How to Vote on VMAs 2023: MTV Video Music Awards

VMAs Voting

Hello Music Lovers!! VMAS voting is live now and here you will get every detail on how to vote for VMA awards 2023.  MTV Video Music Awards are back in town. So, now it’s time for your votes to the nominees. This award distribution ceremony is going to air on 12 September 2023. And MTV is the host of this award ceremony. 

The very first award distribution ceremony was conducted on 14 September 1984. The legacy continues after that. There are so many categories in this awards show. Therefore we can say that these awards are for every genre of music. This award is now one of the most precious awards for musicians.

The statue of an Astronaut holding a flag of the MTV logo is the presenter of this award. People called it Moon Person. So, who will take home the Moon Person? 

The answer is the one who will have a higher number of votes in their respective category will win the award. 

Therefore it is time to vote on VMA. Yes, the common man also votes to choose the best out of the best in different categories. If you also want to become a voter and you don’t know how it works. 

VMAs Voting

Then don’t worry. We will guide you through the process. Afterward, you can vote. So, shall we begin with this? 

Okay, we feel your excitement. Let’s move further and know the Voting process. 

MTV VMAs Voting 2023

MTV Video Music Awards are inaugurated in 1984. This award is invented to appreciate the work of music industry artists. Now it’s time for the 39th ceremony of this award show. There are different nominees in different categories. 

So, the thing is you have to vote for the nominees. And who will have higher votes will win the award. There are not only award distributions on this show. But you can enjoy the performance of celebrities. They perform live on stage. So, it is a double package deal in the entertainment world. 

Therefore it’s time to grab the deal this time. All you have to vote for your favorite singer, song, artist, etc. Then you can watch it on tv. If they win the title or not. Isn’t it exciting?

VMAs 2023 Voting Process

Now we know the importance of voting on this award show. So, moving on to the next step let’s know How to vote on VMAs. Here is the process of the MTV Video Music Awards 2023.

  • Firstly one must have to go to MTV’s official website.
  • Then look out for the button Music. It will appear on the top bar of the official website.
  • Thereafter you need to go to the VMA section and click ok on it. 
  • Now the next page will appear in front of your screen. 
  • Afterward, you need to go to the vote section and click on it. 
  • Thereafter, it will ask you for the login. You will have to log in to the page using your unique login credentials. 

VMA Log In

  • Now you will see the nominees of different categories. So, you have to select the nominee (To whom you want to vote) in that particular category. 
  • Now after the selection of the first nominee, the page will automatically forward to the next category. So, you have to select a candidate for that category. However, the process continues till the last section. 
  • Now last, you have to click on the vote now button. 

You will get a message: Congratulations!! you have voted successfully on VMAs. Now wait for the show to premiere. You can watch it online and find out if your nominee wins whom you vote for. 

VMAs 2023 Vote Categories

The main motto of this award show is to appreciate and encourage musicians in their respective fields. So, there are so many categories included in it. And the audience may cast the vote for the one whom they want to.  However, the list is long, though we are going to introduce you to each and every category. So, that you can vote easily in each and every category. 

Here is the list of nominees for VMAs voting 2023: 

VMAs Categories ListWinner 2023
Video of the yearTaylor Swift
(Anti- Hero)
Song of the YearTaylor Swift
(Anti- Hero)
Artist of the YearTaylor Swift
CollaborationKarorl G, Shakira
Song of SummerJung Kook ft. Tattoo
Hip-HopNicki Minaj
(Super Freaky Girl)
New ArtistIce- Spice
DirectionTaylor Swift
(The Loneliest)
PopTaylor Swift
Visual EffectsTaylor Swift
AlternativeLana Del Ray Ft. Jon Batiste
CinematographyTaylor Swift
K-PopStray Kids
Best LatinAnitta
Best Art DirectionDoja Cat
Push PerformerTomorrow X Together
AfrobeatsRema & Selena Gomez
Video For GoodDove Cameron
AlbumTaylor Swift
EditingOlivia Rodrigo

You will find the best in each category here. And you can find out the VMAs 2023 nominations on the official website. So, now you have the nominations and the MTV Awards categories. Therefore, select and vote wisely. Let the best of every category win the title. 
According to sources women are leading the show.  In the nomination they are but will they continue to lead in the results? Participate in vmas 2023 vote and find out.


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MTV Video Music Awards Vote For Nominees 2023

Good news Folks! MTV has announced the nominations for the next Video Music Awards 2023. This time you can vote upto 20 times a day. The votes have been doubled. You heard it right. Now Select the person you wish to vote among the nominated ones and submit the vote to your ballot. You can repeat the process 20 times a day. And on 12th September the winners’ list will be announced. Here is the nomination list for each category.

A few more categories list is on its way. Till then vote for the above-mentioned artists.

Eligibility Criteria to vote in VMA 

Only eligible candidates can vote on these awards. So, one must know if he or she is eligible for the voting or not. Here are the criteria that you must have to pass to vote online. 

  • The voter must be at least 13 years old or above. (Note: minors should have their guardians’ consent.)

VMAs Voting

  • Employees of MTV and the production team can not vote. 
  • Voters must not work in the Public sector. 

These are some general conditions that everyone must have to pass. But you can find the exact criteria right on the official website. So, just read the terms and conditions carefully before voting. 

Video Music Awards Premiere Date  2023

People are very eager to know the premiere date of this award function. So, they keep digging to know the premiere date. Here is the good news for the fans and followers.

Your waiting period is going to end now. Because the officials have announced the release date of the 39th ceremony. 

Ceremony update for this year: This function is going to air on MTV on 12 September 2023. So, keep patient and wait for the Music’s Biggest Night. On 12th September everyone will get to know the final vote results for VMAs 2023. So, lets cheer up for your favorite artists and hope they win in the final voting result. 

VMAs 2023 Winners

The date of the final result declaration is near. Your voting results will be out soon. Fans are voting very hard for their favorite artist. On the 12th we will have VMAs 2023 winners’ name in each category. They will be rewarded with a beautiful trophy. The fans and the audience already know about the winners’ trophy. It is an astronaut holding a flag with VMA written on the bottom. 

Interested candidates can apply for Vmas 2023 tickets to watch the event in person. Others can wait for 12th of this month to know VMAs 2023 winners’ names and lists.


In conclusion, the VMAs Voting process is quite simple. You just need to go to the official website and read the eligibility criteria. If you are eligible then you can go to the voting section and choose one of your favorite nominees in their respective field and cast a vote for them. 

So, now we really hope that you know everything about the VMAs Voting. So, keep voting and let the best win.

Keep safe and enjoy !!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who wins the best K-pop Award in VMAs 2023?

We are not able to reveal the name for now.

Who wins the Artist of the Year Award 2023?

We will update the info about the artist of the year 2023 soon.

Who will host MTV Video Music Awards 2023?

We are not able to reveal the hostname yet.

Where can I watch the VMAs 2023?

One can watch it on MTV.

Where can I find the nominations?

One kind finds nominations in different categories on the official voting website.

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