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One of the most famous talent shows is renewing for its 18th edition. Yes! You have heard it correct, America’s Got Talent or AGT is looking for some serious talent in the region to audition. So you need to go ahead to read complete America’s Got Talent Auditions process.

The show features candidates through various auditioning rounds to perform live in the show. This reality show doesn’t feed on a particular type of genre from its candidates. As the show allows candidates to perform whatever they can perform brilliantly.

You can choose to dance, sing, perform some magic tricks whatever you can do better than others. With this multi-genre feature of the show makes the people try out their talent on national television.

America’s Got Talent Auditions

If you think you have something special to show or perform in the grand talent stage then this is you time to get auditioned. You can choose your skit or whatever you want to perform. If you can make it to the end and become one of the winners of the show then you can lift the prize money of about 1 million dollars per program advertising.

Well, there are 2 ways to apply for the upcoming season.

  • Online by uploading or sending video
  • Offline by attending an open call at pre-decided locations.

So what are you waiting for scroll down to read all about the auditions of the show. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the auditions.


America’s Got Talent Auditions

Auditions From Home

Nowadays, the main point is safety. Considering the safety of people, makers decided to have the auditions from a very safe place and in a very safe mode i.e at home and online respectively. There are 2 ways to do an audition this time:

  • Video Audition
  • Live stream Virtual Call Audition

AGT 2023 Casting Requirements

The show does not have any age requirements to participate in the auditions. However, a minor has to fill their auditioning form under the supervision of their parent or guardian.

The show has some other requirements that you have to fulfill to participate in the show. These requirements states that-

  • You must be a legal US citizen or having a legal working permit in the US.
  • You should not be related to any member of the AGT organization or its other collaborated organization or its sponsors.
  • And You should not be a current candidate of public office and you must agree on terms that you will not be a member for public office until at least one year of the release of the final episode of the season.

You can check other required criteria given on the official casting website.

If you pass out all the requirements as stated by the show then you can apply for the show.

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America’s Got Talent 2023 Casting: Open calls

The first way to participate in the show is to go to an open call location and give your auditions live on the stage. If you feel like you can perform on the stage then you can apply for the open calls.

You can follow these steps to apply for any open call locations.

  • Visit the official casting website of AGT. 
  • Now at the bottom of your screen click on the Sign up button. If you already have created your profile then just login otherwise create a new profile.
    America’s Got Talent Auditions
  • But remember for season 18, you have to create a new account first.
  • Then options will be displayed to submit a video online.
  • By the time you upload your audition video, the process of online audition will be done.

America’s Got Talent Auditions

How to Apply For AGT Virtual Open Call Audition 2023

Another way to apply for the audition is to apply on the virtual open call. This is for the people who wish to participate in face-to-face audition. This time there will be no open call city audition. Just participate in the online virtual call to complete the audition and to show your talent.


To give your auditions on an online virtual open call follow these simple steps-

  1. Visit the official casting website.
  2. choose your virtual open call audition date.
  3. Now click on the login button. If you did not have created your account then click on create account button.
  4. After logging in on the day of the audition you will be connected live with the show’s producers.
  5. Perform and click on submit at last.
  6. Remember to register yourself first for an upcoming virtual audition.

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Apply For AGT Tickets 2023

Want to be the live audience in season 18? Worry not here we are going to mention how you may get the hold on the tickets for live audience. Ir will all start on 3-23-23. Every year we see a set of various talented artists. Now witness them live with the judges themselves.

  • Go to the official ticket website.
  • Sign up first.
  • Fill up the form to get the priority tickets.
  • Also, you need to choose the desired dates that you wish to be on the show among the star-studded audience.
  • eg. you choose 23rd, click on that you will see a form, fill it out, and submit the details.
  • You will get the ticket in your email.

Well, try for the auditions maybe you are that talent the show is always looking for. We have provided you with all the required information for America’s Got Talent Auditions.  All you need to know is these details before applying. All the best.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is AGT Season 18 Audition going on?

Yes, America’s got Talent Auditions has been renewed again. As we know the world is facing problems against COVID-19. So makers decided to have an audition online.

How to Give audition for AGT season 18?

There is the only way to apply for AGT season 18 i.e. online application. You need to fill the online application form which includes your all details personal, social, professional and your talent video.

Do contestants on AGT get paid?

You need not to worry. America’s got talent pays the contestants of the AGT. Not all of them but some top contestants get paid off.

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