How To Vote In BBC Strictly Come Dancing 2020

Strictly Come Dancing is a British TV dancing reality Series. It comes under the genre of the Dance Talent show. However, fans often call this show as Strictly, informally. The Show premiered its first season way back on 15 May 2004. Till now, this dancing show has successfully released 17 Seasons. Moreover, all those seasons include a total of 349 episodes. And, Season 18 is the latest Season running currently and only 1 episode has aired. 

In this show, contestants have to perform dances of different forms to stay in the competition. Moreover, contestants who take part in the show are already some kind of Celebrity. All of these Celebrities are paired with professional dancing Partners. And, then these couples compete with each other in order to win the title. In this article, we are going to cover the Strictly Come Dancing Vote.

Strictly Come Dancing Vote

Strictly Come Dancing is a very popular dance Talent show in Britain. Fenia Vardanis, Richard Hopkins, and Karen Smith are the creators of the show. Karen is also the developer of the show. The show was first aired in the year 2004. In the show, contestants are the celebrities paired up with professional dancing partners.

And then all these couple contestants compete against each other. Moreover, all contestants have to perform in various dancing genres in order to impress judges. And, BBC One is the original Network of the show. 

Strictly come dancing voting methods

Season 18 of the show started just a few days ago. So the voting lines of the show are not opened yet. We have to wait for a few episodes so that we can vote for our favorite contestant. 
Moreover, there are three main methods to Vote. These are:

  • Votes using telephony
  • Text (SMS) Voting
  • Online Voting

Note: we are going to explain these types of voting in sub headings below.

Vote online in Strictly Come Dancing Season 18

It is expected that voting lines are going to open Soon. But, right now they are all closed. One of the very popular ways of Voting is online voting. Moreover, it is also cheap and economical to vote online.

  • You can simply go to the BBC Website and Vote for your favorite contestant.
  • You will see a list of contestants there.
  • One voter will have 3 votes.
    Strictly Come Dancing Vote
  • All you need to do is to choose whom you wish to vote for.
  • Voting has been started so participate in voting.

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How to vote offline

In an offline voting system in strictly come dancing, voters do not need the internet. 
Here two main ways to Vote offline:

Strictly Come Dancing Missed Call Voting

Voters can vote for their favorite contestants, each week. For Voting, all voters need is a phone or a landline phone. The” number” of their favorite contestants is going to flash on the TV screen during the show. And, Voters can dial that number from their landline to Vote for their favorite contestant. Vote via Landline phone is going to cost around 15p.

For UK Landline: 090152252 & Contestant Code

For UK Mobile: 62252 & contestant Code

Strictly Come Dancing Vote

Strictly Come Dancing Text (SMS) Voting

Voters can also vote via phone. All they have to enter the number of their favorite contestant displayed on the TV Screen. And, Vote for their favorite contestant via SMS. The code for every contestant is mentioned below.

ContestantsVoting Codes
Caroline & Johannes01
Max & Dianne02
Clara & Aljaz03
JJ & Amy04
Maise & Gorkha05
Jason & Luba06
Ranvir & Giovanni07
Jamie & Karen08
Jacqui & Anton09
Hrvy & Janette10
Nicola & Katya11
Bill & Oti12

Voting Result & Eliminated contestants

Season 18 of Strictly Come Dancing aired on 17 October 2020. This means the show has just started. Moreover, the show has now only introduced their Judges, hosts, and their contestants. Till now, only one Episode (premiere episode) has aired. So it would be pointless talking about the elimination. Currently, all the contestants are safe and in competition. However, for Voting Result & Eliminated contestants, we need to have some patience and wait for some time. And, till then we should enjoy the beauty of the show.


In conclusion, Strictly Come Dancing premiered on 17 October 2020. Moreover, Voting lines are expected to open soon. Currently, all contestants are safe and secure. And, BBC One is the original Network of this dance talent show. I hope all the viewers are having a great time witnessing Season 18.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the frequently asked questions are:

What are some of the Voting methods to vote in Strictly Come Dancing Vote?

There are 3 main voting methods. These are:
Votes using telephony
Text (SMS) Voting
Online Voting

Can I vote using social media?

No, you can’t vote using social media platforms.

How to vote offline?

To Vote offline all you need is a landline connection or a phone. You may dial a number code which is going to display on the screen during the show. Call that number and a vote will be cast for your favorite contestant.  It is going to cost 15p. You can also vote via SMS.

Who are the judges of Season 18?

There are 4 Judges in the Panel. They are:
Craig Revel Horwood
Bruno Tonioli
Shirley Ballas
Motsi Mabuse

Who is hosting the Season 18 of the show?

Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman are the hosts of the show.

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