How to participate in Australian Idol Voting: Season 9

Australian Idol Voting

For all Australian Tv show lovers, here is every detail covered on Australian Idol voting. The most popular singing reality show Australian Idol Season 9 is back to rule your heart of fans. This time they are here with the top 24 contestants that are blessed with the most melodious voices ever. From these 24 contestants, we get the Top 12 contestants in the show.

Simon Fuller is the creator of the show. The show first premiered in July 2003 on Network 10. And in 2023 it shifted from there to Seven Network. And now it is the original network of the show. Till now the show has aired eight seasons with 283 episodes. In Australian Idol season 8, Royston Sagigi Baira is the winner. Now, the show will be back soon with its new season.

 However, this reality singing show was stopped after 7 seasons in 2009. But somehow now the show is back with a new competition level and fun. And also it able to gain popularity after a long halt. Therefore the show is back with the Australian Idol Auditions

Australian Idol Voting

Therefore this means that there is going to be a fun ride in the search for the new winner of the show. Apart from the judge’s audience also gets to play an important role in this show. They can contribute their vote for their favorite contestant. Now the question is how to cast a vote for contestants of Australian Idol. Don’t worry the answer is here. Just read the article carefully. 

Australian Idol Voting 2023

From the very beginning of the show, the contestants showcase their talents and become people’s favorites. Now, all fans have a chance to vote for their favorite singer to save them from the elimination round. So, if you are looking for what is Australian Idol Voting procedure, then you follow the steps below.

First of all, voters have to pass these conditions to become idol voters in this series. 

  • Voting is open only open for Australian residents.
  • Voters’ age must be 18 years and if the voter age is below 18 they should take permission from their guardian.
  • Standard text message rates may apply. So, the voter must have a mobile phone to cast a vote. 

Now let’s know how to Vote on Australian Idol Season 9

The voting process is super easy, no more calling from landlines!

Step 1 – Enter the First Name of your favorite contestant whom you want to vote for.

Step 2 – Now send an SMS with the First Name on 0457 500 700.

Australian Idol Season 9

Also, you can vote as many times as you want, there is no voting limit.

So, don’t miss the chance to vote for your favorite Australian Idol season 9 contestants and save them. Stay tuned with us to get the latest update and news about season 9 TOP contestants voting.

Australian Idol Season 9 Top Contestants voting

Contestants have traveled through a long journey to get into the top 12. They have to pass certain levels of competition. Then with the help of judges and audience votes, they can have a chance to fit in the Top 12 list.

After that, the contestants will then be divided into three groups of eight.

the First group of eight contestants will perform in episode 1 of season 9. The judges then will pick out 4 candidates from these eight. The filter goes on until the show finds its winner. 

The Top 12 contestants list of season 8 is 

Contestant's Name
Amali Dimond
Angelina Curtis Anya
Hynnien Ben
Sheehy Harry
Hayden Jasey
Fox Josh
Maya Weiss
Noora H
Phoebe Stewart
Royston Sagigi-Baira
Sash Seabourne

We will update the names of Australian Idol Season 9 TOP Contestants soon.

Australian Idol 9 Voting Polls

Australian Idol Voting polls make the show more interesting and live. After casting the vote for the contestant. The voters are very keen to know the result. But it takes some time to announce the voting results. 

However, voters can have an idea of voting. That who will have how many votes. who can win the show? Who is going to eliminate from the show? 

All this is possible due to the voting polls. However, this is just an idea. One must have to keep in mind the actual result may differ from the polls. 

Australian Idol Voting

Now, the powers are in hands of all Australian idol fans and viewers. So, vote for your favorite singers and save them from elimination.

Voting Results

Voting Results give you the exact data on who gets how many votes. So, on the basis of these results. Showrunner announces the winner of the show. And also whoever gets the minimum vote will eliminate from the show.

The show announces the voting result at the end of each episode. And thereafter elimination occurs. So, give limitless votes to your candidate. 

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In conclusion, Australian Idol Season 9 is going to air soon on Seven Network. The winner of the show has to pass every level. These levels include the appeal of a variety of song genres.

Overall, this show is the best and you can watch it with your family anytime. The show’s popularity is growing day by day and people enjoy watching the show.

So, now every Australian can participate in the show in the same season. Some of them can participate as contestants and others can participate as voters. Now you know how to cast vote for the contestants. So, be ready for the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons of Australian Idol are there?

There are eight seasons of Australian Idol for now.

Who is the Australian Idol season 8 winner?

Royston Sagigi Baira is the winner of Australian Idol season 8.

Where is Australian Idol 2023 held?

Finals venue of Australian Idol 2023 is Sydney Coliseum Theatre.

Do Australian Idol contestants get paid?

Yes, they do get paid and earn money during their time on the series.

Who is the Australian Idol 2023 host?

Scott Tweedie serves as the host of the show.

Who came first in Australian Idol Season 1?

Guy Sebastian is the Australian Idol Season 1 winner.

Who is the Australian Idol’s youngest winner?

Jordin Sparks is the youngest Australian Idol winner.

Who is the Australian Idol Season 9 Winner?

The show is not aired yet. So, we are not able to provide you with the winner’s name.

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