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The Bachelor abc

The famous American dating show ‘The Bachelor abc’ is back for its 24th season. abc is the network that telecasts The Bachelor. The show is quite famous among the viewers. People love to watch the one bachelor in the pool of 30 contestants to search his future wife.

If you like to watch the shows that are bound to dating and relationships than this is the show you surely going to like. The show follows a bachelor who is looking for his future wife.

However, the bachelor has to select one of the contestants in the show as his wife. This journey follows a lot of entertaining events that make the viewers to continue the show till bachelor finds his perfect partner he is looking for.

The Bacherlor abc

The contestants in the show get a chance to interact with the bachelor to increase their chances to become his wife. In these interactions the bachelor gives a rose to the contestant he likes. The one who didn’t receive a rose is eliminated from the show.

The eliminations are from the personal decision of the bachelor. The bachelor engages with the last standing contestant with whom the bachelor finds his best interest.

You can scroll down to read all about the upcoming season of the show.

The Bachelor Season 24 Contestants

The casting for the show is completed. We have the list of all the contestants who will appear in the show.

Our bachelor Peter Weber is going to choose his wife from one of these contestants. The list of contestants is as follows-

Name & AgeFrom

The Bachelor 2020 Host

You know about all the contestants of the show. Now let us talk about the host who gonna introduce us all to the contestants for the show.

The Bachelor abc

Christopher Bryan Harrison is the host for the 24th season of the show. Born is Dallas, Texas has his own list of events that entertained audience in various versions of the show. When Chris was asked about being the host for the 2020 season he replied “You’ll see very soon”.

Now we know who is going to host the show. Now let us move further to know about where the viewers will watch the show.

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The Bachelor Season 24 Winner

All the preparations for the premiere of the show is completed. We have all the contestants and now we are going to watch who will be winning the heart of the bachelor of this 24th season.

30 contestants are going to compete from the first week of January 2020. However, only one of them is going to win the show.

The show is currently ongoing so you have to wait for some time to find the The Bachelor abc network winner of 2020 season. You can watch this show on the official abc website.

You just need to stay tuned, till then enjoy the show and you will find the winner of the show.

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