Fox The Masked Dancer 10 Contestants & Elimination

The spin-off of the show “The Masked Singer”, The Masked Dancer is going to premiere quite sooner than you thought. The show is just similar as the singing masked show. the only difference is that it is a dancing show. Here we are going to talk about The Masked Dancer Vote system. The creator of the show was quite telling about the show. The creator’s thoughts were like “We got as good response from The Masked Singer and we are hoping that this concept will bloom as our previous one”.

The concept of the show is just like its parent show. However, the only difference is that here we have to guess the dancer not a singer. The show will emerge with a group of contestants dancing with a mask covering their face. As the contestant will be eliminated from the show those contestants have to reveal their identity.

The Masked Dancer Vote

The good thing for the viewers is that they can participate in the show. As the show is allowing the viewers to vote for their favorite masked dancer. Now you can both guess and vote for the best-masked dancer in the show. The voting will be done both by panelists and by the audience. The audience will vote from the home itself as COVID-19 is going on.

The Masked Dancer Vote

There will be an online voting panel. And to be on the panel you need to apply to be a part of the voting system. How? Let us discuss it below.

How To Vote Online in The Masked Dancer Season 1

To be on the panel you must register yourself first. after that you will be able to participate in voting along with the panelists of the show. Register now and be AT HOME AUDIENCE.

  • Choose the date of the episode you want to attend virtually.
  • Register yourself on the zoom app by filling all the information.
  • You will then receive an email from masked dancer tickets which will also ask you for details that you need to revert back with.
  • After that, you have to choose any of the smart devices of yours and login with the ticket on the date of your virtual episode.
  • Then you will vote live along with the panelists.
  • After all performances, you will have to vote for the best performance on the voting poll that will appear on the zoom app. 
  • In this way, you can participate in voting.

So stay tuned with us and you can scroll down to know more about this upcoming show.

When will the show Premiere?

The most important thing about the show left is the premiere date. You know who is going to be on the show now you find out when the show is going to premiere.

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The development of the show began just after the premiere of the parent show. The Fox executives ordered the spinoff of the show. More importantly, the development of the show is on time. The show is going to premiere on 27th December 2020 on Fox network at 8:00 PM. You will be able to watch the show every week on Sunday at the same channel at the same time.

The Masked Dancer Vote

Who are the Judges, Panelists and Host?

i the cast of the show there will be panelists, host, and contestants. Let’s start with the Panelists of season 1.

There is going to be 4 panelists:

  • Ken Jeong– who is also a panelist and comedian of the masked singer.
  • Paula Julie Abdul– Who is an entertainer, singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer.
  • Brian Austin Green– A very famous contestant of season 4 masked singer who appeared as Giraffe. Also, he is a famous producer.
  • Ashley Tisdale-  She is an actress, singer, producer.

Craig Robinson will host the masked dancer season 1.

The Masked Dancer Season 1 Contestants

The main thing you wanna know is who is going to be dancing behind the mask. We got some names that are coming quite closer to be seen in some segment of the show. But let me clarify that these names are on stage names i.e. masked names. Original name will be revealed only when the contestant will be eliminated.

The Masked Dancer Vote

There are 10 contestants in the masked dancer. Without wasting much time let us find who are they.

Cotton CandyTBD
Disco BallTBD
Exotic BirdTBD
Ice CubeTBD
Miss MothTBD

The Masked Dancer Voting Result

When the show is going to premiere the voting lines will go live for the viewers. You can find out the voting result during the telecast of the show. You can also find out these results with us as we will update the voting results as the voting poll will get over.

  • Disco Ball who was Ice-T get eliminated at start.
  • After that Bill Nye as Ice Cube get eliminated.
  • Elizabeth Smart get eliminated at 3rd turn who was moth.
  • Brian McKnight was the 4th one to get evict from the show as cricket.

For now, just wait for the show and don’t forget to vote and guess the contestant.

So guys, how do you feel about the masked dancer in the spin-off show. I am sure you are going to love the show. Remember to have a zoom app to participate in the masked dancer vote. With just one click of a button, your vote will be submitted. In case of any query, you may ask us.


How to Vote in The Masked Dancer?

There is only one way to vote in the masked dancer i.e. by zoom app. But first of all you need to become a virtual panelist. This is the only way to vote contestants.

How many contestants are there in the masked dancer?

There will be 10 contestants in the masked dancer season 1.

Who will host the masked Dancer?

Craig Robinson who is an American actor, comedian, singer will host the season 1 of the masked dancer.

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