How to be on the Cast of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars 2023

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars Casting

Hello folks!! Today we are here to bring the exciting news. Yes, you heard it right. A brand new reality show Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars has made a fantastic Debut with its very first season on 24 May 2023. This show also requires a casting procedure for the people to participate. So let’s get started with Food Stars Casting for season 2. Fox is the original network of this show. So the casting involves Fox as well. 

Talking about the theme of this particular show. It is going to be different this time. Contestants of the show not only going to cook for the prize. But Gordon Ramsay will invest his money in the winning chef. So, now may be your chance to show your talent and grow in a particular field.

If all this information excites you. And you want to participate as the chef in the show. Then you have to apply for it. 

Food Stars Casting

We here will let you know everything about Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Casting process. You just need to stick with the article and read each and every detail carefully. 

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Casting 

Here in this show, one must have to prove themselves worthy to invest. Because an award-winning chef is going to give you relentless challenges. An aspirant has to pass all the challenges. But all these things only matter if you go through the casting process of the show. 

So, here are the steps for the casting process. 

  • First of all, read the eligibility criteria of the show. You have to fit into the criteria perfectly. if have everything asked in the eligibility then you can proceed further and apply. 
  • Secondly, you need to fill up the application. You will find the application on the official website of the show. Fill in all the detail asked in the application form and then submit it. 
  • Therefore, wait for the casting call from the casting team. If the team member likes your resume or application. Then they will ask you for the audition. They will provide you with each and every detail of the auditions. They will also give you the auditions venue and time
  • Afterward, you just need to be prepared for the auditions. Just reach the venue on time and give an audition. 

Food Stars Casting

  • These auditions may have certain rounds. You need to pass each and every round to be on the wonderful stage. 
  • Now in the last step, they will do some background checks. If all seems ok then they will cast you to be on the show. Then you will have the chance to show your talent to the world and impress the world’s greatest chef. 

How to Apply for the Food Stars Season 2

Now you know the casting process for this new cooking show. Now it’s time to talk about the application process. How to apply for Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars casting?

You need to apply with the application form. Here are the steps you need to follow to fill up the application form. 

Gordon Ramsay's Food Star Season 2 Casting

  • First of all, go to the official website of the show. 
  • Then click OK on the apply button. 
  • Thereafter the application form will appear on your screen. 
  • Now fill in the details like your name and address. 
  • Afterward, fill in your contact details in the application form. Kindly keep in mind every detail should be correct. The wrong information found in the application will reject the form automatically. 
  • Then give answers to some subjective questions. 
  • At last, do your initials and submit the phone online. 
  • That is all, you have successfully applied for the auditions. Now just wait for the casting call. 

Note: the application form for the show is not out yet. But we will update the information as soon as the audition portals are open. 

Fox Food Stars Cast 

Ramsay has put down a lot of effort into choosing the most promising and deserving cast for the season. He has selected the contestants on the scale of dedication, creativity, innovation, and passion. It’s obvious, he is putting down his $250,000 so it has to be the best.

Well, we will see who will be the winner and business partner of Gordon Ramsay at the end of the season. Let’s find out the cast of the first season of Food Stars.

Food Stars CastFounder Of
Aaron ValentineSnow Cone King
Ashley DaviesHappy Grub
Caroline D’AmorePizza Girl Inc.
Chanel GoodsonVegan AF
Chris KanikSmart Cups
Elisa StraussConfetti Cakes
Jake AronskindPepper (App)
Jourdan HiggsProvaré Restaurant
Kagen CoxKagen Coffee & Crepes
Lan HoFat Milk
Luther ChenLuther Bob's
Megan MezaBandida
Queen Precious-Jewel ZabriskieIndulgent Essential Spices
Sydney WebbToto Foods Inc.
Tony BalestreriTony Balestreri

All of them have to hustle and work hard to get the investment and Gordon as Business Partner.

Above in the list are the contestants of season 1 of this show. Soon the casting portal for season 2 will open. Then auditions will start again. Then we will update the contestants’ list for season 2. Therefore try your best for the auditions for season 2. It may be possible that you will see your name in the upcoming contestants’ list of this epic show. 

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Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Release Date

This show aired its first season on 24 May 2023. This show proved fun and entertaining. Amazing chef Gordon Ramsay has set some challenges for the contestants. It will not be easy as it sounds. 

Show NameGordon Ramsay's Food Stars
Original NetworkFOX
Debut on24 May 2023
GenreCooking Reality show
HostGordan Ramsay
Season 2 Release DateTBA

The bars are pretty much high this time. If you want to have Ramsay’s financial support. Then you have to pass each round and win the show. All it needs you to have passion, creativity, and dedication. 

The show is airing its first season for now. Soon season 2 of this show is going to air on FOX Network. So, the premiere date of season 2 is not decided yet. But soon the officials will announce the renewal of season 2 with its release date. Till then enjoy watching season 1 of this show. 

How To Watch Food Stars

You can watch the show from 24th May 2023. Fox is going to air the first season of this show. So watch it on Fox at 9/8c.

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In final words, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Casting portal for season 2 will open soon. The premiere date of the show is not revealed yet for season 2. The winner of the show is not only going to win the title. But Gordon is also going to invest money in the ideas of the winner. 

Therefore it is a great combo of cooking as well as entrepreneurship. So, it is going to be great fun for the audience as well as the contestants. 

We have given every minute detail of the casting process of this show. Also, we let you know how to fill out the application form. So, that is all for now. We will update the further information as the official makes an announcement. 

We wish you the best of luck with the auditions. 


Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on FOX.

What is the premiere date of season 2?

The premiere date of the show’s season 2 is not revealed yet.

Who is the creator of Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars?

As the name suggests Gordon Ramsay is the creator of the show.

How to apply with the online application for the show?

One can find the online application on the official website of the show. Now fill up the application and apply for the show.

Who are the contestants of season 2?

The contestants’ name list will release soon after the auditions.

Who is the winner of season 1?

The winner of season 1 is not announced yet.

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