All About The Hustler Season 1 & HowTo Vote

The Hustler voting

The hustler is the new releasing American TV game show. Moreover, the show is expected to air its debut episode on 4 January 2021. Craig Ferguson is going to be the host of this new game show. The prize money for the winner could be over $100,000. And, ABC is the original network of the show. Let’s check The Hustler voting methods ahead.

In this show, there is total number of contestants called at one time is five. Moreover, these 5 contestants collaborate to answer the questions of the quiz. These are a series of questions that are mostly minutiae and easy to answer. Out of 5 contestants, 3 of them get to decide who the hustler of the show is. And, the hustler gets a fair amount of prize money. In this article, we are going to cover The Hustler voting.

The Hustler voting

The Hustler voting

People are very excited about this new game show The Hustler. Moreover, this new show is released on 4 January 2021. This New Year 2021 is giving us hopes as well as great shows. Craig Ferguson is going to be the presenter of the hustler. And, the show is aired on ABC Network. 


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As we know it is a game of questions. Until the 10th question, the game continues as a simple game. But on the 10th question, there will be a vote out. Left 3 contestants have to guess the identity. Then after the debate, there will be a vote out.

Abc The Hustler Season 1 Premiere Date

ABC Network’s game show, the hustler Season 1 is premiered on 4 January 2020. However, Episode 2 of the show aired on 7 January 2021. Moreover, the show is then going to air one episode on Thursday. ABC network picked the show back in October 2019. Then production couldn’t bring the show early due to some reasons. And, it was expected that the show is going to have around 9 episodes.

How to vote in the Hustler online

Episode 1 of the hustler is going to air on 4 December 2021. So, talking about How to vote online for your favorite contestant would be too early. Moreover, when the show airs on the screen, voting codes are expected to pop up. And, we are going to update this article about voting once there is anything official.

The Hustler voting

How to watch the Hustler

You can watch the new game shows the hustler online as well as offline. ABC is the original Network of the show. So, you can watch the show on ABC network on Cable TV. Moreover, you can watch the show online. The show is available on the official ABC website. And, you can watch ABC shows on Hulu, Fubo Tv, and YouTube TV.  

The hustler Contestants Of the Show

In the show, there are a total of 5 contestants. These 5 contestants are:

  1. Brianna Hershey (North Oaks, Minnesota)
  2. Tena Fulghum (Grovetown, Georgia)
  3. Tilden Whitfield (Pensacola, Florida)
  4. Tim O’Neil (Astoria, New York)
  5. Troy Tinker (La Mesa, California )


The Hustler Eliminated contestants

The show is going to start soon. Moreover, the voting lines of the show are closed right now. So, it’s not the right time to talk about elimination. Once the show proceeds, we may know about the Eliminated contestants of the show.

So this was all about the hustler voting. The show has already been started. You can now vote for the contestants. 



Some of the frequently asked questions are:


When is the hustler going to air?

The hustler is going to air on 4 January 2021.

What is this show about?

This new show is a game show. And, it is like a quiz where contestants are going to be asked trivia questions.

Who is the host of the show?

Craig Ferguson is going to be the host of the game show.

What is the original network of the show?

ABC is the original network of the show.

What is the prize money for the show?

The winning contestant can get prize money of over $100,000.

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