KCA Kids Choice Awards Vote 2024: New Nominations

Hello, Nick Fans!! How are you doing today? Hope you are doing well. We are here with a piece of news. Kids Choice Awards Vote is back with its new ceremony. Yes, Nickelodeon KCA Awards 2024 is going to air soon. Nickelodeon is the presenter of this award function. 

It is going to be a 37th ceremony. The very first award distribution was aired on 28 March 1987. The legacy continues since then. Now this award becomes one of the coveted awards. This ceremony is organized every year since its debut. Every year airs on Saturday night in March or April month

At this award function, there are live performances. Celebrities give these performances. So, this award function is full of fun and entertainment. Although it also solves the purpose of appreciating the works of Nick’s actor, actress, and other crew members. 

Talking about the award. It is an orange Blimp. Nickelodeon is the name engraved on it. Therefore it is a great honor to have this award. And who will win this prize in 2024? Who will decide the winners in a different category?

Kid's Choice Awards Vote

An answer is a common man or viewers are going to choose the winner. Yes, they can vote for the nominated categories and help them to win the title. Isn’t it exciting? However, it may allow you to participate in the ceremony in a different manner. 

So, Let’s know how KCA Vote works. For that read the article carefully and follow the instructions. 

Kids’ Choice Awards Vote 2024 

There are several nominations in different categories every year. And the best one wins the title. So, how to decide which is the best out of the best? And, this all depends on the viewers’ vote. 

Yes, now they can choose the winner themselves. The only thing you have to do is to cast a vote. Your vote can help your favorite show, actor, and actress to win the title. 

So, every vote is precious. The one who will have a higher number of votes will win the title in their respective category. So, it is very important for you to know how to cast a vote on this award function. 

Let’s proceed further to the next step. 

How to cast Kids’ Choice Awards Vote Online

There is a process to vote for your favorite nominees in different categories. The KCA Awards vote process is quite simple. 

To know it in detail follow the steps before the vote

  • First of all, one must have to go to the official website. i.e http://kca.nickelodeon.tv
  • Thereafter, a page will appear on your screen. So, now you have to go to the voting section
  • Now select the category. Afterward, you will see the nominations. 
  • Thereafter you have to select one of the nominated candidates. 
  • Afterward, the next category will appear with their respective nominations. Right after that, you need to select one of them. 

Kid's Choice Awards Vote

  • This process continues till the last category. 
  • At last, you have to click ok on the Vote Now button. 

Congratulations!! you have successfully voted for the candidates. 


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Nickelodeon KCA Categories & Nominations

The main purpose of this award show is to appreciate the work of artists in the entertainment world. They do their hard work to serve well. So, there are different categories introduced in this award function. And also each category has many nominations. 

So, it is very hard for the voter to know each category. That is why we here step up and let you know all the categories. So that, it becomes easy for you to vote online.  

The Categories List is here

Kid's Choice Awards Vote
Tv Show
Tv Actor
Video Games
Music Group
Movie Actor
Movie Actress
Favorite Global Musical Awards
Big Help Award
Cooking Show
Reality show
Female Artist
Family Tv show
Break out new artist
Male Sports Star
Animated Movie
Female Sports Star
Male Creator
Female Creator
Social Media Family
King Of Comedy
Favorite social music star
Reality show
Male Tv Star- Family show
Female Tv Star: Kid's Show
Female Athlete
Favorite Song
Tv Friends
Fart in a Movie
Male Voice from animated Movies
Social Star
Lifetime Achievement
Male Artist
Male Athlete
Male Buttkicker
Female Social Star

The next event is going to be held in March 2024. So, the nomination for the next ceremony isn’t revealed yet. But soon the official will release the nominations. Thereafter voting will start. 

KCA Awards Winner 2024

The winner has the Orange blimp as the symbol of the KCA Winner. So, officials first announce the nominations on the stage. Thereafter they announce the winner’s name. 

However, the winner is decided on the bases of KCA Voting results. One can go to www.nick.com/vote to vote online for the candidates. 


This award ceremony is going to air soon in March of 2024. Thereafter we will update the info about the winners in their respective categories. 

Nick Kids’ Choice Awards 2024 Hosts

There are 36 ceremonies of this award show. So, each time there are different hosts on this show. Therefore there is a long list of hosts. 

But the last event’s hosts are

Nate Burleson

Charli D’Amelio

So, the hosts for the next event are not revealed for now. But soon we will update the name for KCA 2024.

Kid's Choice Awards Vote

Release Date

The Very first event of this award was aired on 28 March 1987. Thereafter this event organizes every year. They officially organize this event in March Month or starting of the April month every year. 

So, the official hasn’t decided on the airing date of the next ceremony. Therefore we are not able to update the premiere date of the event for now. But soon we will update the info here. 


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In conclusion, Kids’ Choice Awards vote process is very simple. You just have to go to the official voting website. Thereafter you need to select the nomination in every category. And then you can click on the vote button to cast the vote. 

On behalf of the voting results, the officials are going to announce the winner’s name. The next event is going to organize in March 2024. So, the voting portal will open soon. 

At last, we wish you good luck!! Enjoy watching the channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the Kids’ Choice Award show?

One can watch it online on www.nick.com

Where can I vote for the KCA 2024?

One can go to nick.com/vote and vote.

Who are 2024 Kids’ Choice Awards Winner?

The winners for 2024 KCA are not announced yet.

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