How To Vote in So You think you can Dance 2023: New Season

So you think you can dance voting

SYTYCD is a dancing competition as revealed by the show title itself. And if you are reading this article you must be looking for So You Think You Can Dance Voting methods. Here in this article, you will get your answers for sure.

The show is an American-based show that started back 2005 and on July 20, 2005, to be precise. So You Think You Can Dance has completed its 17th season in 2022. The show is produced by 19 Entertainment, Conrad Sewell, and Dick Clark Productions for which the producers are Nigel Lythgoe and Simon Fuller. And the network on which So You Think You Can Dance Voting is streamed is Fox.

Now in 2023, it’s time for the 18th season. Every year the show used to start in Summer i.e. June. 

Like every season there will be voting to make the show proceed further. And guess what the judges are- Obviously the viewers. 

Although the main coaches will judge the show. But after We get the Top 12 contestants the voting lines will start. Here are the details you are looking for.

So You Think You Can Dance Voting

The votes for the contestants of this show are known as “Supervote”. To supervote for your favorite contestant and help her or him win the show you have three options. Here we have the details regarding the same so as to help you vote for your favorite SYTYCD 2023 contestant. Following are the ways to vote:

  • Vote on Website
  • SYTYCD Voting app
  • Text Voting


So You Think You Can Dance Voting

SYTYCD Fox Online vote

For this option to work, you need to have a Facebook account. You are required to log in using your Facebook username and password. Also, you must be in America’s region. Now let’s have a look at online voting steps.

  • Log on to the official website of the Fox channel and then go to the SYTYCD column.
  • Be sure you are logged in.
  • Then choose the desired contestant.
  • And submit your supervotes.

SYTYCD Voting App

Another way is to vote using an application. You can have that application from the app store on your device.

  • For this option to work you need to download the app from the play store or i- store on your Android or i- phone respectively.
  • Register yourself on the Fox Now app.
  • Then choose the SYTYCD option.
  • In that option, you can directly start voting for the contestant you want to.

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So You Think You Can Dance Text Voting

  • If you want to vote using this option, which is without accessing the internet, you can vote via SMS or Text.
  • For this, to work, you simply need to message the unique code of the contestant you want to vote for. You are required to send this text to 21523.
  • Eg. a contestant code is Berry then text BERRY to 21523.

So You Think You Can Dance Voting

The codes of the contestants will be updated here as soon as the show announces the codes.

What is the Pattern To vote

The voting pattern of So You Think You Can Dance is a bit different from the normal voting pattern that is followed in most reality shows. Normally the votes cast by the audience affect a lot the performance of the contestants.

But in So You Think You Can Dance the votes cast will come into action later. Prior to consideration of the votes, the contestants will have to face judgment by the judges on various parameters.


After that judgment, the votes will get counted. Those votes will be done in various ways which are explained here.

So You Think You Can Dance Super Votes

Now you must be willing to know how many votes can you cast. So here are the details regarding the same. The maximum number of votes that each user can cast for the contestants he or she wants is 20 in number.

But no worry not, these 20 votes are redeemed back on each voting episode. Here we would suggest you choose your votes wisely and vote accordingly because each vote that you cast is very important for the cast standing on the verge of elimination.

Important points to Remember

  • You can vote if you are located in the United States.
  • The votes are known as supervotes in SYTYCD.
  • You can vote using 3 ways
  • Every way of voting includes 20 supervotes.
  • Voting lines will get open after the episode till the noon next day.

So this was all about So You Think You Can Dance Voting. Also, we wish all the good luck to each and every contestant in the show.

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In conclusion, the SYTYCD will air its 18th edition most probably in June of 2023 on Fox. This legacy continues from 2005 and counting still going on. Though the theme of the show is the same for the last 18 years. But it brings a new level of entertainment and excitement with each season. 

Therefore the new edition will bang you with new performances. Buckle up for the next round. And also get ready to vote for your favorite contestant to help them win the show. However, the show is not aired yet. We already introduced you to the voting process for the new edition. So, you just need to enjoy the show and vote for the contestant. For that, you need to follow the instruction given above in the article. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are SuperVotes in SYTYCD?

You can now have 20 votes to vote for your favorite participant. You can distribute them or can use them for one participant, it’s up to you.

What are the ways to Vote in So you think you can dance?

Now you can vote for the participants in 4 ways. You can use the website to vote for them, the Fox Now app, the Facebook page to cast your votes, and the last text messages to send your token of love in the form of votes.

When will the voting start So you think you can dance 2023?

When the show will start and reach the level of Top 10 contestants then the voting will start in the show. You can start voting for those Top 10 contestants till the finale.

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