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The Real World Auditions

From its initial broadcast in 1992, MTV The Real World is ready for its next season in 2020. Currently, the authority of the show is looking for people to participate in the show. If you watch this show and want to participate in this show then this is your chance for The Real World Auditions. So The show is casting people to present them a chance to appear in this program.

Fun fact about this show is that, the producers wanted to make a scripted show with actors but to save money they offered common people to be a part of the show. So This concept became quite popular among the audience and the franchise went with this concept only.

The Real World Auditions 2020

The show is all about recording day to day lives of strangers who live together in same apartment. The apartment is having cameras in all locations except bathroom. The show wants to generate the idea how strangers can live together.

You can try out the auditions of the show if you want to be a participant in this show. If you get selected for the show you will be receiving stipend from the show for your appearances. Mike Mizaninformer WWE world heavyweight champion has appeared in the previous season of the show.

So Scroll down to read all about the audition and casting process of the show.

MTV The Real World Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the MTV The Real World show you must have to fulfil all the eligibility terms and condition of the show. The eligibility criteria of the show states-

  • Applicant must age between 21-34 years.
  • You must be a US citizen or having a legal permit to live in the US.
  • You must agree to live in house with video surveillance.
  • Any loss or damage to casting content is sole applicant’s responsibility.

You can read all other terms given in the application form. If you fulfil all the given criteria of eligibility in the application form then you can apply for the show.

The Real World Auditions

Apply for The Real World Season 34

The show has completed 33 seasons till now. Soon there will be season 34th. To apply for the auditions of the show just follow these simple steps to fill your application form.

  1. Visit the official casting website of the show. Or you can check here.
  2. Now, click on the ‘Real World’ button.
  3. A new webpage will appear, click on ‘Apply Now’ button.
  4. Now, click on the check box if you accept all the terms and condition of the show.
  5. Then you have to fill all the details in the application form.
    The Real World Auditions
  6. Finally, click on the submit button.

So If your application get selected the authority of the show will contact you.

Till now there is no audition going on. You will be intimated soon.

MTV Real World 2020 Audition Date and Venue

For this upcoming 2020 season the official open call casting venue and dates are not finalized by the authority of the show. However, we will update all the dates and venues of the auditions of the show.

For the last season the venues were-

  • Chicago
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles

So these might be some cities where open call venues will be available for upcoming season.

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The Real World Casting Process

The show always looks for people from different race to appear in the show. From thousands of applications the casting team select some best application and forward it for further casting.

In the further casting the selected applicants have to be physically present for their interview. So If the applicant is suitable for the show then they will receive the chance to appear on the show.

You can also get a chance if by any means any applicant leave the show in between then you will receive the information from the show.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many participants are selected for the show?

Generally 7 or 8 participants are selected for the show.

  • Where to watch the Real World show?

You can watch this show on Facebook watch or in the official MTV website.

  • What documents will be required for auditions?

You will require an identification proof like your licence, passport and some photographs to attach.

  • How many cameras are placed in the house?

Every room will be having cameras installed except bathroom.

  • How much stipend does a participant receive?

Initially $2,600 was received by each participant. The show has not disclosed the current stipend for participants.

So this was all about The Real World Auditions for next upcoming season.

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