Dancing With Myself Online Voting 2023: New Season

Dancing with myself Voting

Dancing with Myself Voting:  A new dancing competition reality show has been introduced to the entertainment world in the name of Dancing with Myself. People find this show incredibly amazing. The show premiered its very first season and episode on 31 May 2022. Moreover, Shakira, Nick Jonas, and Liza Koshy are the judges of the show. Camille Kostek is the host of the show. And, NBC is the original network of the show.

In this show, creators are on the judging panel. They are going to judge the performance of the contestants. Moreover, the contestant in the show is not a professional artist but an everyday person. And, they are going to compete against each other to win the show. In this article, we are going to cover Dancing with Myself Voting.

Dancing with Myself Voting

If we talk about Dancing with myself, it is a very new show. We can it a new emerging dancing competition reality show. Which includes voting and elimination as well. Moreover, Shakira, Nick Jonas, and Liza Koshy are the creator as well as judges of the show. Camille Kostek is the host of this dancing show. However, the show aims to have contestants who are mostly normal people. Its tagline says every day people are competing with each other. And, they are competing with unique dance challenges for a panel of celebrities and a studio audience. It can be said that this is not just a reality competition show but also a game show.

Dancing with myself Voting

How to vote in Dancing with myself

If you are wondering how to vote in dancing with myself, here is the answer. The episodes of the show are taped and pre-recorded. Moreover, there is a studio audience on the show who has the power to vote. Unfortunately, the audience at home can’t really vote for their favorite contestants. In each episode, there are different contestants from different backgrounds and places.

Some are teenagers, some are of different body shapes and different professions. all those compete with each other to win some cash amount in each episode. Here only the studio audience has voting power. And, the Judges-creators have the power to save their favorite contestants.

Dancing with myself Voting

Eliminated contestants 2023

Elimination depends on the voting count. The contestant who will have lesser votes gets eliminated from the show. And those who manage to have higher votes stay in the show and continued their journey. 

At the end of each episode, there is a termination of the contestant. Now if we talk about elimination in the new season. Then we are here to tell you that the new season 2 of this show hasn’t been aired yet. Therefore as the show will air soon with its new series then there will be terminations of the new candidates. Then we will let you know each and every termination. 

 In each episode, there are a total of 12 contestants take part. And, out of all of them, only one makes it as the winner. Moreover, the winner gets a $25,000 cash prize. In episode 1 of season 1 Tyra, a 16-year-old student was the winner.

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In conclusion, the first season of dancing with myself is concluded on NBC now. And fans are eagerly waiting for season 2. However, the theme will remain the same in the new series. Moreover, there are 12 contestants with 1 winner in each episode. 

However, there is no voting from home in the show. For Dancing with Myself Voting the audience has to be present in the show. This is because the show was taped and pre-recorded. The show is amazing and I hope you guys are having fun watching it.


Some of the frequently asked questions are 

Who is the creator of the show?

Shakira and Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy are the creators of the show.

Who are the judges and hosts of the show?

Shakira and Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy are also the judges of the show. And, Camille Kostek is the host of the show.

What is the show dancing with myself about?

In this show, there are 12 contestants in each episode. Out of them, one is the winner. And, the winner gets a cash prize of $25,000. 

How to vote for your favorite contestant on the show?

To vote for your favorite contestant, you have to be in the live audience.

What is the original network of the show?

NBC is the original network of the show.

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