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The Vampire Diaries Casting

Hello Folks!! Greetings gladly we are here with the information that will excite you. Yes!! now this time we are here to let you know everything about The Vampire Diaries Casting process. Tho this is America’s biggest series but also it is popular all across the globe. It is based on L.J Smith’s noble. Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec collaboratively develop this series and give this most romantic horror drama entertainment gift to the world. CW is the original network of this show. 

Let’s talk about the plot. It is a supernatural theme-based show. Moreover, it starts with a young normal girl Elena Gilbert who lives in Virginia. She lost her parents at an early age. The other main character is the one with which she fell in love. His name is Stefan Salvatore. He is a 162-year-old Vampire. And he looks much young and attractive.

The Vampire Diaries Casting

This series takes an interesting turn when Stafan’s older brother Damon Salvatore comes into their love life and convert it into a love triangle. Tho there are other important characters in this show but we can say that the whole story runs around them. 

Fans and followers not only enjoy watching this show. But they also want to play role in it. So, they keep seeking the casting procedure for it. Therefore we are here to let you know everything about the audition process for this show. You just need to stick with the article and follow the instructions.

The Vampire Diaries Casting

There is always a process to apply for the auditions. This process is followed by some criteria and conditions set according to the requirements of the characters. And casting crew sets these conditions to find the perfect match for the role. Here is the general process to apply for the auditions.

The Vampire Diaries Casting

  • First of all, one must have to go to the official website of the show. 
  • Then register to the site with their email id and password. 
  • Now log in to the site using login credentials. 
  • Thereafter, look if the application portal is open to apply. 
  • Before filling up the form read the eligibility, terms, and conditions. Then Proceed further.
  • Afterward, fill up the form. 
  • Select the character you want to audition for.
  • Fill in every detail asked in the form. 
  • Now, submit the form. 
  • If the casting team likes your profile then they will ask you for the auditions.
  • In the next step, you will receive a casting call from them.
  • They will provide you with the information you need to know. Also, they will provide you with the audition venue and date. 
  • At last, you need to reach the audition venue on the time and give the trials
  • In the end, step if they like your performance then they will cast you right away. 

Note: As we know that this show has aired for 8 seasons now. And the show makers also announced that the 8th is the last series. So, the audition and application portal for this is closed now. But if they decided to make new season 9. Then there will be auditions for sure. Then we will let you every detail here. 

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Auditions Release Date of Season 9 

Now you know how to fill up the application for The Vampire Diaries Casting? The very next step is to reach the venue on time. Now the thing is how you will know the auditions venue and date. 

Here in the above paragraph, we illustrate that selectors will call you for the auditions and also they will provide you with the info regarding the date and venue. 

Unfortunately, this show has concluded now. They decide not to film season 9. So, there are no auditions for the show right now. Therefore we can not provide you with the info regarding that.

The Vampire Diaries    

The Vampire Diaries Cast & Crew

The Vampire Diaries casting team selects the perfect cast for the show. And the cast also put their extra efforts to make the show more interesting and entertaining. Just because of the commitment of every single actor makes it to collect higher-rated shows. 

This show runs for 8 consecutive seasons. So, there is a huge cast. Fans are always looking for actors in this show and want to know their original names. Therefore, we bring you here the main cast with their character name and original names. 

Original NameCharacter Name
Ian SomerhalderDamon Salvatore
Paul WesleyStefan Salvatore
Zack RoerigMatt Donovan
Nina DobrevElena Gilbert
Candice KingCaroline Forbes
Mathew DavisAlaric Saltzman
Steven R McQueenJeremy Gilbert
Gavin CasalegnoDamon Salvatore Young
Michael TrevinoTylor Lockwood

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Where are The Vampire Diaries Cast Now & How they look now

Fans and followers love the cast of the show very much. They are eager to know the cast name, how where are they now, and what they are doing right now. So, as per people’s demand, we also bring you here the detail of the cast. 

Nina Dobrev– She is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. People love her work in this show. Here is the recent picture.

Nina Dobrev

Ian SomerhalderHe is an American actor. Lives in Louisiana, United States.

Ian Somerhalder


Paul Wesley– He is an amazing actor. He is a producer and director also. And he lives in New Jersey. 

Paul Wesley

The list is long because this show has a huge cast. But we have illustrated the main characters here in this article. 

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In conclusion, The Vampire diaries casting team has done some great work to cast the perfect candidate for the role. Just because of that it was a great hit. Also, the cast has put in some extra effort to make the show more realistic and entertaining. 

Now the show has become so much popular that fans and followers want to be on the show. Moreover, they always keep searching for auditions for this show. So, we bring the audition process. But unfortunately, the show is concluded now. Therefore, the application portal has closed now.

But if the show makers decided to create a “spin-off” of this show then there will be casting. Then we will provide you with the information regarding the auditions. We wish you the best of luck the next time.


Where can I watch the show?

You can watch the show on CW.

When did The Vampire Diaries end?

The last episode of this show was aired on 10 March 2017.

What is the total number of episodes of The Vampire Diaries?

This show aired a total of 171 episodes.

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