Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 Renewal

The Spanish crime drama show Money Heist just came back with its 4th season. Money Heist was relief for the viewers in this quarantine period. With all that hype of the show made more people to start watching this crime drama. 4 seasons have been released. Here comes the time for Season 5. Money Heist Season 5 Renewal is for sure. Because season 4 has ended with a suspense. To uncover further mysteries we have to wait for part 5.

Origninally the show was in spanish. All the actors are spanish actors. Orignal name of the show is La Casa De Papel. It has a very fine music. One of the famous ancient song Bella Ciao is its main track. 

The show began with a man named as ‘Professor’ looking for people who could help him in the quest of making a hefty load of cash. To make his plans come true Professor together with his team-mates start working for the heist. Professor asks them to hide their identity from other fellow members and use a city name as their own.

Money Heist is amazing to watch. It is a perfect combination of crime, mystery and drama. You can read all the information about the 5th season, where to watch the show given below, you just need to scroll a bit down.

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Money Heist Season 5 Renewal

The last season of the show was the continuation of the second heist in the show. The story of the second heist began with ‘Tokyo’ leaving her safe house and making Rio being captured by the police agent. To save Rio, Tokyo contacts Professor.

Money Heist Season 5 Renewal

With the news of Rio being captured all the previous heist members are ready again with another heist to lure Rio to them. The heist began with a plan that Berlin has made a way earlier from the first heist. So they prepare for the plan that was made earlier and bring some new crew members.

The story of the show does not end in the 4th season. There were many scenarios like Professor was trying to save Nairobi while we could see Rio and Tokyo together were fighting a tank. The word from the viewers is that the show will continue with its 5th season.

So the news of the renewal is having a lot possibility which is making audience to think what might be in the next season of the Money Heist.

La Casa De Papel Part 5 Spoilers

We have seen that at the end of the season the team of professor is happy as they have achieved what they wanted to do to some extent. But at the same time we saw the professor being caught by the Police Inspector Alicia. Let’s go through some fan made theories.

  • Now the next season would be crucial to see the twist and turns of the show. But yes, from the ending we can say that Professor has to deal with some of the worst things.
  • But as we know that Professor always had a plan to every loop hole. It would be thrilling to see how will he defend himself from Alicia who is standing in front of him pointing gun towards him.
  • We will see how the team will escape now from Bank of spain.

    Money Heist Season 5 Renewal

  • There might be possibilities of the death of Palermo. As in part 3 Berlin said that they will unite someday somewhere.
  • In part 5 maybe we will see a new connection going ahead i.e. Rio’s and Monica’s. 
  • Alicia Will deliver her child for sure. There might be chances the team or Professor will help her.
  • Now wait for the next season which is definitely going to thrill is with so much madness and drama.

Money Heist Season 5 Release Date

The production of the show began from early 2017, when the producers were meeting the authority of channel ‘Antena 3’ with the concept of the show.

The story was so good that the channel gave them a green signal for the show. Having millions of the viewers of the show from its initial episode made Netflix to acquire the show. Netflix together with Antena 3 is holding the broadcasting rights of the show.

From this point it is hard to say that when is the Money Heist Season 5 Renewal. However, we are quite sure that the 5th season is surely going to be available for the viewers in 2021. Hope, the show will notify us soon with the renewal news.

Money Heist Season 5 Cast

Since Season 1 there are so many people in the cast. But here we are going to mention some of the important cast who will be seen as Season 5 Cast in 2021.

  • Alvaro Morte: He is the professor who is making plans and controlling his team of the heist zone. Real name is Sergio.
  • ÚrsulaCorberó: She is narrator of the show and playing the role of Tokyo.
  • ItziarItuño: The lady inspector Raquel who initially wants to capture the thieves. However, ending up falling in love with Professor. After that she changed her name to Lisbon.
  • Pedro Alonso: He is playing the role of Berlin. Arguably, the best charter in the show. He died in Part 2 but his flashbacks kept on going in Part 3 and 5 as he also planned the Bank of spain Heist.
  • Miguel Herrán: is Rio a young hacker and the lover of Tokyo.
  • Enrique Arce: He is playing the role of Arturo Roman who was the director of Royal Mint of Spain.
  • Jaime Lorente: He is Denver, the one who fell for one of the hostage in the show.
  • Najwa Nimri: Police Inspector who is psycho and pregnant. She played a role of Alicia and is quite Stubborn as well as intelligent.
  • María Pedraza: He is the one who loved Niarobi in Part 4 but lost her as well. He is named as Bagota.

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  • Darko Perić: One of the cutest character of series so far also known as Helsinki. He is in love with another character Palermo.
  • Rodrigo de la Serna: The one who designed Bank of Spain’s Heist. He played a character of Palermo or Martín Berrote. He was in love with Berlin and wanted to be in commanding position always.
  • Esther Acebo: Played a role of Monica. She was the Hostage in Royal Mint Heist but end up in a marriage and love with Denver. She even has a son with Aurturo. Named herself Stockholm after Royal Mint Heist.

These are going to be the main actors who you are going to see quite frequently in the 5th season of the show.

Netflix Money Heist Episodes (How to Watch)

There are two ways for you to watch this show. First one is that you are having the services of channel Antena 3 at your homes. If not then you can ask your service provider to provide you their services.

If Antena 3 does not work in your region then the best way for you to enjoy the show is Netflix. As Netflix is one of the best online media service providers. You just need to buy the premium services of Netflix.

In Netflix, the show is available in both Spanish and English as audio option. So from our opinion it will be much better to choose Netflix where you get a lot of varieties of shows and movies which you can enjoy anytime.

Conclusion: Well, according to expectations the fourth season of this amazing series is also doing very well. All the seasons of Money Heist are phenomenal and now the makers have set the standard of the show very high. People are asking about Money Heist Season 5 Renewal. So let me tell you tha, for sure there will be the next season. It will be premiered in 2021. Cast will be same as season 4. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be Part 5 of Money Heist?

Season 4 was finished on such a track that it is impossible to call it an ending. For the proper ending of the show, there must be another part explaining the events occurred in previous seasons. So yes, there will be a part 5.

When Will be Money Heist Season 5 Release?

In April 2020 season 4 was released. Part 5 will be on screen in 2021 most probably. so till now, there are 4 seasons of Money Heist.

How Many seasons Does money Heist Have?

Season 1 was released in 2017. From then till now 4 seasons have been released. There is the scope of season 5 also. But it will be seen in 2021.

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