How To Vote in World of Dance 2023: New Season

World Of Dance Voting

The stage is set for the American reality show World of Dance Season 5. The show will bring the country’s best talent to entertain you. Every week passes by the competition will be more fierce and entertaining. And ultimately there will be a need for World of Dance Voting methods to cast your vote for the artists. 

This show has successfully aired its 4 seasons for now. And the team is lined up for season 5. This show is going to blast your brain with great performances. Therefore get ready for the next ride of world-class entertainment.

The show is all about contestants who want to be the best in the dancing industry. So they are auditioned and the bests among them get a chance to participate. Then every week they perform to earn the highest possible points to remain in the show.

To remain in the show they need your help. You can help them with your precious votes. So you can scroll down to read all about voting and its process.

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World of Dance Voting 2023

This competition will make you stand on your feet to applaud the performances of the contestants. With your applause these contestants in the show also want you to vote for them.

The show allows common people to vote as they want people to decide who should continue further in the show. This makes a balance as the viewers might find different contestants to be the best performer. The contestants that most of the viewers find goodwill remain away from the eliminations. It makes you take a stand to pick your best performer in the show.

World of Dance

So now you know the significance of voting in the show. All you have to do is keep voting for the best contestant to help them to reach the heights they dreamt of.

World of Dance Season 5 Online Vote

So here we will tell you how you can vote for your favorite contestants in the show. There are various ways for you to vote. Take a look yourself

  • Using the official website

The first method is to use the official website you can follow these steps to cast your vote-

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official voting website of the show.
  2. Now you have to go to the voting panel of the show.
  3. You will find a list of contestants, and select the contestant whom you want to vote for.
  4. At last, just submit your vote.
  • Using social media

You can use social media to cast your vote. So, you just have to follow the official pages or accounts of the show. When the show will host any voting polls then you can vote on it.

You can choose any of the processes to vote in the show or you can use both.

World Of Dance Voting

World of Dance Online Voting Polls

For every viewer, the weightage of the vote is the same. However, the judges’ scorecards hold a greater value than the votes we cast. As they are professionals having a much better idea to score at least better than us.

One more thing you have to keep in mind before attending any voting polls is that your vote will only be accepted in the time period defined by the show. If you vote after that scheduled time then your vote will be canceled.

Result of Public Votes

We know that you want to know the results of your votes. As we all want to see our favorite contestant reach all the way to the finale of the show. However, it is quite soon to determine the results as the show has not reached that point.

There is no exact date for season 5 for now. As the show will be on air thereafter voting will start. You just need to follow the World Of Dance Voting steps to complete the process.

We will keep you updated with all the results of the voting. You just have to make sure you follow us for these updates. Till then you can enjoy some of the previous amazing performances in the show.


In final words, World of Dance is going to release its new season soon. NBC is the original network of the show. The last two seasons of this show were presented by Scott Evans. There are 4 seasons of this show has aired now. 

Jennifer Lopez is the producer of this show. And also she is one of the 3 judges. Ne- Yo and Derek Hough are the other two judges. 

Now the show makers will air season 5 of this show. And there will be voting for the contestants The one who will able to get the higher votes in the finale will win the show title. So, here is another round of entertainment. Here in this article, we have provided you with all the info on the voting process of this show. We really hope that now you know how to vote for the contestant. 


Who is the winner of season 4?

MDC 3 is the winner of season 4.

When season 5 will air?

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with the premiere date of season 5 for now.

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on NBC Networks.

Who are the contestants of the World of Dance season 5?

We can not provide you with the info on the contestants of season 5.

When the voting portal will open for season 5?

The show is not aired yet. So, we will update the timing soon as the show will air.

Can I cast the vote from home?

Yes, one can cast the vote online from home. You need to go to the official website of the show and then vote for the contestants.

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