How To Apply For Dancing With The Stars Season 32?

Dancing With The Stars Casting

Your chance to get dance with a star can come true. Dancing with the Stars Casting is getting renewed for the 32nd edition. As the name suggests this show which features celebrities dancing with professional dancers. And there is a particular way for Dancing With The Stars auditions for the season that will go on air in Sept 2023. In this article, we are going to mention those details for your convenience.

During the launch event for the 31st season, the producers were very happy. They stated that they are getting a good response from the viewers which is making them continue with the franchise. Moreover, they want the show to continue till the viewers want to enjoy the show.

The show is all about casting stars that are the contestants in the show. These stars have to make a team with a professional dancer or choreographer. Then they have to compete with the rest of the teams for the crown of the winner.

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Dancing With the Stars Casting 2023

The best news about the show that will make you really happy is that you can also participate. Yes! You read it correctly you can also participate in the show after the qualifying selection procedure. If you really are a good dancer and want to dance with a celebrity then you can try out the auditions of the show.

Show NameDancing with the stars
Checking forDancing with the stars casting & Auditions
Which season is to comeSeason 32 (2023)
When will the next season start ?September 2023
Show based onDance Genre
Country of origin of the showUnited States (U.S.)

Well, the celebrities who danced with the dancers will be approached by the makers, then its upto them whether to go for the show or not.

Scroll down to read all the information you need to know about the auditions of the show.

Dancing With The Stars Casting

Dancing With the Stars Eligibility Criteria

Before you go and fill out the application form you have to make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria. The casting team together with the producers of the show decides these eligibility rules for the show. Some of the rules state that-

  • The contestant must be 18 years of age or above. In some states the age of majority.
  • You must be an American citizen or should have a working permit in America.
  • Also, You have to travel at your own expense for the auditions.
  • You should accept a legal background check from the producers of the show.

You can read all other terms and conditions given in the application form. If in any case, you are failing to fulfill these eligibility criteria then you cannot apply for the show.

DWTS Season 32 Auditions 2023

If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria set by the governing authority of the show then you can follow these simple steps to fill out the application form of the show.


Dancing With The Stars Casting

  1. Visit the official website and search for the show.
  2. In the description of the show, you will find an “Apply Now” button.
  3. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button and an application form will appear on your screen.
  4. Now, you have to fill out the application form. Make sure you fill in your correct information otherwise your form will be rejected by the casting team.
  5. Then you have to upload your photographs and casting video.
  6. Finally submit the application form.

NOTE- Make your casting video as per the guidelines given in the application form.

If you get selected you will be receiving a call from the casting team of the show for further information.

Dancing With the Stars Open Call Casting

If you find it hard to fill out the form or do not believe in the online audition method, then there is another way for you to participate. The show allows people to participate in the live casting call where you give your audition face-to-face with the casting team.

Venue and Date will be updated here soon.

For now, the places for the casting call is not finalized by the show. We will update this section of the post as soon as the show confirms all the locations for the audition.

However, from 7th Jan 2023, a live tour was started in different cities till 27th March 2023.

Conclusion: The only thing left for you is to practice your dancing skills. You can also watch the previous dancing with the stars casting videos. This might be your year and maybe you are the one selected for the show. So keep pushing yourself for your dream and enjoy your dancing.

Dancing with the Stars Casting is a careful selection of Dancers who are diverse, and have varying levels of dance experience. Whether you’re a fan of dance or simply enjoy watching celebrities showcase their skills, DWTS always promises to be exciting and entertaining.

DWTS Frequently Asked Questions


Is there any Season 32 of DWTS?

DWTS is a dancing show with celebrities. Till now it has completed 31 seasons successfully. Indeed it is one of the favorite dancing reality shows. So there will be season 32, whose casting is going to start soon.

How is The Selection of Contestants done from the Audition?

Actually, this casting is for dancers i.e. choreographers. Celebrities are approached by makers themselves. But who will dance with them it is decided by the casting team.

When will Dancing with the stars season 32 casting start?

Well till now there is no process for casting. Due to COVID-19, there is a slight delay in the show. So we have to wait a little. Most probably the show will be back in the fall 2023.

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