How to cast American Music Awards Vote : New Nominations 2023

American Music Awards Vote

Greetings! The 51st annual American Music Award is going to release on November 19, 2023, in Los Angeles.  So, we are here with American Music Awards Vote updates. Dick Clark Productions in 1973 created the show. Since 2006 winner is decided via a poll of the public and fans.

Therefore one can vote on the AMA’s website or Twitter account. In this article, we discuss voting methods, nominees, and winners. So, stick to the article till last. ABC is the original broadcasting network, celebrating the greatest talent in the entertainment Industry.

Also, the Host of the 51st edition is Jimmy Kimmel. In 2022 Taylor Swift emerged as Artist of the Year. Additionally, she receives a total of 6 trophies in different categories. On the other hand, Dove Cameron becomes the new artist of the year.

Indeed this program recognizes the most popular albums, songs, and artists throughout the year. Moreover, it is available for streaming online on “Hulu” the day later.

American Music Awards Vote

So, all the people and fans should “vote now” to make their favorites “Winner”. The Nominations list is going to release by officials soon.

Don’t skip it. You cannot afford to miss any details.

American Music Awards Vote 2023

In 1973, it is created by Dick Clark to compete with the Grammy. From the year 1973 to 2005, the winner is selected by the members of the music industry. However, in 2006, fans grab the chance to vote and select the ultimate winner of this program. 

The show is going to broadcast live on ABC’s original network at 8 PM (Eastern Time) and 7 PM (Central Time).

It has various categories. One such popular categories are Artist of the Year, Favorite Country Song, and Favorite Pop Album, etc. Now, let’s move into details on different polling methods. If you have any doubts/queries in any step.

Feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

 How to Cast American Music Awards Vote  

There are two methods to vote/poll.

  • By using Twitter
  • Billboard Web Voting

So, let’s discuss the methods in detail.

Twitter Polling Instructions

One can poll using their Twitter accounts. For that, you have to make your Twitter Profile “Public”. Also, its format allows you to vote for one nominee and one category per Tweet.

 Note – Category Name should be written the same as mentioned on the official page. 

And keep in mind that #AMA is the official Hashtag of the program.

American Music Awards Vote


  1. For Artists. Kindly include the following things in your Tweet
  • Artist Name
  • Category Name
  • #AMAs

Example – I am voting for Artist Name for Category Name. Then, click on vote.

  1. For Songs. Include the following in your Tweet.
  • Song Name
  • Category Name
  • #AMAs

Example – I am voting for Song Name for Category Name.

  1. For Albums. Include the following in your Tweet.
  • Album Name
  • Category Name
  • #AMAs

Example – I am voting for Album Name for Category Name.

Note – Retweets Count as Votes.

Billboard Web Voting Instructions

On the website, there are some instructions that one needs to follow.

  1. Limits – A person can poll 22 times, per category, per method, per day.
  2. Open and Close time – The opening and closing time is mentioned on the website. So, you poll at the given time only.

Now, let’s discuss the method in detail.

American Music Awards Vote

  • First of all, visit the official website of Then, a page will open and a link for the “billboard website” display in front of you.
  • Click on that link and you are moved towards the billboard website.
  • Then, you will see the list of “Nominees” in different categories.
  • Click on the name of the Artist, Song, and Album you want to vote for.
  • At last click on the Vote button. 

 Furthermore, to use the “billboard web” option. You must have a valid Twitter/ Facebook account. As a result, if you don’t have Twitter or Facebook account, you cannot use this method.

So, register yourself on Facebook or Twitter first.

Example – If you want to select BTS in the nominations list and make them a winner. Therefore visit the official billboard website and select Billboard Vote BTS.

Still, have any queries? So, comment below. We are happy to help.


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AMAs Categories & Nominations 2023

There are many categories in this award show. We have a list of categories list. So, that voters can easily vote for the candidates in the different categories. 


So here is the list: 

American Music Awards Vote Categories
Artist of the Year
New Artist of the Year.
Favorite Music Video
Collaboration of the year.
Favorite Male Pop Artist
Pop Song
Favorite Touring Artist.
Favorite Pop Duo or Group.
Female Pop Artist.
Pop Album.
Favorite Country Duo or Group.
Country Album.
Favorite Country Song.
Female Country Artist.
Male Country Artist.
Female Hip-Hop Artist.
Male Hip-Hop Artist.
Hip-Hop Song.
Hip-Hop Album.
Male R&B Artist.
Female R &B Artist.
R& B Song.
R& B Album.
Female Latin Artist.
Male Latin Artist.
Favorite Latin Duo or Group.
Latin Song.
Latin Album.
Rock Artist.
Rock Song.
Rock Album.
Inspirational Artist.
Gospel Artist.
K-Pop Artist.
Afrobeats Artist.

Finally, the nominations list is going to release soon. Initially, we have a categories list as given above.

As a result, based on nominations, voting finally happens. After this, the winner is therefore selected.

American Music Award Winners 2023

Finally, the total number of valid votes for each category on both polling platforms is counted. The nominee who receives the highest number of valid votes is considered the winner in the respective categories.

Moreover, the winner’s name is revealed during the live telecast on the ABC network. The List of Winners of all categories will be notified here.

So, stay tuned with us.

Release Date 

Fans are you ready? Finally, mark your calendars with a date. As we have a release date of your favorite program.

It is set to release on November 19, 2023, in Los Angeles on ABC Network at 8 PM (Eastern Time)and 7 PM (Central Time).

Furthermore, you can enjoy it on the Hulu streaming platform. Besides this, also let us know in the comments section what is your favorite artist name and Pop song.


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In conclusion, The show’s run time is 180 minutes. In the event winner announcement and various performances are done. Moreover, this entertainment sitcom brings artists from their roots. We see all the live performances. Also talking about the 2022 event, we enjoy Coldplay, BlackPink, and BTS live acts.

Even in 2022, BTS won 3 trophies. While Taylor Swift got 6 prizes and broke up her record. This program keeps you captivated throughout the event. Besides this, new artists are introduced to the entertainment industry.

Hence we assume American Music Awards Vote instructions are clear to you. So, you can now easily vote using the information given in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can watch the show?

One can watch the program live on the ABC network on 19 November 2023. Also, one can stream online on Hulu on 20 November 2023.

Who is the host of AMA’s 2023?

Jimmy Kimmel is the host of the show in 2023.

How to vote on Billboard for K-pop Artists?

You need to have social media account like Facebook to vote online on Billboard. Hence vote accordingly.

Who is the favorite Touring artist in 2022?

Coldplay is the favorite Touring artist in 2022.

Who receives the Favorite Music Video in 2022?

Taylor Swift – All Too Well: the short film, receives the winning trophy.

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