All About Kids Baking Championship Season 9

Kids Baking Championship Voting

Kids Baking Championship is a popular TV reality cooking show. And here in this topic, we are going to discuss Kids Baking Championship Voting methods. Moreover, this show is competitive and fun at the same time. Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are the show presenter and Chef Judges of the show. The debut season of the show aired on 2 February 2015. Till now, the show has successfully aired 8 seasons. Also, Season 9 of the show is on its way. And, Food Network is the original network of the show. 

Kids Baking Championship Voting

In this show, small kids take part in show as contestants. These kid contestants bake in order to impress judges and the audience. Moreover, all the kid contestants compete against each other in order to win the prize. In this article, we are going to talk about Kids Baking Championship Voting.

Kids baking championship season 9

Kids Baking Championship Season 9 premiered the first episode on 8 November 2020. Episode 4 of the show aired on 4 January 2021. Moreover, it seems like the show is airing each episode a little late. Levity Entertainment Group is the main production house of the show. And, the food network is the original network of the show.

Kids Baking Championship Voting

How to vote in the Kids Baking championship

Kids baking Championship Season 9 announced way back in November 2020. However, it started in December end. As the show kicked off Votingwas automatically get opened. Moreover, voting lines are closed currently. And, they are expected to open soon when the show completes some more episodes. 

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Contestants of the show

The name of this competitive baking show is Kids Baking Championship. That is why all the contestants in the show are small children. And, here is the list of 12 kid baker contestants of Season 9:

Kids Baking Championship Voting

  1. Jonah Anderson — Harrisburg, PA
  2. Keaton Ashton — Sugar City, ID
  3. Cydney Cain — Prospect Park, PA
  4. Andrew Clark — Madison, MS
  5. Haylin Adams — Glasgow, KY
  6. Trey Gordon — Davenport, IA
  7. Bella Luu — San Jose, CA
  8. D’Von Mills — Lithonia, GA
  9. Namiah Phillips — Long Beach, CA
  10. Miabella Ramirez — Katy, TX
  11. McKenzly Sandefer — Conway, AR
  12. Nemo Tsai — Ann Arbor, MI

Eliminated contestants

Till now, Season 9 of Kids Baking Championship has aired 5 episodes. Moreover, the voting lines of the show are closed. So, it is a little early to talk about the eliminated contestants. Right now all the contestants are safe. And, this is surprising because in previous seasons there was elimination per episode.


How to watch Kids Baking Championship Episodes

You can watch Kids Baking Championship online as well as offline. Moreover, you can watch the live airing of the on cable TV. The show airs live on the Food network. You can watch the show online as well. There are a total of three ways to watch the show online. You can watch the show on the official website of the food network. And, you can also rent the show online on Amazon Prime and Vudu.  


In conclusion, Season 9 of the show has only aired 5 episodes till now. Kids Baking Championship Voting lines are currently closed. Moreover, they are expected to open soon. And, you can watch the show on the Food network. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:


What is the show Kids Baking Championship about?

The Show is a competitive baking reality show. In this show, kids bake and compete against each other to win the prize.

Who is the host of the show?

Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are the hosts of the show.

Who are the judges of the show? 

The hosts of the show are the judges of the show as well.

What is the original network of the show?

Food Network is the original network of the show.

How can we watch the show Kids Baking Championship?

We can rent the show on Amazon and Vudu. The show can be watched on TV on the Food Network.

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