American Ninja Warrior winner

American Ninja Warrior Winner

The stage is set for the finale of the American Ninja Warrior. We are going to witness the American ninja warrior winner of the latest edition of the franchise. Just like the previous editions of the show, contestants have to perform much better in finale. Moreover, the stage of finale is a much bigger obstacle than the qualifying rounds to the finale. Well the more challenging the situations, the more interesting episode for the viewers.

The finalists have to qualify their city, and then they have to qualify the rounds of their state.  They are the one who prepare for this event from more than a year. Finally their hard work paid off as they behold the crown of the winner of the show.

American Ninja Warrior Winner 2020

Ninja warrior is one of the favourite show among the citizens of USA. It has also been telcasted for kids. ANW finds out the best ninja warrior and the best among all wins the sow with a fine prize amount of $1,000,000

Following are the ways to determine ANW Winner 2020:

  • The one who will win all the competitions.
  • One who will pass all the obstracles.
  • Who is limitless.
  • The one who is strongest among all.
  • Not only physical but mental strength is also required because of pressure.

Theone who will pass the challenges will be declared as the winner of season 12.

American Ninja Warrior Winner

American Ninja Warrior All season Winners

Let us check some of the winners of the previous seasons of the show.

SeasonPrize MoneyWinner
1                  _Levi Meeuwenberg
2$250,000David Campbell
3$500,000David Campbell
4$500,000Brent Steffensen
5$500,000Brian Arnold
6$500,000Joe Moravsky
7$1,000,000Geoff Britten
8$1,000,000Drew Drechsel
9$1,000,000Joe Moravsky
10$1,000,000Drew Drechsel
11$1,000,000Drew Drechsel

From this list of winner there are only three contestants who have completed the stage 4 on given time.

To know the name of the season 12 winner of the show you have to wait for a while as the finale of the show is yet to happen. Scroll down to read other details regarding the latest edition of the show.

ANW Season 12 Finals 2020

Premiere date for American Ninja Warrior 2020 is in April or May 2020. It takes 3 to 4 months to complete a season. Around August or September 2020 the season 12 will conclude. As we know ANW include stages to reach its finale. Stage 4 is the finale stage. 

American Ninja Warrior Winner

The last Ninja standing will be declared as the Ninja warrior 2020. It is also mandatory to complete the stage in the fastest time limit. If multiple warriors complete the last and final stage then the prize amount will be divided among them.

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American Ninja Warrior Prize Money

The winner of the show the does not go back to their places like in the first season of the show. The producers are making sure that the contestant should receive the deserving amount of the cash prize form the show.

From the second season the winner was receiving the prize money along with the crown of the winner. Moreover, from the 10th season of the show, the show decided to put the prize money on the last standing ninja warrior.

For this season the winner of the show will receive a total of $1,000,000 as prize money and the last standing ninja warrior will receive $100,000. It is enough to attract people to compete more in the show and bring us more entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many American Ninja Warriors have been declared?

Till Now 11 warriors have been declared. In which in Season 2 and 3 Same warrior was standing last. while in Season 7, 2 warriors were standing last, ultimately declared as ANW.

When will be the finale of ANW 2020?

It will be around September 2020.

What will be the prize money for the winner?

It will be $1,000,000.

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