season 2. Some more cast and characters of the series are:

Larissa WeemsGwendoline Christie
Dr. Valerie KinbottRiki Lindhome
Donovan GalpinJamie McShane
Pugsley AddamsIsaac Ordonez
Gomez AddamsLuis Guzmán
Morticia AddamsCatherine Zeta-Jones
Tyler GalpinHunter Doohan
Bianca BarclayJoy Sunday
Ajax PetropolusGeorgie Farmer
Marilyn ThornhillChristina Ricci
Donovan GalpinJamie McShane

Who is the Casting director of Wednesday Series?

Netflix series “Wednesday” has generated significant buzz since its first launch. As much as it involves its cast in this excitement, it involves working for staff too. And one of them is the casting director. For this season it is Jennifer Euston. She is one of the best casting directors. Everyone loves and acknowledges her work. She is popular by her work in the following famous series:

She is very particular about her castings. Therefore she has even won the award for some roles. Most probably she is going to be the casting director for the next season.

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In conclusion, the Wednesday casting will once again start for the upcoming season. As you know casting is an exciting and essential part of the production process. With the announcement of season 2, the casting will start. Fans are eagerly anticipating its release. We know it is competitive but also rewarding. All the best. In case of queries you can reach out to us.


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