Dancing On Ice Voting 2024: How to cast via itv.com/vote

Dancing On Ice Voting

Hello Fox!! Are you struggling with the Dancing on Ice Voting process? If yes, then you are at the right place here you will find everything about the show and its voting process. Now it’s time for the 16th season of this show to air. ITV is going to air this another fabulous season. 

The very first season of this show was aired in 2006. There are some up and down through its journey. Now there are 15 successful seasons of this show. This show features celebrity contestants who collaborate with the professional dancer. So, they give live dance performances on the Ice Stage in front of the judges. 

Isn’t it exciting? There are some spine-chilling performances on the stage. Therefore people like the show very much. 

Here are the key points of this series. On this show not only the audience can watch the show but they can also participate in the show. 

Dancing On Ice Voting

Yes, they also get to choose the winner and also they participate elimination process. This is all the processes linked with the voting. So, it is important for the fans and followers to know the voting process and how it works on the show. 

Therefore we here will talk all about it. You just need to stick to the article and read it thoroughly. 

Dancing On Ice Voting 2024

There are various teams in the show. There are two partners in each team. So, this time there is going to be tough competition between teams. And Judges will give marks according to the performances. 

And also here comes the audience part. Now the audience can vote for the contestants on the show. Their votes will decide who will remain in the show and which one has to go home. 

So, the voting process is very important for the contestants as well as for the audience. Because they will witness the best of the best Ice skating performances. 

Dancing On Ice Voting

So, let’s know the Dancing on Ice Voting process in detail.

  • Firstly one must have to go to the official website i.e. ITV com vote.
  • Now you have to register on the website. 
  • Thereafter select the candidate. 
  • At last cast a vote.

That is the process you need to follow while voting for the candidates on the show. 

Now there are various methods through which you can vote. We will discuss that in the following paragraph. 


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How to vote on Dancing on Ice?

You know the drill. Now moving forward to the next step and know how to cast a vote on this show. Now people can vote on this show via different methods. Let’s have a look at all the methods one by one in detail. 

  • Voting online via the official website.
  • Via voting app
  • Voting Via Mobile Phone

Online Voting via Official Website

Now one can vote through the official website. Let’s know how.

  • First of all, one should have to go to the official website itv.com/vote.
  • Now you have to register yourself on the website. 
  • Thereafter login to the website using a unique login id. 
  • Afterward, you will need to find out the Dancing on Ice Voting section. 
  • Thereafter candidates appear on the screen. 
  • Now you will have to select the candidate for which you want to vote for. 
  • Thereafter selection, you have to click on the vote now option. 

Congratulations!! you have voted on the show successfully. 

Voting via App

Now one can also vote via the app. 

Dancing On Ice Voting

  • Firstly go to the application store from your mobile. 
  • Then you have to download the application. 
  • Thereafter, do the registration on the app. 
  • Now log in and go to the voting sections. 
  • Afterward, select the candidates you want to vote for. 
  • At last, click ok on the Vote Now option. 

That is all for the Dancing on Ice Voting via the ITV app. 

Voting via Mobile

It is also very common to vote for the candidates via mobile phone. But for that, you need to dial Mobile Short Dial Code i.e. MSDC. 

There are dedicated 7 number codes for every team or contestant of the show. You need to dial the MSDC code and you will hear a recorded voice confirmation of the voting

You will find the code on the tv screen while the show will run.  

Dancing On Ice Contestants Season 16

Now every season there are different contestants on the show. As we know that there are two members in each team. 

The first member is a professional Ice skating Dancer and the other one is a celebrity. Therefore it becomes a great combination. 


The next season of this show is going to air soon in early 2024. But officials will release the contestants’ list soon. Thereafter we will update the info here. 

Dancing On Ice Eliminations & Winner Season 16

One can vote for the contestants via ITV COM VOTE 2024. Now voting on this show solve two purposes with the same process. It is the voting results that decide the winner of the show. Also, vote counts can save the contestants from elimination. 


Though the show is not aired yet. But soon ITV is going to air its new season. Thereafter we will be able to update the information about the Elimination and winner. 


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In final words, One can do Dancing on Ice Voting via various methods. We have explained all the methods in detail above in the article. And now we really hope that you know the process. 

In any case you have a doubt then you can ask in the comment section. We will definitely clear your query.

We have 8+ years in this industry and there is a dedicated team to solve our viewers or readers’ queries. So, feel free to ask anything. 

Thanks and good luck!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch the show?

One can watch the show on ITV.

Who will host season 16?

The hostname for the next season is unknown yet.

From where I can vote online?

One can vote online via the official website or app.

Who is the winner of season 16?

The winner’s name is not announced yet for season 16.

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