How to Apply for Celebrity Race Across the World: Casting Now

Race Across the World Application

Hello Folks! Do you ever want to appear on your favorite BBC show? Or are you looking for a change in life? Maybe this time you can. For those who want to explore the world Race Across The World Application is here with season 4.

The show is looking for people of all ages, duos/ pair who are ready to move a step into an unknown epic race across land, sea, and rail. BBC One is the original network of the show. There are three most wonderful series now ended with a great hit. And now it is moving forward to series 4.

It is a travel reality game show. It Features people navigating across dynamic places, visiting ancient wonders, and taking part in local customs. But the twist is they are on a limited budget and away from all luxurious things.

So, whether you are a seasonal traveler or a total novice, this show is for you. BBC show is open to all and the winner gets 20,000 Euros. The application for the series is opening soon on the BBC official website.


The most exciting thing about the show is the limited budget. Therefore with a limited budget and relying on each other, contestants have to complete their journey full of adventures. As per the format, five pair of travelers travel through different countries.

Each two-person team is required to cover a 10,000 km route without using air travel mode. They will be given a budget and map, travel guide, GPS Tracker, and bear spray. The show is produced by Studio Lambert Associates for BBC.

In this article, we discuss the application process, casting, eligibility requirements, cast and characters, and release date. So, don’t miss out on the chance to take part in the show.

ShowRace Across The World
No. of Series3
Upcoming Series4
Name of the new SeriesCelebrity Race Across the world
Original NetworkBBC one
Release Date13th September 2023
No. of Teams4
Countries they have to Race Across24
Prize Money£20,000
Killometers they have to Cover10,000 kilometres
Starting PointMarrakesh, Morocco
Finishing PointTromsø, Norway

Race Across The World Application

The world is vast and it is waiting to be explored. So, do you wish to share the journey with someone close to you? If yes! The Selected candidates get a chance to experience their life in some of the world’s beautiful destinations and remote locations.

For “Race Across the World” BBC is accepting applications and looking for contestants to take part in. The application link is soon activated on the BBC’s official website.

Race Across The World Application

So, to get this incredible experience of life everyone is invited to take part in the series. The auditions are happening soon so kindly apply for the show now.

Now, we will discuss the application form process. Please fill in the details carefully and truthfully.

Note- In the Race across the world application form you have to fill in details of yours and your partner. So, take the consent of your partner to upload his/her details.


  • First of all, visit the BBC UK official website of the show.
  • Secondly, Choose the BBC Program Race Across The World Application form. 
  • Now, check on the eligibility criteria and Terms & Conditions.
  • After that enter your details First name, last name, Gender, Email Id, Mobile Number, Occupation, Address, City, and Postal Code.
  • Thereafter you will be asked some questions like why you want to participate in the show, etc.
  • After answering the questions. Now, you have to upload your recent photograph and signatures in the required column.
  • Now, at the final step submit the application form.

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Eligibility Criteria of Race Across the world Auditions

Maybe you have a personal reason to explore the world. To take part in the show you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria. So here are few requirements for race across the world auditions

So, here we bring the details for you. Read every detail carefully.

  • First of all, the applicant’s age must be 18 years and above.
  • Afterward, another thing to keep in mind while applying for the show is that one should be a current legal resident of the United Kingdom. (Great Britain and Northern Island, Channel Island, or The Isle of Man)
  • Now you can enter the show in pairs i.e. in a team of 2 people. So, your partner’s age should be above 18 years.
  • No criminal background in the name of the applicant should be there.
  • At last, Medical fitness is important.

If you fulfill the requirements, you will be able to continue with the audition process.

Race Across The World Application

How To Apply for Celebrity Race Across The World Casting 2024

Do you ever want to appear on your favorite BBC show? Maybe this time you can! You could be the one on the list of 5 pair of travelers who could explore and do adventure. And this time there is a celebrity version. you can go for Celebrity Race across the world casting.

Here we bring you the casting process of season 4. 

All you need to read the given instructions properly and therefore apply for the show.


  • First of all, Visit the BBC’s official website of the show.
  • Secondly, read the eligibility requirements.
  • After that, if you are eligible, therefore fill out the application form.
  • Thereafter wait for the casting call from the show.
  • Based on your application, you will get a call for the main audition round.
  • So, there will be certain audition rounds and background checks.
  • At last, you will cast if you, your partner pass all the steps.

So, that is all about the casting process. The process is quite simple and easy. So just relax and apply for the show now.

Celebrity Race Across the World Contestants & Cast Series 4

Throughout their journey in the show, the greatest thing one could learn is about themselves and one another and life.

Duos (pair of people) enter the show. They could be friends, father-daughter, brothers, husband-wife, sisters, etc.


The official list of the contestants of Celebrity Race Across the World has been announced. However, the casting process for the show is going on for next season. So, stay tuned with us to get all the show-related updates.

Alex Beresford
Noel Beresford
Son & Father
Melanie Blatt
Helene Blatt
Daughter & Mother
Harry Judd
Emma Judd
Sond & Mother
Billy Monger
Bonny Monger

Race Across The World release date

Race Across The World Season 4 Release Date

The filming of the show is at the end of this month. BBC has announced the release date for series 4. As series 4 is going to be a celebrity version its release date is 13th September 2023. And the regular version of The show is going to release in the year 2024.


But, surely the series is going to be an incredible one. So, your wait will soon be over.

Good things take time to appear. Just wait and till then you could enjoy BBC’s other program.

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in conclusion, the show is rated 8.3/10 on IMBD. And audience ratings are 4.7/5 for a particular series. It is a brilliant show loaded with a lot of interesting and adventurous events.

The show is exhilarating and entertaining. It shows many sights and customs that one has never seen before. This adventure-themed show gives you heart-wrenching moments.

So, it is a must-watch show ever.

And we assume the Race Across the World Application process and casting are clear to you. If there is any doubt or query still left in your mind. You can ask us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of season 4?

There is no exact premiere date for season 4. But soon we will update the release date.

Who is the ultimate winner of season 4?

The season 4 winner’s name will announce soon.

Where to find the Race Across the World Application for Series 4?

One can find the application on the BBC’s official website.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on BBC One.

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